Rectangle Mirror Surface Glass Coffee Table

Long High-Quality Multi-Functional Shoe Cabinet

Long High-Quality Multi-Functional Shoe Cabinet

This product in the practical beyond the general shoe, the special place is the shoe door design, not the general handle, but like the system furniture-like design, the handle into the door decoration and give shape.

Black Elegant Dressing Table

Black Elegant Dressing Table

Dressing Table size is 125 cm wide x 42.5 cm deep x 80 cm high, larger than the general dresser on the market. Dresser high of the table gives people feet flexible swing. it can be lift up in middle compartment and with mirror on the back and place it back gets a complete flat for other purposes.


Rectangle Mirror Surface Glass Coffee Table | Furniture Manufacturer - Slicethinner

Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited, since 1960, is one of the Rectangle Mirror Surface Glass Coffee Table manufacturers located in Taiwan. Slicethinner's furniture collection is designed with patented surface veneer material skill, quality and modern.

Along with office and home furniture, Slicethinner also supplies knock down furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture and bedroom furniture, etc. The wide range of furniture products are designed with innovation.

Specialized in building home furniture with patented designs, both with advanced technology and 58 years of experience, Slicethinner makes sure each customer's demands are met.

Rectangle Mirror Surface Glass Coffee Table


we maintain accurate professional skill to make the metal surface smoothly
we maintain accurate professional skill to make the metal surface smoothly

Rectangle golden rose metal leg posts coffee table match with smooth mirror surface tabletop to build a sense of low key but luxury feeling. Composed of golden rose metal frame and mirror glass tabletop. The feature of this coffee table is the producing process, we maintain accurate professional skill to make the metal surface smoothly, also tight the seam and chamfer the corner of glass tabletop to decrease the injury problems.
Double Y shape design can help to support the metal leg posts and build a kind of slim feel. Smooth mirror surface tabletop gives a sense of tidy and well-executed, matches with golden rose metal to rise the entire quality and strengthen a sense of low key but luxury atmosphere for the environment.

Product Use


  • Overall Dimensions (inch): 45 inches wide x 21.3inches deep x 13.6 inches high
  • Overall Dimensions (cm): 114.3cm wide x 54 cm deep x 41 cm high
  • Box Dimensions (cm): 132.5 cm wide x 69 cm deep x 8.5 cm high
  • Product Weight: 12 kgs
  • Overall Product Weight: 14 kgs
  • Tone of Color: Golden rose metal
  • Style: Coffee Table, Livingroom Desk
  • Material: Metal,Glass
  • Assembly: Assembly Required by two adults

Product Feature

Rectangle Mirror Surface Glass Coffee Table Hardware Introduction

  • Tube Plug Plastic:Plug in the head and last cutting surface of the iron tube, avoid slashing and protecting the floor.
  • Non-slip rubber bumper pads glass.

Product Wood Skins

Slicethinner works with professional skinning factory to provide customers with various skin stickers. There are mainly several kinds of skin stickers. In addition, you can ask other special color boards.

Welcome to “Wood Grain Patch Skin” for more options.

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    120.0 cm wide * 60.0 cm deep Desktop, suitable for small and medium-family. Simply place the items on the desktop, put unnecessary items on the left and right sides of the space, reduce the length of the desktop, so that the table is clean and tidy. The iron Foot is designed as a diamond-shaped diamond edge, and the two sides are also made of iron as a connection to support the entire coffee table, just as the beauty of the diamond is equally strong. The middle drawer has an extra layer of black sand skin, so that the entire coffee table is not only teak skin, the use of black sand skin embellishment of the entire product, but also with the visual sense of the iron foot.

