How long does it take to make your samples?

How long does it take to make your samples?

You need to look at the difficulty of the samples and what kind of information the guests provide us. If you give us more information, the faster you will be, such as the design, structure, size, size, color, etc.

Is there a charge for samples?

Sample fees will be charged, but they are basically not charged. We don't care about the cost of the input. We care whether we can reach a long-term relationship with you. But the purpose of collecting sample fees is to test whether the guests have cooperated with us in good faith. According to our experience, if the sample fee is collected, the customer will be more positive; if the sample fee is not collected, the customer will not work hard to promote it, but we can guarantee that if you are sure to place an order, we will definitely stay intact It is no problem to return this fee to you, because what we want to achieve is long-term, and the benefits at this time are meaningless to us.

What about the shipping cost of the samples?

The shipping cost is very expensive. Usually we will ask the customers to pay for it themselves, so we have to measure these costs before we buy it. If you are a European customer, we have another plan: When our goods come to Europe, we can send Samples are sent to Europe along with our containers and then delivered to their hands. Usually customers can’t wait that long, so we will recommend them to do a test order because our basic demand is 100PCS. If it is a test order It can be reduced to 50PCS, and the shipping cost is about $ 2500.

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