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Image Design

Image Design

In the digital age, e-commerce has become the core of marketing.

The internet is not only about new technology and industries but also a new marketing channel based on traditional economy. As competition intensifies, only companies with high-quality products and solutions can thrive in the market.

In a visually driven online environment, excellent visual design is crucial, attracting internet users and customers. To provide high-quality websites, we take additional photos for each product, ensuring the best image combinations and visually appealing product photos, preventing image duplication issues.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography focuses on images for business purposes, aiming to improve product sales and image. High-quality finished photos are attractive and convey clear information. Photography prices are influenced by shooting time, product quantity, photo type, and presentation style, mainly including monochrome background photos and situational photos, with the latter generally being more expensive.

Commercial photography is customized according to client needs, with no fixed standard. Finished photos are divided into situational photos and background photos (single-color background photos). Situational shooting requires full utilization of professional equipment, props, and lighting, with high aesthetic demands on photographers. Background photos focus on the product without the assistance of props, aiming to obtain clear product photos, which is a basic skill that professional photographers need to complete diligently.

Preparation for Commercial Photography

First, you need to determine the desired final effect, target customers, appeal, atmosphere, and expected goals. It is suggested to plan the direction in advance for better communication with the photographer. Additionally, preliminary negotiations should also cover the number of products to be photographed and the document submission timeline. Detailed pre-shoot communication can make the shooting process smoother. You can also learn about the calculation method for commercial photography fees to avoid going over budget.

Procedures after confirming cooperation
Pre-communication. Commercial photographers need to understand the shooting content first, including the photo representation style, shooting categories, quantity, time, location (some photographers have studios and don't need to rent other venues), and document delivery methods to start the photography process.
Actual shooting. The photographer carries out the shooting based on the preliminary communication content and lets you choose the photos afterward. You can decide whether or not to participate in the photographer's work process. Usually, the photographer and the team lead the shooting, reducing on-site chaos. However, if you have concerns, you can discuss participating with the photographer to make real-time adjustments and reach a consensus.
Post-production and review. Post-production includes defect correction, color correction, retouching, drafting, and conversion. After post-production, the photographer provides the original photos for your review. Confirm situational or background photos, photo quantity, file format, and submission method, and re-confirm both parties' opinions.
Payment and delivery. After confirming the photos are correct, the final step is submitting the files. The photographer provides the official files, usually in the form of a CD or cloud link, and you pay the fees according to your needs.

Other matters in Commercial Photography
In terms of content submission, you need to determine whether to submit original photos or retouched photos and whether post-production is required, such as color grading and file conversion. The photography team needs to understand this information. As for file delivery methods, common methods include burning CDs and providing cloud links, or both can be provided.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a professional service that involves various factors, such as the designer's expertise, experience, style, difficulty of the project, complexity, and required time. There are various types of graphic design, such as DM design and poster design, each with its unique value.

Services provided by graphic designers

When taking on a project, the designer needs to understand the project description, target audience, and delivery time. Based on the requirements, the designer provides a design proposal report, which includes design concepts, number of revisions, expected final product, and handling methods for text, photos, and proofreading, but not printing costs and subsequent revisions. Once you agree to the proposal, the designer will have multiple meetings with you to discuss design concepts, layout, and plan and complete the design on time.

How to find a designer for graphic design?
1. First, communicate the design content with the designer, express your design requirements, and discuss details, such as size, single or double-sided design, style, etc., to help the designer understand your needs and create a work that meets your expectations.
2. After confirming the price, both parties sign a contract, confirm the quoted amount, and start collaborating with the designer.
3. The designer creates an initial design based on the requirements and communication content. After completing the draft, the designer provides the first design proposal. You can check if the initial design meets the requirements and update and communicate further with the designer.
4. The designer makes revisions to the work based on the discussion content. The number of revisions varies depending on the designer, usually averaging 2-3 times. Good communication is crucial in ensuring the final work meets expectations during the revision process.
Why choose a professional graphic designer?
Professional designers excel at conveying products or services to consumers in the best way possible while making the product/service/brand more distinctive.

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Excellent design not only makes your work look more professional but also attracts more attention and increases exposure. At the same time, a professional designer can save you a lot of hassle and time in design. Finally, since you've decided to do graphic design, why not do it to the best and get it done in one go?

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Slicethinner has been offering customers eco-friendly furniture solutions, both with advanced technology and 62 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.