License FSC-C132142

License FSC-C132142

Slicethinner furniture manufacturing is committed to produce 100% products using FSC certified wood.

FSC certification is an internationally recognized benchmark for responsible forestry, and its certification means that FSC timber origin forests have been independently tested and evaluated in accordance with the strict principles and standards agreed by the Forest Stewardship Council. Well-managed forests provide a wide range of social and economic benefits as well as environmental services such as people's livelihoods, animal and plants habitats. The FSC standard ensures that these benefits and services are executed realistically and that other management objectives are not overlooked.

You can read more contents about forests, climate change and FSC here. You can select wood for construction projects by using FSC logo brand, and is confident that you do not contribute to the destruction of the world's forests. By sourcing from certified sources, through chain of custody certification, market forces provide incentives for good forestry practices. View our certification (license FSC-C132142)

What is FSC? Why Slicethinner choose FSC as a third-party certifier?

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international standard-setting bureau for defining and measuring well-managed forests and providing traceability through certification. It trains and monitors other designated third-party certified auditors, including the Rainforest Alliance, which provides FSC standards based on rigorous actual certification. FSC is the only recognized timber certification standard for the US Green Building Council.
Slicethinner chooses to work with it because FSC, unlike other timber certification bereau, is committed to actively promoting sustainability and perseverance, requiring applicants to meet the most stringent standards and meeting stringent prerequisites for certification. Unlike others, FSC actively pursues social equity, environmental and social equity.
Pursue persistent economically. Working with FSC helps and ensures we are in a responsible frontier environment.

What processes does Slicethinner need to provide FSC certified furniture?

To provide FSC certification, Slicethinner must be able to track the wood source back to the original forest in every piece of furniture, harvest and comply with FSC requirements. At least 70% of the wood used in the furniture is harvested, from FSC certified forests. . It must comply with the FSC's controlled timber policy for all wood procurement, which means that 30% of the wood used to create FSC balances certified furniture must obtain the five core principles of the FSC Controlled Timber Policy from the forests that meet:
Wood is not illegally harvested, and harvesting does not violate.
The rights of citizens, wood is not harvested from tall forests.
Protecting value, wood is not harvested from the region.
It was converted into a plantation, and the wood has not been genetically modified.

What is the journey between the forest and Slicethinner FSC certified furniture?

All FSC certified furniture solutions must be made of wood and harvested from FSC certified forests. To be FSC certified, forest owners must comply with the highest environmental requirements, including more than 60 detailed performed standards, and regular third-party audits to ensure wood cutting and their forests are properly harvested. The chain of custody follows and cuts logs throughout the distribution channel.
Finally, Slicethinner manufacturing facility must meet strict FSC guidelines and undergo periodic third-party audits to verify that 100% of the wood is traceable to the furniture from which it was made.

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