Research Development & Design

Research Development & Design

Research Development & Design

Design and development department is mainly to customize the necessary order and professional skill for clients to make the process of development and design can go more smoothly. To pave the way for the mass production and make the products that clients need can precisely present to them. It can also make clients totally understand the process clearly.

The development and design department provides customers with the necessary orders and expertise to make the development and design process smoother. Paving the way for mass production so that the products customers need can be accurately presented to them. It also enables customers to fully understand the process.

●Creativity, a variety of possible.

Slicethinner R & D team continue to learn from foreign experience and trends in an effort to embody ideas, hope to provide a variety of spellings, surface treatment and other diverse merchandise, create endless possibilities and imagination interior space.

● Fashion trends, let me pave the way for you.

Slicethinner R & D team is ready to work and learn the major trends in pop culture and fashion company, with the preferences of each country to develop a local preference colors and shapes. Create trends in the furniture and in accordance with folk customs, so the home space can keep up with trends.

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