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  • Walnut Veneer Double Layer Side Table
    Walnut Veneer Double Layer Side Table

    Do you not to know what to place in the little space? This product size is 50 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 57 cm high. Full of light industry flavor of the side table, but it is full of literary and artistic atmosphere.Side table with imitation iron pieces of the three-dimensional edge technology and three-dimensional rivets, so that the overall hierarchy more layered, then the missing layers of the upper layer, like a thousand-layer cake that was taken a layer from the layer. The table surface and the handle has also been carefully designed, touch is flawless. We have a unique iron imitation technology that can replace real iron pieces, this not only texture like iron pieces, but the price only needs to spend you buy one-tenth of the price of iron, you can easily have.This section end table has an open shelf and a drawer intimate design, which can meet your different storage needs, drawer capacity. Come and buy a side table that doesn't take up space!

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