  • Mix Dark Teak Retro Five Drawers - Mix Dark Teak Retro Five Drawers
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  • North Owenqing Modelling Coffee Table - North Owenqing Modelling
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    On the left and right, T-shape modeling 2 locker coffee table. The drifting wood and the black wood grain mix is very elegant. The Black Pellets tilt table foot and the black wood grain drawer collocation, is also promotes the visual and the tactile style. The table feet tilt to increase product stability, but also visually no longer too rigid. Single drawer with 20.6 in the storage space, left and right drawer better distinguish between the location of storage items. The drawer handles are made of a long strip design to facilitate rapid pull-out. Desktop fillet stickers, not only protect the product itself, but also protect users from collisions is not easy to hurt.

  • Vintage Walnut High Quality Vintage Coffee Table - Stable Retro style color
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    Bright white desktop color with metal feet sitting coffee table. Coffee table with a circular 92CM crafted, the desktop uses bright white, improve the overall texture, legs using rose gold color lightweight feeling, so the overall feel more lightweight coffee table, flat table so that you can place objects smoothly. High quality rose gold pin sit, fashion show of modern, simple DIY furniture, so you can go home after assembled easily. We provide many series of furniture, please continue to visit and purchase! Slicethinner is a professional manufacturer of DIY furniture manufacturers,Welcome the manufacturers to inquiry by e-mail.

  • 80cm Easy Assembly Square Coffee Table - The center of the glass as a perspective
    80cm Easy Assembly Square Coffee Table

    High quality design square coffee table with four legs firmly seat. This 80*80cm square design coffee table, provide you with the simplest assembly design, by the double square and the middle of the glass together, the center of the glass as a perspective, so that you can clearly find the location of the items placed below the coffee table middle sandwich with a simple separation of four, Let you put things up at home can also be more orderly, thick double square desktop, provide you with solid things placed, the bottom of the table to prop up the whole, so that the coffee table moving more convenient and more durable. The whole coffee table with many modern elements, providing you a beautiful DIY furniture furnishings, we provide a variety of colors for your choice, welcome to contact us.

  • Sled Style Steady Coffee Table - Practical style increases more functions
    Sled Style Steady Coffee Table

    Square spaces combine together makes the tabletop with a bigger space and it’s steady. Sled, it’s not only for you to have fun outside wantonly but also enjoy the snowflakes and the wind. It makes you experience the season of snow. Sled style coffee table not only increases the storage space and application but also rise the steadiness and resist pressure. Square space not only gives us a huge storage space, it has up and down partitions so that your things can learn on the table wall steadily. Coffee table is also not a problem as a storage cabinet. The feature of left-right side open door makes you separate things more conveniently.

  • Simple Style Magically Big Space Coffee Table - Use the fillister design can easily open the tabletop easily, then put your necessities, it’s easy for you to store
    Simple Style Magically Big Space Coffee Table

    Black laminate square style big space coffee table. This black laminate high quality coffee table size : 120 x 60 x 43 cm, it’s a simple style coffee table. The appearance is a rectangle design. Up to code, the top layer is a flat tabletop, the middle is glass partition, the underside is storage space. The left and right side of the tabletop offers high-capacity storage space. Use the fillister design can easily open the tabletop easily, then put your necessities, it’s easy for you to store. It offers many storage spaces for you to tidy up your home neatly. Both sides of glass underside storage space are connecting with each other which provides you to take things conveniently. Welcome you to visit our company, we’re willing to do service for you. If there’s any question, please contact us. We will reply you in the shortest time.

  • 1.2m Vintage Walnut Laminate Broad Coffee Table - Rectangle industrial style coffee table
    1.2m Vintage Walnut Laminate Broad Coffee Table

    4 sides of retro style coffee table can put things. Coffee table combines with industrial style and retro style. The whole appearance is simple, the streamline style offers many storage spaces. Coffee table is completed by vintage walnut laminate. High quality skill is our promise to our guests. Coffee table tabletop is built in size 120x60cm, spacious flat tabletop makes the entire seems simple and easy. The underside storage space is also quite useful. The middle has 2 layers open-style space so that you can take things you need quickly from both sides. 4 sides of coffee table are 4 storage spaces, you can store bigger necessities easily. Wheels attached to coffee table makes you to move it conveniently.

