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Welcome to Slicethinner. | High-quality, eco-friendly wood furniture manufacturer specializing in customizable and flat-pack designs.

Welcome to Slicethinner

Company Profile

Welcome to Slicethinner.

Slicethinner is a professional ODM modular furniture manufacturer based in Taiwan, offering comprehensive services from design to production. With rich experience and an excellent team, we are committed to researching, developing, and manufacturing creative and tasteful furniture. Our employees strive for precise and stable quality, incorporating the latest technology to reduce costs and enhance product functionality, providing consumers with stylish and comfortable home furnishings and deepening their understanding and experience of furniture culture. As a trusted brand, Slicethinner's best-selling products include side tables, shoe cabinets, and TV cabinets, and we offer value-added services to meet transportation needs. We will continue to work hard, innovate, and bring furniture products that cater to the modern demands and tastes of families worldwide.

Who We Are

Slicethinner was established in 1960, and since its inception, it has always insisted on innovation, providing customers with durable and uniquely designed products. Starting from the initial OEM flat-panel furniture manufacturing, it has gradually developed into a professional ODM modular furniture manufacturer in Taiwan, offering comprehensive services from design and development to production. Our goal is to create a safe, environmentally friendly, and user-friendly green living environment, providing solutions to meet the functional needs of families so that every household can enjoy a comfortable and cozy living space.

The experienced Slicethinner team, including excellent managers, senior engineers, and production technicians, is fully dedicated to furniture research, development, and manufacturing. Our designers balance home functionality with stylish comfort, showcasing creativity and taste. Employees work hard to ensure precise and stable quality while incorporating innovative technology to reduce customer costs and increase profits. As a trusted brand in the furniture sales channels, as well as a reliable partner and supplier, Slicethinner will continue to innovate constantly, bringing a better living experience to families worldwide, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding and experience of furniture culture.

What We Do

Slicethinner's best-selling products include DIY furniture, coffee tables, side tables, bookcases, shoe cabinets, wine racks, and TV cabinets. To meet the transportation needs of our B2B and B2C clients, we offer a range of value-added services, including product handling, warehousing, (re)packaging, labeling, customs, assembly, and packaging management. To better serve our clients, we provide warehousing services in Taiwan, Europe, the United States, Australia, and other locations. We deliver products to the client's country or designated location, and we cooperate with various logistics companies in Taiwan while adhering to packaging restrictions.

Slicethinner is expanding its business globally and actively seeking agents who are interested in our products. If you are interested in becoming our agent or partner, please feel free to contact us. Slicethinner is committed to providing you with the highest quality products and professional services to achieve a mutually beneficial cooperation relationship. We look forward to working together to create a bright future!

Company Philosophy

Slicethinner's goal is to continuously provide stable quality and durable products to meet the diverse needs of our clients. By researching innovative materials, utilizing modern technology, and realizing sensible design concepts, we ensure that each product has a unique character. We perfectly integrate materials, design, technology, quality, and respect for intellectual property rights to showcase our design philosophy, aesthetics, performance, practicality, and cost-effectiveness. We firmly believe that furniture is not just a simple object but has the value of presenting the beauty of life. Slicethinner creates a better living experience for our clients by crafting high-quality, practical, and aesthetically pleasing furniture. We will continue to work hard and innovate constantly, bringing furniture products that cater to the modern demands and tastes of families worldwide.

Core Values

Slicethinner shares and encourages its colleagues to practice the five core values in their work, including 'integrity, continuous improvement, environmental protection, professionalism, and innovation.' We firmly believe that integrity is the cornerstone of business success; continuous improvement helps enhance service quality; environmental protection requires joint efforts with clients; professionalism is the basic condition for meeting client needs; and innovation is the key to maintaining market competitiveness. Only by constantly reflecting on ourselves, pursuing research and development, and innovating can we produce perfect furniture and uphold the service concept of sustainable management.

To provide a reasonable, safe, and high-quality consumer environment, we offer the following commitments:

Quality assurance: Starting from raw material selection, we pay attention to every furniture process and craftsmanship.
Reasonable prices: Direct production and sales, offering the most favorable prices to our clients.
Fashionable taste: A variety of furniture styles, designed by up-and-coming designers.
Diverse options: Multiple material choices, accepting diverse demand orders and custom sizes.
After-sales service: Direct after-sales service, addressing product-related questions.
Except for special products and specific materials, we insist on the entire process being 'MIT - Made in Taiwan,' allowing everyone to support outstanding Taiwanese manufacturers!

Adhering to Integrity

Since its establishment in 1960, Slicethinner has always focused on furniture design, manufacturing, and export, acting as a leader in the DIY furniture industry. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients and investing in advanced digital machinery and employee development, enabling Slicethinner furniture to offer high-quality and stylishly designed products in the market. As experts in the field of manufacturing and assembling furniture, our years of rich experience enable us to create better designs, simplify assembly processes, and significantly reduce transportation costs through flat-pack designs.

In recent years, intense price competition and the impact of low-quality imported furniture have caused damage to consumers and manufacturers to a certain extent. Furniture products are an important indicator of measuring the quality of home life. To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable living environment, we suggest that when choosing furniture products, in addition to considering price, one should also value product quality and after-sales service. This way, you will have a better experience when purchasing furniture and enjoy a higher quality of life.


Company Profile | Bespoke Console Table Designs - Made by Slicethinner’s Skilled Artisans

Explore Slicethinner's exquisite line of customizable, flat-pack furniture designed for the modern home. Our collection features stylish and functional coffee tables, end tables and TV stands made from eco-friendly materials. Perfect for maximizing space, our versatile storage cabinets and sleek console tables combine innovation with elegance. Discover durable, easy-to-assemble furniture solutions that don't compromise on style or sustainability. Visit us today to transform your living space with pieces as unique as your tastes.

Discover Slicethinner Manufacturing, a leader in customizable, eco-friendly flat-pack furniture with over six decades of industry experience. We specialize in offering a diverse range of products tailored to meet specific business needs, from space-saving designs to large-scale furniture solutions. Our expertise in flat-pack furniture ensures cost-effective shipping and easy assembly, ideal for businesses seeking logistical convenience. With a commitment to sustainability and a legacy of reliability, we deliver exceptional furniture solutions that align with today's business values and operational needs. Partner with Slicethinner to expand your product offerings and leverage our innovative, high-quality furniture designs to meet and exceed your customers' expectations.

Slicethinner has been offering customers customizable, eco-friendly flat-pack furniture, both with advanced technology and 62 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.