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We have enthusiasm, modest attitude, excellent quality.
We have enthusiasm, modest attitude, excellent quality.
Easy to furnish, uncomplicated to assemble and disassemble
Easy to furnish, uncomplicated to assemble and disassemble

Why should you choose Slicethinner as your furniture manufacturing ?

Slicethinner is one of the biggest furniture manufacturing in Taiwan, specially engaged in knock-down furniture, such as hot selling coffee table, end table and night stand, chest of drawers, console table, wine rack, and so on are sold to European countries and America.

Slicethinner can ensure that you will cooperate with an efficiency, reliable and responsible high quality company.

Slicethinner has the experience for more than 50 years. We started from design and development to packing and shipping in one piece. Slicethinner is well DIY furniture field. We insist in excellent quality to deliver the perfect products for clients.

Furniture professional core
We have the newest drilling machine equipment in Taiwan to increase our output. No matter the surface of side table or the complicated coffee table, they can be completed easily. Slicethinner also has professional surface veneer material skill (patent), board cropping and seal, they are all one of our professional skills.

Quality assurance
The easy understanding knock-down furniture can be completed without taking too much time for clients to figure out. All the knock-down products from our company are sturdy and durable, easy to furnish, uncomplicated to assemble and disassemble, that’s the products modern people in need and feel satisfied.

Spice up your home or apartment with our expertly crafted, long-lasting furniture. Whether it's the perfect living room coffee table, bedroom dresser, entryway bench, or home office desk, Slicethinner has you covered with furniture for room in your house.
Currently, we have more then 200 items our own design; more than thouands product to offer to our customers, and we continue to design new products every year. Average we have about 150 new designs every year.Our culture must enjoy working in a creative environment at all times and have an extreme eye for detail.

Our in-house design draws an inspiration from time-honored model around the world to create unique collections at an excellent value. We provide a flexiblility production for varied custom items. 
We fulfill even the most unusual orders which are technologically possible to achieve. Thus, you are able to manage costs down and product caliber up simultaneously.

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