  • White Elegant Coffee Table - Black tray and white tabletop
    White Elegant Coffee Table

    Black tray and white tabletop. This product fits any living fashionable modern design, this table has a black functional tray so that it can be inversed to provide extra storage space to quickly organize or use other ways as a demonstration flat. Smooth white tabletop increases spiritual freshness. The furniture be put in the interior space gives people an elegant, comfortable feeling. It’s really easy to assemble. We also install footpad at the leg posts parts to avoid scratching and slipping. The considerate design makes you use safely. If you like it, welcome to contact with us.

  • Imitate Butterfly Appearance Modern Style Coffee Table - The appearance design alike the butterfly spreads wings, flying lightly.
    Imitate Butterfly Appearance Modern Style Coffee Table

    Coffee table combines with modern style and industrial style . This is a completely functional coffee table, simple but fashionable. This coffee table estimates length 120cm. The appearance seems like butterfly spread wings. Simple and neat streamline shows fashion feeling. Both sides have 4 storage spaces, 2 open-style and 2 close-style so that you can put necessities in the coffee table storage area. The middle is glass partition, the top provides flat tabletop, the underside also has flat space to provide putting things. Steady pedestal provides you the safety tabletop and the flatness for putting things.

  • Classical Sandglass Shape Coffee Table - Shape design based on the sandglass
    Classical Sandglass Shape Coffee Table

    4 open-style bookcases and 2 middle drawers. Shape design based on the sandglass, it has 4 open-style spaces and 2 middle drawers to put things. Easy to assemble, convenient to store, wearproof, difficult to scratch, it can be used for home-style putting, office or business space. The design concept is because the sandglass was using for counting time in the past, so when you see the sandglass you will think of the time. Sandglass is the best commemorate and proof for family, friendship and couple relationship. This product will be a conspicuous target while being put in the interior space, also it can combine with the product of Slicethinner B0003205 dissymmetrical sandglass shape side table. The visual effect will be better when the same series of product combine together. Welcome to contact us if you’re interested in it.

  • V Shape Metal Post Legs Coffee Table - Coffee table which is full of modern style
    V Shape Metal Post Legs Coffee Table

    Simple style, simple color, move conveniently modern coffee table. Fashionable style design shows the characteristic of the coffee table. Light post legs design makes the coffee table won’t look heavy and dull. The intersect V shape post legs design makes the coffee table can stand steadily, also adds many modern style element, and make the tabletop maintains flat. When you put things on it, you don’t need to worry about tilting or falling down. Light coffee table design can make you move the coffee table easily and putting at your favorite place. Welcome to browse more items on our website.

  • Movable Disassembly Storage Coffee Table - Movable disassembly storage coffee table
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    Disassemble storage drawer install on the casters. Contemporary style pursues convenient, this product installs revolving door on the both sides. The bulge tabletop builds 2 sides open shelves, in the middle is the movable disassembly storage drawer and the spacious rectangle tabletop. Sufficient storage space is the mainly feature of this product. Convenient and fast to assemble, it doesn’t need to cost too much cleaning fee, only need a cloth with a little bit wet so that you can wipe out the stains. The whole style pursues convenient and fashion concept, hope you will like it!

  • Rose Gold Color Round Tabletop Coffee Table - high-quality rose gold color coffee table
    Rose Gold Color Round Tabletop Coffee Table

    Assemble easily high-quality rose gold color coffee table. The characteristic of this coffee table depends on the easily assemble coffee table, but also remains the feature of itself. It makes the table owns the function of the coffee table, on the other hand, it shows the low-key and plain feeling. The tabletop is made of black glass and perfectly combines with rose gold table body. Light coffee table design can make you easily move to the place you want. Flat tabletop and steady metal pedestal makes you safely put things on it. This coffee table is worthy for you to collect and use.

