How to assist clients in developing OBM products? | Bespoke Console Table Designs - Made by Slicethinner’s Skilled Artisans

How to assist clients in developing OBM products? | High-quality, eco-friendly wood furniture manufacturer specializing in customizable and flat-pack designs.

How to assist clients in developing OBM products?

From Initial Contact to Mass Production: Analyzing the Customized Furniture Production Process

【Step 1: Initial Contact, Understanding Requirements】

First, we will make an initial contact with you to understand your furniture needs. Even if you are not familiar with drawing software, we can still help you design furniture. Just provide hand-drawn sketches, physical models, reference furniture styles, and matching product information, and we can complete the design drawings. Matching products and styles are crucial to the design process.With over 60 years of manufacturing experience and 50 years of product development experience, Slicethinner can provide you with suggestions suitable for various types of furniture, such as console tables, coffee tables, desks, etc. We are committed to customizing furniture that meets the needs of our customers and enhancing the overall value of their products.

【Step 2: Discuss, Revise, and Confirm Design Drawings】

After determining your furniture needs, we will start drawing the design. This process takes 1 to 3 working days, depending on the complexity of the product. Upon completion of the design drawings, we will provide 2D drawings for you to check dimensions, material types, specifications, and finished product weight. If you need 3D multi-angle drawings, we can also provide relevant patterns.If you have any questions or need changes to the design drawings, please raise them. We will revise the product drawings according to your opinions and ask you to confirm the revised files again. The discussion and modification at this stage usually take 2 to 4 days. At the same time, we will determine the surface treatment method of the furniture with you.Once the design drawings are confirmed to be correct, we can proceed to the sampling stage.

【Step 3: Furniture Sampling】

Why is sampling necessary? When encountering the following situations, it is recommended to create samples: 1. Unique furniture design, where drawings cannot intuitively display the effect. 2. Special-shaped furniture, lacking references, concerned about insufficient strength. 3. Furniture with special functions, requiring functional testing. Generally, there are three types of sampling methods:1. 3D printing: Print scaled-down models. Due to the lack of precision and strength in 3D printing, it is less commonly used. If you have a 3D printer, you can print the model yourself and discuss it with us.2. Actual factory material sample production: Confirm the product appearance. This method of making samples is close to the final product and is commonly used for sampling to confirm the design and appearance.3. Modify similar market products: Using Slicethinner furniture as an example, such as console tables, coffee tables, desks, etc. There are similar products on the market for reference, and with modern furniture featuring non-traditional designs, such as streamlined or special shapes, we will use CNC sampling to make furniture samples to ensure appearance and strength meet requirements.

【Step 4: Establishing a New Furniture Production Line】

At this stage, all the preliminary work for furniture design has been completed, and you need to wait for the processing and production. During the production process, we will confirm the product color or veneer with you. There are three ways to confirm:1. Provide similar wood grain samples: Choose the ideal color scheme to create different styles. We provide color swatches for confirmation.2. Provide the required color samples: If you see the desired color, you can provide the color packaging bag, colored paper, or product, and we will make a similar color for you.3. Non-market supplier veneer: Provide the style, and we will find the same or close veneer. If you need the exact same pattern and color, we can create a custom veneer on your behalf, usually requiring a minimum order quantity of 6,000 meters.

【Final Step: Start Mass Production】

The average production order quantity is 100 pieces of furniture for a single style. Without special veneer requirements, it takes 3-5 working days to manufacture 100 products (excluding the company's production schedule). If the demand reaches 200 or 500 pieces or more, the manufacturing time is 3-7 working days.During the production process, technicians perform the first article inspection. Each component goes through quality control inspection. After packaging, the inspection personnel sample 1-5 finished products, following the inspection process to ensure complete parts and assembly, confirming quality and functionality. With years of experience and strict quality control, we are committed to providing high-quality customized furniture, strengthening brand image, increasing selling points, and stimulating consumer purchase desire. If you want to know more about the customization process, please feel free to contact us!

For OBM product development, Slicethinner provides comprehensive support, including market analysis, product design, prototype production, manufacturing, packaging, and logistics. Our team delves deep into customer needs and combines market trends to provide unique design solutions. Moreover, we ensure an efficient production process while maintaining quality to meet your expectations for the product.

How to assist clients in developing OBM products? | Bespoke Console Table Designs - Made by Slicethinner’s Skilled Artisans

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