Modern Style Blends Nordic Modern Set

Meubles de style tuyau industriel 2020/10/30

Meubles de style tuyau industriel 2020/10/30

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Table d'appoint hexagonale en verre noir or rose

Table d'appoint hexagonale en verre noir or rose

Table d'appoint de couleur rose. Hexagone, comme une pièce à l'intérieur du nid d'abeille. La taille de la table d'appoint est de 48 cm de large x 42 cm de profondeur x 46 cm de hauteur. Il est relativement stable sur le marché. Le cadre, le support et la base de la table sont de couleur métal rose, surface lisse, réfléchissante, créant une texture luxueuse. Cette conception de produit peut être associée à la même table d'appoint, et les bords et les bords peuvent dépendre les uns des autres, vous permettent de construire des nids comme des abeilles, de collecter du nectar (tables d'appoint).


Plus de 60 ans de style moderne mélangent le fournisseur de jeux modernes nordiques - Slicethinner

Situé à Taiwan, Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited, depuis 1960, est un fournisseur / fabricant de produits de recherche, de développement et de fabrication de production et de fabrication de styles modernes. 200 meubles ont été développés et 50 caisses par an. De la consultation de meubles, la conception, l'épreuvage, la fabrication d'échantillons, l'inspection des emballages, la photographie de produits, la production de masse à la livraison, Slicethinner fournit des services de haut niveau à des clients du monde entier.

Répondre au besoin de transport B2B et B2C; des services de manutention, d'entreposage et à valeur ajoutée tels que le (ré) emballage, l'étiquetage, les services douaniers, l'assemblage et l'élimination des emballages sont fournis.

Slicethinner fournit des services de recherche, de développement et de production de meubles aux clients du monde entier, à la fois avec une technologie de pointe et 60 ans d'expérience, Slicethinner garantit que les demandes de chaque client sont satisfaites.

Modern Style Blends Nordic Modern Set

Modern Style Blends Nordic Modern Set
Modern Style Blends Nordic Modern Set

With "modern" and "fashionable". The bedroom uses black, white and gray as the main color. The classic gray and white has an elegant and restrained charm, but it will inevitably bring a sense of coldness to the room. Therefore, the gray, cross-style wood collocation is neutralized, and the cold tone and warm material are set off each other. The unique texture and slightly rough natural appearance of wood elements inject warmth into the cold space and make the look and feel instantly flipped. Furniture is an order. The dean of the family, the furniture is here.Furniture divides the living space and makes the space more orderly. It is the way furniture serves us.

A group of system furniture using neutral tones on a large area not only unifies the effect of the entire space, but also enhances the bright and clean feeling of the bedroom. The wooden elements create the layered beauty of the home, and the neutral tones make the occupants easy to feel in their hearts. Tranquility and peace, the metal craftsmanship of the metal elements makes the space lines distinct, combined to convey a sense of personality, art is integrated into life, so that the room space layout and use functions are perfectly combined, and different living areas are naturally separated. Interpret the contrast and harmonious design aesthetics, and create a simple and elegant design of modern modern home decoration style.

Furniture designed with pragmatism in the Nordic style , based on wooden system cabinets, matched with light wood tones, and appropriately added iron elements to integrate with geometric lines to reduce the pressure of the overall visual space. It also has a storage mechanism. And functionality, combined with beautiful and practical coffee table and storage side table, you can easily carry it on the bed, whether it is chasing drama, office, or placing items, it is very convenient for users. The wooden element system in the whole room perfectly interprets the harmony and warmth belonging to home. Create an atmosphere of minimalist design and earth tones, provide a sense of comfort and tranquility, and make every part of life full of tenderness. For furniture with fresh texture, you can paint the walls in cool colors such as black, white and gray. It will make the room more energetic and energetic, and highlight the beauty of the depth and tension of the furniture and space.

Utilisation du produit


  • Type-C storage side table : Overall Dimensions (mm): 400 mm wide * 300 mm deep * 800 mm high
  • Industrial wind side table-bedside cabinet : Overall Dimensions (mm): 450 mm wide * 400 mm deep * 500 mm high
  • Office desk : Overall Dimensions (mm): 1200 mm wide * 600 mm deep * 770 mm high
  • Double head chip bedstead : Overall Dimensions (mm): 1830 mm wide * 2130 mm deep * 1100 mm high
  • Two-door two-drawing combination storage low cabinet-medium : Overall Dimensions (mm): 1600 mm wide * 450 mm deep * 830 mm high
  • One-door and three-drawing combination storage low cabinet-right : Overall Dimensions (mm): 1200 mm wide * 450 mm deep * 830 mm high
  • One-door and three-drawing combination storage low cabinet-left : Overall Dimensions (mm): 1200 mm wide * 450 mm deep * 830 mm high

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Slicethinner works with professional skinning factory to provide customers with various skin stickers. There are mainly several kinds of skin stickers. In addition, you can ask other special color boards.

Welcome to “Wood Grain Patch Skin” or “Skin And Color” for more options.

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