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Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

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  • Four Three Floors Multilayer Curve Apron Shoe Cabinet
    Four Three Floors Multilayer Curve Apron Shoe Cabinet

    Rectangular low key luxury cabinet's wide-moment design, providing you with enough shoe space, the left side of the single door design space, providing many special size shoes, the right side of the two-door open space, with a four-story shoe rack, so that your shoes will not be scattered all over the floor, all have their own space for placement. Shoes cabinet on the ground floor, designed an open space, to provide you with the daily use of shoes, so that you save the time to open, directly take out the shoes can be. Use black leather as a shoe cabinet decoration to enhance the appearance of the texture. Shoe door design, two small shoe doors, let you use smoothly. Rectangular low key luxury cabinet the appearance of low-key calm but vaguely exudes a noble atmosphere, simple style of appearance coupled with a black calm exterior, and has a multi-layer shoe rack design, very functional, very practical at home, thanks to the wide moment of the design way, Shoes cabinet can be placed on top of things, and the shoe rack below can accommodate more shoes, this is a very worthy of the shoe cabinet.

  • Convenient Sanmen Style Shoes Cabinet
    Convenient Sanmen Style Shoes Cabinet

    Convenient sanmen style shoes cabinet features a three-door design, with two easy to open doors on the left, four floors of space for shoes, three floors on the right, and a separate space for each pair of shoes to have their own space. The bottom of the shoes cabinet, designed two open spaces, to provide you with the usual more often worn shoes placement, so that you save the time to open the door, directly take out the shoes can be, this is a very intimate design. If it's an infrequent shoe, there's a lot of room in the place with the door above for you to put shoes that you don't normally wear, and you don't need to squeeze all your shoes in the same space. Convenient sanmen style shoes cabinet as a whole presents a modern minimalist style, do not use too much fancy decoration, simple and clear performance of this shoe cabinet, in the bottom of the shoe cabinet made a little change, so that the whole shoe cabinet does not look too monotonous.

  • Multifunctional High Quality Shoes Cabinet
    Multifunctional High Quality Shoes Cabinet

    Multifunctional high-quality shoes cabinet characteristic is that there is no general protruding handle, all the handles are hidden. Usually when the use of shoes cabinet will encounter a problem, that is, many pairs of shoes put in the inside, will emit a bad smell, and if the climate is very discomfort and dry, the shoes cabinet will be damp or even moldy. Multifunctional high-quality shoes cabinet door panel design, on the left and right sides have breathable holes, will not let the shoes stuffy in the inside can not be ventilated, so that the shoes cabinet inside has a dry environment, It's a very intimate design. Shoes cabinet the most rectangular storage space, provide you usually go out commonly used items, no additional handle design, hidden handle and door panels of the perfect combination, to the bottom of the matter space, with four layers of shoes space, large capacity of shoes space, so that the home shoes will not be scattered all over the floor, can be neatly placed in the shoes cabinet.

  • Industrial Wind Mobile Shoes Cabinet
    Industrial Wind Mobile Shoes Cabinet

    Industrial wind mobile shoes cabinet is made of plastic-laminated board (particle board), which is hard to deform and is attached to the surface of wood. The front door is not the same as usual. The middle hollowed out is fitted with a metal net, mainly to allow the air circulation inside the cabinet, but also can see inside the thing. The design has the wheel to be able to change the position randomly, and when moving will also be easier. The whole design is decorated with retro walnut color. The metal net on the door, the wheel with the bottom plate, is the atmosphere that evokes the industrial wind. The classic box design creates a maximum storage space. Mesh doors are also needed to fit the shoe cabinets. Five shelves can put a lot of shoes, if you want to put other things can be, just adjust the shelves for extra-large goods to create more space. The top of the cabinet is spacious enough to place photo frames, table lamps or indoor plants. This product is a multi-purpose display cabinet.

  • Classic High Quality Shoes Cabinet
    Classic High Quality Shoes Cabinet

    Classic high-quality shoes cabinet is a shoe cabinet that can hold many pairs of shoes, unlike other styles of shoe cabinets, where the appearance of a horizontal rectangle, there is a lot of space to put a variety of shoes. There is a small drawer in the middle of the top where you can put some items, and there is plenty of room at the top for items to be placed. The appearance of this shoe cabinet presents a minimalist style, with no extra decorations, all expressed in the most primitive appearance geometry, showing a neat and clean feel. General shoe cabinets are straight rectangular appearance, classic high- quality shoes cabinet is a horizontal rectangular appearance to present the appearance, so that the design in addition to increasing space, but also let the appearance become softer, the part will make the feeling feel too strong. The appearance is then decorated with dark brown wood grain paste, so that the whole presents a calm feeling. Placed in the living room of the home to add atmosphere.

  • Retro Multifunctional Shoes Cabinet
    Retro Multifunctional Shoes Cabinet

    Multifunctional shoes cabinet, can store items, shoes and decorate. The shoes cabinet itself size is 80 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 106.6 cm high. Its appearance is like a rectangular box embedded in the cube, belonging to the upper and lower narrow and wide design. With excellent storage function. There are five floors in the shoes cabinet, each floor space can be placed about 3 pairs of shoes, at least 15 pairs of shoes can be placed. The biggest feature of this shoe cabinet is that a layer of design has been added to the top of the upper for you to place a memo or key, while the middle is designed as a drawer and the left and right sides are open storage spaces. It also has a major feature is its shoe door, different from the general handle, we will be the handle design into a stereo graphic. Technical part mining high-end paste skin technology, perfect seamless, to create high-quality texture furniture. Do you need a lot of space to place your shoes? It's very much in line with your needs!

  • Retro Open Space Shoes Cabinet
    Retro Open Space Shoes Cabinet

    Retro open space shoes cabinet is simple but does not appear monotonous, and the door design does not have as rigid a door as the general shoe cabinet, adding a little change in the minimalist style, so that this shoe cabinet can be simple with a little change. This shoes cabinet is not the same as other shoes cabinet in the door plate part, it does not have the general common metal or plastic door, but instead of digging a hexagonal hole between the two doors. The use of this hexagonal hole is to replace the door, but also to let the inside of the shoe cabinet ventilation, do not let the inside moist stink. The small drawers and shelves above are filled with everyday items such as keys, the entire product has taken into account the user's convenience and use of the way. This shoes cabinet presents a modern minimalist style, but has made a little change, so that the whole shoes cabinet does not look too monotonous, but also a little more sense of joy, retro open space shoes cabinet whether in the appearance or use of the balance.

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