  • L Shape Metal Post Legs And Black Glass Tabletop Coffee Table - Easy shape coffee table
    L Shape Metal Post Legs And Black Glass Tabletop Coffee Table

    Easy shape coffee table and silver L shape metal pedestals. Most of the materials are made from metal, silver color metal frame adds many modern styles. The length of the coffee table estimated 120 cm, the big tabletop provides you variety placing. Plus, black glass color makes the coffee table much more fashionable. While designing this coffee table, we make the hardware components be hidden, so that the coffee table appearance will look cleaner and neat. The quality is totally different and better from other factories.

  • Square 4 Sides Drawers Coffee Table - 4 sides drawers coffee table
    Square 4 Sides Drawers Coffee Table

    Heighten the tabletop and 4 sides drawers. Contemporary style coffee table owns heighten up tabletop situated on the partitions and the surrounded 4 drawers. These drawers adopted metal side slide device to construct, it accomplishes the smoother pull out function. Generous design for books, movies and games offers an sufficient space, fits to put in the living room or bedroom. Perfect living life style shows the leading edge of you.

  • White Modern Coffee Table - design shows eastern sincere and kind adequately.
    White Modern Coffee Table

    Double color tone design and lateral open style storage space. Double color tone of black and white design shows a delicate comparison, looks smooth and slender. Both side open style squares offer spacious space to satisfy your requirement, it can put books, movies, etc. Glass tabletop is convenient to check things; therefore putting things in the transparent square can reach easily. Black and white colors are also the color symbolism of Chinese Panda. Panda is China’s national heirloom, also the most race symbolism animal, its character is tender and mild, it’s more harmonious and easier to communicate while getting along with people, with nature. Make this auspicious animal as basic design shows eastern sincere and kind adequately.

  • Golden rose and black glass tabletop coffee table - shows a kind of low-key but luxury feeling
    Golden rose and black glass tabletop coffee table

    Golden rose pedestals and black glass tabletop. Coffee table consists of golden rose and black glass fits to be put in the living room, smooth streamline combines with shining collocate color makes the coffee table more elegant and nobler. The glass material of the black tabletop, smooth edge without rough, it’s safer while using and shows a kind of low-key but luxury feeling. 4 luxurious golden rose pedestals show the whole temperament. The black lower flat makes the coffee table maintains steady so that you’ll be safer while using. Easy to assemble, fast and doesn’t need to waste too much clean expense, only need a little bit wet wiper to wipe the stain, then it will be like a new one.

  • Double layer round tabletop coffee table - Easy DIY furniture makes your home fulfill many different feelings
    Double layer round tabletop coffee table

    Easy to assemble plus smooth shape coffee table. This round coffee table uses vintage walnut laminate which has passed multiple safety tests to make formaldehyde contained lower the standard so that you will be release while using at home. The assemble of this coffee table is easy to complete, also convenient and save energy to move. The upper layer bigger round table offers flat placing space, the lower layer smaller round space also offers to put things. Simple round design fits to place anywhere at home. Easy DIY furniture makes your home fulfill many different feelings. Welcome to contact us, there are more products for you to see on our website.

  • N Shape Lightning Oak Coffee Table - It contains aesthetic and practical.
    N Shape Lightning Oak Coffee Table

    The design inspiration comes from the dissymmetrical of N shape lightning, it shows a sense of simple but modern style. Special lightning shape bases on the lightning which is similar to alphabet N. The flat space from top to bottom can place things, the corner of the table installs brads can avoid slipping or scraping, also wearproof. Perfect touching feel, highly concerned the details. The design concept comes from the deity Zeus who is the supreme commander of universe in ancient Greek myths, represents justice and positive power, and the things will go smoothly without any obstacles. Laminate applies the fake wood lines to promote the warmth visual effect, it’s a three-dimensional design. It contains aesthetic and practical.

