Product pricing & Less MOQ? | Luxury white oak mirror drawer sets for businesses | Slicethinner

Product pricing & Less MOQ? | Fish Leather Bedroom Set - Exclusive Bedroom Sets with Unique Fish Leather. Perfect for Boutique Hotels!

Product pricing & Less MOQ?

Product pricing and minimum order quantity:

1. Our prices are negotiated between both parties, not excessively high in the industry, focusing on quality rather than price.
2. Discounts can be provided for large order quantities; without large orders, prices may not be competitive.
3. The minimum order quantity is suggested to be one pallet; initially, we can accept 50PCS, and subsequent transactions require orders of 100PCS or more.

Small wholesaler orders:

1. We can accept orders of 20-30 pieces as long as the shipping cost is reasonable.
2. Usually, a container holds 4~6 pallets, with a delivery time of about 60 days.
3. For more than 6 pallets, the delivery time will be longer.

Mixed orders:

1. We accept mixed orders, but the delivery time is determined by us, and we cannot guarantee in-stock items.
2. The more mixed orders, the longer the waiting time.

Order processing and tracking:

1. Upon receiving a 50% deposit, the order will be executed, ensuring trustworthiness.
2. You can directly inquire about the progress and receive daily product updates.

If the customer's order delivery date is not reached:

1. We will notify the customer in advance, and the delay usually does not exceed two weeks.
2. If a delay is required, we will seek customer consent; if the customer disagrees, the order can be canceled.
3. If the delay is caused by us, we will bear the customer's losses.

Product pricing & Less MOQ? | Unique fish leather bedroom sets for resorts | Slicethinner

Based in Taiwan since 1960, Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited specializes in DIY and flat packing wood furniture. Their main OEM flat furniture products include, outdoor furniture sets combining iron and wood, living room furniture sets with marble paper laminated plywood and black iron feet, and bedroom sets with unique design elements like fish leather and artificial stone. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including furniture consultation, design, proofing, sample making, packaging inspection, product photography, mass production, and delivery.

Discover exquisite furniture craftsmanship with Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited. Specializing in DIY and flat-packed wood furniture, we offer a unique range of products including Solid Wood Outdoor Iron Sofas, Industrial Pipe Wood Bookshelves, American Rattan Wood King Beds, White Oak Mirror Six Drawers, and Bedroom Sets featuring innovative Fish Leather. With over 60 years of expertise, our Taiwan-made furniture combines style, functionality, and sustainability. Ideal for B2B buyers seeking quality and elegance, our products are designed to elevate any space. Choose Slicethinner for your business needs and experience unparalleled craftsmanship and service.

Slicethinner has been offering customers eco-friendly furniture solutions, both with advanced technology and 62 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.