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Design Patent Certificate

The D&B D-U-N-S


The distinctive feature of this design lies in the composition of the cabinet's two sides, which are made up of parallelogram frames arranged in opposite directions and stacked vertically. This arrangement creates an inwardly recessed shape on both sides of the cabinet, providing a unique and fashionable visual effect.


This cabinet's design fully considers both practicality and aesthetics. The four storage compartments with a top-opening lid provide ample storage space while allowing users to easily view the stored items. The three sliding drawers on the front make accessing items quick and convenient. The drawers' unique design features smooth and fluid grooves for a more comfortable grip. The innovative lid design, combined with equally spaced lines extending from both sides to the cabinet's body, creates a visually appealing effect that is generous, stable, and full of personality. The smooth lines not only enhance the cabinet's beauty but also emphasize its approachability and market competitiveness, making it more attractive in the furniture market.


The distinctive features of this design include hollow-shaped table legs on both sides and a smooth, clean tabletop. This design is inspired by the gateways in front of Japanese shrines, presenting a harmonious proportion and a minimalist design style.


This TV cabinet design features four open storage compartments, four pairs of hinged storage compartments, and two black glass doors that can close these hinged compartments. With a symmetrical arrangement, the design presents a generous and elegant appearance. Additionally, the hinged compartments display a tapering chamfer from bottom to top and smooth curves at the bends, emphasizing a perfect blend of rigidity and flexibility in its three-dimensional layers and eye-catching visual effects. This combination sets the design apart from the typical, monotonous TV cabinet styles, showcasing a geometrically interesting appearance and a novel, retro-inspired design. This not only provides users with comfort but also enhances their visual experience.


A decorative panel material, consisting of a base, a decorative layer, and a bonding layer. The base's surface to be decorated has numerous grooves, which are formed through a hot stamping process using a steel plate with multiple notches. The decorative layer has numerous pores and is recessed at the pressure points of the steel plate notches, embedding it into the grooves of the base while creating corresponding textures on the surface of the decorative layer. The bonding layer material is a thermosetting polyester adhesive, positioned between the surface to be decorated and the decorative layer, undergoing heat curing during the steel plate's hot stamping process, resulting in a tight bond between the decorative layer and the surface to be decorated. Therefore, this novel decorative panel material not only has an aesthetically pleasing appearance but also boasts a simple and fast manufacturing process, low material costs, and wear and scratch resistance.

Design Patent Certificate | Bespoke Console Table Designs - Made by Slicethinner’s Skilled Artisans

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