  • Pyramid Geometric Coffee Table - Design inspiration from the poker stack, it showing a simple modern attitude.
    Pyramid Geometric Coffee Table

    Great idea from Geometric symmetry of the inverted pyramid. From different point of view to create 60 degrees' corner blend into coffee table design. Let table no more be boring, With three-dimensional design, parallel in both sides of the storage space can be hidden items, the other four open shelf can also be placed books, toilet paper and a variety of living room small objects, it cover beautiful and practical. Coffee table with the sofa, represent the most important piece of furniture in the living room. It is a central place, where we usually store magazines, coffee cups, glasses, books and other little things you need on hand, while lounging on the sofa. It is only important to keep your convenience, which is reflected in the functional design of this element in the living room.

  • Square Table With Wheel - An unprecedented magic coffee table inspire by wine box.
    Square Table With Wheel

    Styling your living room with varied furniture pieces is an important task. With our smart idea of square coffee table design will be one of your choice. This table size is 80 cm wide x 80 cm wide x 43 cm high. In the middle there is a space design, attached to the exclusive box, can be double-sided use, box can be placed living room items. And upside down groove can be flat face of the table. Each side of table can be storage large magazine or large hard copy book. Under table has four brake wheel, can be free to move, mixed exotic modern design and high flexibility. We take extra care to make sure every piece of furniture in our work is handcrafted with incredible detail to give you the quality and comfort you desire. Our mission is to provide you the best furniture for your dollar and help you achieve the perfect look for your residential or commercial space.

  • Grey Metal Frame Coffee Table - Country round coffee table, bright spot for the living room.
    Grey Metal Frame Coffee Table

    High-quality gray metal frame coffee table, the main feature is the metal pedestal part. The tabletop place uses integrated metal round frame combines with the pedestal. The screw holes under the tabletop can be covered easily when you put the tabletop on so that you won’t discover the screw holes, this is one of our important parts of our design products. The weathered white color wood grain tabletop combines with metal pedestals shows a kind of modern style feeling. This coffee table is easy to assemble and convenient to move, it’s one of the indispensable furniture for your living room. Coffee Table adopts circular wooden desktop, it size is 82.5 diameter x 40.5 high in centimeter. Gray and black metal texture create in round frame, long and vertical table feet, all of element combine into rural industrial wind atmosphere. with make the circle metal frame also produce a depression let wood tope can fit in circle frame and when people moving table the top will not going to slip out. this type design is innovation in this type coffee table. this technique is one of our unique design. In our circle metal frame type of coffee table, we also produce a depression in iron frame, because this feature we let user will not see thought the table side following gap.

  • Hexagonal Black Glass Coffee Table - Sofa side table, hexagonal desk, rose gold table, a sense of quality, exquisite craftsmanship
    Hexagonal Black Glass Coffee Table

    This coffee table product size is 92 cm wide x 80 cm deep x 40 cm high. It's metal frame color in rose gold with it smooth black reinforced explosion-proof glass. This coffee table is characterized by exquisite degree, in the process of excellence. metal frame cavity is one of slicethinner feature let people worth a look to at, it perfect hexagonal combination fit into this cavity so that the table and the glass between the desktop completely seamless, from top to bottom will not see the floor to create a one-piece forming feel. Furniture are no longer how they used to be. They have been changed. These days, anyone can own a glass coffee table. We want our furniture you can have them as attractive living room pieces of you household furniture and still enjoy the feel of having good life style.

