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Product Laminated Paper Veneer

Slicethinner works with professional veneer factory to provide customers with various veneer paper. There are mainly several kinds of veneer paper. In addition, you can ask other special color boards.
Welcome to “Wood Grain 3D Texture” or “Patented Veneer Technology” for more options.

Slicethinner has been working tirelessly since the 1960s to provide you with the best quality products. Be it for DIY furniture or readymade sets, Slicethinner has got your back. When it comes to beautifying your home and giving it a new look, paper veneer plays a big role as it can completely change the outlook of your home. The thin slices of wood can be used to cover wall paneling, doors, cabinets, and even floors. Slicethinner works with the best and most professional veneer factories out there to provide you with what fits your needs perfectly. With just a little bit of cooperation and clarity, you can have the best quality of paper veneer. At Slicethinner, there are many different kinds of high-quality paper veneer available, and if you want, then you can also ask for special color boards. Be it for personal use or further selling, Slicethinner has the best quality of paper veneer.

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