Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment

We have professional semi-automated processing machine, perfect staff training system, standardization processing procedure can provide clients variety products and stable processing quality, it can make clients trustfully give us to do mass production, to achieve the best profit.

●Germany original imported

Mass production line, Slicethinner uses fully automatic machinery production, purchase of German automatic machine to greatly reduce production errors, increase the delicateness of furniture. The basic washing machines, bed, and lathe have corresponding machines to process and produce.
The CNC machine not only has excellent efficiency in production and processing, but also can reduce the time for developing products when proofing products, and present the furniture products that customers want in your eyes faster and more accurately.

●Away from the poison, to enable more trustworthy.

Traditional paint containing toluene, neurological toxic substances such as lead, before and after construction will endanger human health, carcinogenic and other risks, paste paper using environmentally friendly paints, achieved national health green building materials marks, with your co-guardian of family health.

●Perfect board, all in one.

Each with the same batch of wood furniture and veneer production, so that the board can one go, the perfect present. Pay attention to the quality and texture.

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