  • Modern Coffee Table - Table shape showing a sense of neat, interspersed with glass mirror to allow storage space at a glance.
    Modern Coffee Table

    Trapezoidal table shape showing a sense of neat, interspersed with glass mirror to allow storage space at a glance. Glass open shelf can be a complete display of your storage or ornaments, hidden storage can put a way messy items, the material is not easy to scratch, water repellent. Living room, sofa, carpet, glass table, all are idea for your home and usually found in the living room or sitting room. Slicethinner have available in many different variations and prices very from shape to shape. Coffee desk may also have many different cabinets or drawers for person daily use items to storage. We understand people needs and idea of living room , it is place for encouraging conviviality and light conversation. Coffee tables are usually found in the living room or sitting room. They are available in many different variations and prices. in Slicethinner's design can whether let you want a handy place for the remote and the TV guide, or to stash the family board games, or even to house your DVD collection, we've got a coffee table to suit your needs.

  • White Craft Coffee Table With Glass Top - Pure white desktop, unique curves, creating a beautiful gesture.
    White Craft Coffee Table With Glass Top

    White Craft Coffee Table 124 cm wide x 60 cm deep x 41 cm high, up and down echo arch design, test craftsmen's craftsmanship, skilled, board shows a smooth curvature. the middle of the table The glass is clearly visible in the ornaments of the crosses, showing the taste of the owner's space, the texture of the desktop can be changed according to the preferences of the employer. Wooden board can have a smooth curvature in both sides of the storage space. this type coffee table is one of populer selection. slicethinner is the largest furniture manufacture in Taiwan. Ans we constantly explore new ways to bring our customers something different, something better.

  • Realistic Wood Grain Coffee Table - Long metal feet realistic wood grain surface coffee table.
    Realistic Wood Grain Coffee Table

    Wood Grain Coffee Table, 110 cm wide x 58 cm deep x 41 cm high, the surface of the drawer is specially selected, and the texture of the wood lines is evident Poly epoxy made, curved wood strengths can be compared it is difficult manual techniques, we can control the non-performing rate of 5%, to retain the characteristics of wood, the advantage is touch beauty. Clear, elegant gestures elegant, and the soles of the feet echo the iron oval tube, so that the coffee table is more lively and dazzling can take more gravity. Also thank H & M to use this furniture to do cover publicity. Slicethinner believes that everyone should be able to create a living environment that they love coming home to, regardless of their resources. Inspired by a mix of classic European traditions and with new modern casual. our Company includes an assortment of sectional, table, desk, bookcase, ottoman, and settee styles. Experience the effortless and timeless style.

  • Black and White Square Living Room Table - Furniture black and white square performance table.
    Black and White Square Living Room Table

    Square coffee table size is 120 cm wide x 60 cm deep x 42 cm high. Black and white perfect ratio of integration, it looks both stylish and momentum, heavy color to make the chassis solid, whether at home or office space Can show a calm and restrained beauty, even better is his ability, like a storage machine, white desktop can be left to open more than half of the distance, to the perfect storage of various household items, and the right black drawer has the same Deep space to load, not only eye-catching appearance, practicality is more powerful. From transitional to traditional styles, this Black and white is the fusion of fashion eternal classic. "Slicethinner Furniture Company" competent and skilled employees work alongside designers to help create custom-designed furniture solutions and realize individual or unique requirements of its clients.

  • Square Coffee Table - Small fresh living room coffee desk.
    Square Coffee Table

    Square Coffee table size is 109 cm wide x 109 cm deep x 40 cm high, it has cross white storage box in middle and with beautiful walnut color lamination on wood board. Inside the white box can be completely removed, or place upside down for flat table top. This small fresh living room coffee desk be said that the furniture in the Transformers.

  • Oval Shape Coffee Desk - Arc rivets irregular modeling geometric tables.
    Oval Shape Coffee Desk

    Shape Coffee Desk size is 117cm wide x 57 cm deep x 37 cm high it is simple and clean, not too much flashy decoration, is a very personalized goods. Table legs using a balanced asymmetric approach, as well as oval desktop wood grain paste coupled with bronze rivets, the combination of the two with a kind of retro industrial beauty. The furniture table can customize their favorite desktop texture, whether children's tables, picnic tables, game tables are very suitable, is the variable and practical furniture.

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