Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

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Sample Room

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At present, more than 200 complete products have been developed, with buyout products for customers with a small number of diverse trading agents. We continue to develop and design new furniture products every year. On average, Slicethinner furniture designers receive up to 50 cases per year for a variety of products. Our culture must always work in a creative environment and be extremely concerned about the details. Designers from all over the world a long history of models, ordinary home life problem function, to draw inspiration, to create a unique series.
We can even meet the most unusual orders that can technically being achieved. And you can manage and control costs and product quality at the same time.

Top Five Product Strategies

Five product strategies-speed, quality, service, efficiency, added value.
Slicethinner is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Taiwan, specializing in detachable furniture, with coffee table, nightstand/side table/end table, drawer chest/chest, shoe cabinet , Bookcase/room divider, TV-stand, console table, wine cabinet/wine rack/bar stools, sideboard/storage cabinet, vanity table/dress table, Shelf/bathroom cabinet
Wardrobe, table Desk/office table, exported to major regions around the world.

●Speed: With a number of fully automatic machining machine table, in the manufacture of precision and mass production speed has an absolute advantage.

●Quality: CNC manufacturing advantages and employees of the metal careful control and sampling detection, to achieve the best quality and stability.

●Service: Slicethinner has over 60 years of operational experience. We are integrated, systematized and integrated from design and development to packaging and transportation. Ensure that you work with high quality companies that are efficient, reliable and accountable.

●Efficiency: good speed, stable quality, integrated service, to achieve the highest efficiency of OEM furniture company.

●Added value: Adhere to the excellent quality to provide customers with the ideal furniture products.

You can easily learn about removable furniture without spending too much time getting your customers to understand it. All of our company's removable products are rugged, easy to assemble and disassemble, and are a product that modern people needs and are satisfied with.
Home furnishings Our professionally crafted long-acting furniture adds color to your home or apartment. Whether it's a coffee table in the living room, a dresser in the bedroom, a gateway bench or a family or company desk, Slicethinner offers a wide range of furnishings.

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