Which countries are you exporting now?

Which countries are you exporting now?

How to become the sole agent in your country?

Our main exporting countries are: the United States (90%), Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, etc. Most of our customers are engaged in e-commerce.

We have overseas warehouses in the United Kingdom. Its function is to transport containers to British warehouses. It is automatic. The warehouse can save labor, rational use of space, improve storage capacity, save land, shorten the circulation time of goods, and the small amount (1 ~ 2 pieces) of furniture required by ordinary consumers and individual guests can be delivered directly to customers. The range is inland Europe. The places where trucks can reach are all possible, for example, the furthest can sent to Greece, the easternmost to Ireland, the southernmost to Spain or Italy, the northernmost to Norway ,Sweden or Russia, so in Europe, the warehousing and logistics function in our company is very powerful, then we also have warehouses in Australia, so we also can sent the entire Australia.

If you want to do business with people, we are a One-stop service, we can handle everything for you, you only need to be responsible for placing orders and collecting money, and the rest of the production, sales, design, warehousing, shipping, logistics ,etc. We can all do.

We are looking for sales agents in other countries. If you are interested, please contact us.

As long as you have enough strength, we will let you be our agent, but we do not use the agent method basically, we use the product to distinguish, if the product is in the same country, we will only find an agent, avoiding their price competition.

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