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How to develop a private brand product with Slicethinner

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The first step to achieve independent furniture. Understand requirements, design and discussions.
I can't use drawing software, or can I make my own furniture design? Yes, as long as we can provide hand-drawing drafts, or reference furniture styles, and expecting product information, Slicethinner can complete the artwork design. It is expected that the matching product or style is also a very important reference material. Slicethinner has accumulated more than 60 years experience in furniture manufacturing and has more than 50 years experience in furniture product development field; for most of furniture, whether it is a console table, a coffee table, a desk, Slicethinner can provide appropriate advices to customers.In addition to hand-painting, is there any other way? If you have some solid models, Slicethinner can also help to create a design based on the shape of the solid model, which is one of the commonly used in development . Or, welcome to the Slicethinner furniture manufacturer to discuss with us with your samples and reference styles. Our principle is to develop the furniture you want and to meet the needs and requirements. Make products that truly meet the needs of customers and enhance the integrity of their products.
The second step to achieve independent furniture. Confirmation pattern.
After discussing with the designer and confirming the needs for new furniture, the drawing of the new design furniture begins. The drawing process takes 1~3 working days, and the higher the complexity of the product, the longer it takes. Upon completion of the drawing, a 2D drawing will be provided to allow the customer to confirm the relevant furniture dimensions, including the type and size of the material, and the weight of the finished product. If you need to see multi-angle 3D maps, Slicethinner manufacturer will also provide relevant 3D maps for customers to refer to. If there is further doubts about the design drawing or where there is a need for design change, it can be proposed at this time. We will modify the product drawing according to customer's opinions. The revised related image file will be reconfirmed by the customer. The process of this discussion plus the time to modify back and forth will generally take another 2 to 4 days. At the same time, the process on the furniture surface need to further confirm with the customer. Once the picture is confirmed and finalized by both parties, there is no further problem, you can prepare to enter the sampling stage.
The third step to achieve independent furniture. Furniture sampling.
When will you consider to make sample? If the furniture design and shape is very unique, the effect on the surface is not intuitive enough, then you can consider to make sample. For a special purpose and expect to test the function. For the special shape of design furniture, there is not much basis for reference, and if the strength or function of the product cannot meet the demands, sampling can also be considered. Samples made with factory existing materials used only to confirm the appearance of the look. Furniture samples made by this type almost have the same look, appearance and function of the product. Therefore, if you want to see the real design look, or confirm the appearance, or the function, this is a commonly used. Take Slicethinner's sampling as an example, such as console table, coffee table, desk, in the beginning of the design, because there are so many similar products on the market for reference, also modern furniture is designed in a non-traditional style, such as streamlined or special shape, during the development of the product, we will use the CNC to make samples and to build a variety of furniture samples in turn to confirm that the appearance and strength of the furniture meet our needs.
The fourth step to achieve independent furniture. Establish independent production line.
Furniture color confirmation. During the furniture production, we also confirm with the customer the desired color or veneer species of the product. Draw a sample similar to wood grain, choose the favorite color, and create a different stylish look.This will base on providing the color swatch book for customers to confirm. Provide color samples of the desired color. If customer finds the desired color from existing products, or customer provides their own color, whether it is a bag, colored paper, or product. We can copy the same color effect. Non-market suppliers can provide veneer for us to look or find very close color for the veneer. If you need exactly the same texture and color, we can create exclusive veneer for the open version, usually this will require a minimum demand of more than 6000 meters. At this stage, all the preparation work for the furniture designs have been completed, and just wait patiently for further processing and production.
The final step of independent furniture.
After the furniture sample is confirmed, ask the customer to confirm the required production quantity. Slicethinner has a minimum production order quantity of 100 pieces of each single-piece. If there is no special designed veneer (note: non-supplier normal-made skins or non-mainstream skins on the market), the average manufacturing and processing of 100 products will take 5~7 working days (not including the company's production process. production scheduling), but for the same product with 200pcs quantity or more, the average manufacturing days are also 5 to 7 working days. During the production process, technicians will do the first inspection of the product. In addition to the technicians, each component will have a quality controller to inspect the components parts. After the packaging is completed, the product inspector will randomly take 1~5 pieces of the complete packed product, and ensure the integrity of each part and complete the assembly according to the company inspection process, confirming the set up, quality and function of the product. With many steps of quality control and years of production experience, we can provide our customers with the highest quality customized furniture products, giving customers a stronger impression of the brand. It also enhances customers' products to hit more selling points and stimulate consumers' desire to buy.
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