Adhering to sincerity, maintain credit and kindness is our business philosophy.

Slicethinner was founded in 1960, in furniture industry design, manufacturing field, export services of the DIY furniture industry pioneer.
With our commitment to provide our customers with the best possible service, as well as our investment in state-of-the-art machinery and employee development, Slicethinner Furniture offers market-leading quality and design products on the market.
As an expert in the manufacturing furniture of DIY furniture, long-term and extensive experience has created better designs and make it easy to assembling process. Demolition construction greatly saves transportation costs, consumers enjoy DIY in their own assembly process, as well as multi-function display or storage purposes.

In recent years, due to the poor quality of imported furniture in the way of price war dumping, not only consumers have not been benefited, manufacturers also suffered as well. Furniture products are home quality of life guidelines, in order to enjoy the comfort and pleasure of home life, it is recommended in the selection of furniture products, in addition to the price, product quality and after-sales service should also being focus of consideration.
In order to provide a reasonable, safe and quality consumption environment.

We can provide:

1. Quality Assurance: From the original metal being carefully selected, from planks, iron parts, glass, skin, imitation leather, hardware ... Wait and start, pay great attention to the process and craftsmanship of each piece of furniture.

2. Reasonable Price: from procurement, manufacturing, sales, transportation, not fake others, self-produced to provide preferential prices to feed back to customers. With your maximum profits, buy enough at a time, decorate the warm home bar!

3. Fashionable taste: cutting-edge designer design participation, there are Japanese Zen style, Nordic simplicity, American-style countryside, French retro, modern design ... And so on, a variety of style furniture products. Single furnishings can also highlight personal style.

4. Variety of options: planks, iron parts, glass, skin, imitation leather, hardware ... And so on a variety of metals, not limited to the type of metal needs. Also accept special size (elevation, lengthening, widening, etc.) custom-made, to meet a variety of customer and home needs.

5. After-sales service: Different from the general storefront, still need to convey consumer demand to manufacturers, or even can not repair, we are able to directly provide after-sales service, answer product-related issues.

In addition to special commodities and specific raw metals, we adhere to the entire "MIT-Taiwan system", please support Taiwan's excellent manufacturers!

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