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Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

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  • Square Black Oak Entrance Mirror Display Stand
    Square Black Oak Entrance Mirror Display Stand

    The mirror display frame is composed of multiple rectangles and is hollow. It can be easily moved; the thickness of the wooden board used is not thick, which can effectively reduce the processing time, can speed up the shipment and reduce the unit storage area, and can also transport more the number of units effectively reduces shipping costs. The mirror display frame adds beauty to the simple wall through geometric design and mirror decoration. The open-back design and dark oak color can create a unique elegance on the wall. It can be used as a home wall decoration or a bright background such as a painting table and a coffee table. The mirror display frame is equipped with two rectangular mirrors, allowing you to confirm your makeup at any time when you are ready to go out, and the frame can be placed with small objects, such as diffuser bottles and small bottles of perfume.

  • Checkered Acrylic Drop-Down Drawer Console Table
    Checkered Acrylic Drop-Down Drawer Console Table

    Slicethinner furniture manufacturer produces not only plywood but also acrylic material for the console table. The drawer panel is made of square acrylic. The door frame of the drawer is made of long plastic plywood, with acrylic material embedded in the middle. Attached to the lower flip composer. There is a small grid space above the 2 drawers, using short iron columns and a central partition to support the entire console tabletop. The console table legs under the column are made of 2.5*2.5cm plastic plywood. The lower panel is not only a raised space, but also a connection point to stabilize the panel of this console table. In addition to acrylic, tempered glass or other materials can also be used. Welcome to contact us below, Slicethinner furniture has many different materials for customers to choose.

  • Black Tempered Glass Chrome Iron Frame Console Table
    Black Tempered Glass Chrome Iron Frame Console Table

    The slicethinner furniture manufacturer uses tempered glass and metal iron to create a console table. The black reflective mirror surface is made of tempered glass. The color of the mirror surface of the Slicethinner furniture manufacturer can be adjusted to transparent, white, black, rose gold, gold... etc., a variety of combinations. The overall metal iron feet can also be matched with different electroplating colors, the mainstream is electroplating silver, white, black, rose gold, gold... and so on. The iron feet are supported by inclined feet, which can be adjusted according to different panel lengths and the overall console table height. The main processing angles are 45 degrees, 60 degrees, and 75 degrees. The thickness of iron parts is 2.0*2.0cm as the main material. Slicethinner furniture manufacturers can make console tables combining metal and glass, and can also add plywood to switch different materials to match.

  • Black Tempered Glass Square Table Top Walnut Coffee Table
    Black Tempered Glass Square Table Top Walnut Coffee Table

    Slicethinner square coffee table manufacturer. 100.0cm black transparent tempered glass. The thickness of tempered glass is 3mm. The coffee table top board can replace the tempered glass with other wood boards. Provide different material designs to customers. The height of the coffee table is designed to be 33.3cm. It is a shorter height. This wide coffee table can be built on the neutral and side panels according to customer needs. Increase height during manufacturing process time. The height of the general coffee table is between 40.0~45.0cm. The bottom panel uses 25mm thick plastic plywood. Manufacturers who want to reduce the weight of Slicethinner have many processes and design methods that can be changed. For more design products, please contact us.

  • Industrial Pipe PB Rotating Layer Black Marble Coffee Table
    Industrial Pipe PB Rotating Layer Black Marble Coffee Table

    Slicethinner industrial pipe black marble coffee table manufacturer. The desktop board size is 120.0cm in length and 60.0cm in depth and 15mm in depth. Semicircular design with a diameter of 60.0cm on the left and right sides. There are 15mm rounded corners on the plywood table top. Make the desktop more rounded. A paper laminate made by hot pressing. The bottom surface below also adopts the same size and design as the desktop board. Above the bottom panel, there is a round iron sheet with a height of 5.0cm to surround the bottom panel. At the top, there is a small disc layer with a diameter of 18.5cm. He is a rotatable design. Use industrial pipes for the structure. More complex coffee table manufacturing. Welcome to contact us.

  • Industry Round Shape Size Coffee Table Set
    Industry Round Shape Size Coffee Table Set

    Slicethinner size coffee table manufacturer. Industrial-style round-sized coffee table. The desktop board has 2 paper laminates. The wood grain veneer of Natural Mongo color is mainly used as the round table top. The outermost part has a black wear-resistant skin with a thickness of 25mm. To decorate the outer frame of the round desktop. There are also 16 golden vintage anchors on it as decoration. Can highlight the industrial style. The bottom is supported by square iron pipes. The upper and lower round table tops have slightly rounded legs. The inside is made of crossed round iron rods. The side table has only one iron foot. Can be used as a C-shaped side table. More large and small coffee table sets design products. Welcome to contact us.

  • Solid Wood Feet Walnut 60cm Wide Lifting Coffee Table
    Solid Wood Feet Walnut 60cm Wide Lifting Coffee Table

    Slicethinner lift table top coffee table manufacturer. Use bright walnut veneer with a higher contrast. Black wood grain embossed veneer is used on the small table top. The small table top has a depth of 20.0cm. Below is the space 116.0*18.2*23.0cm that can be placed. An open space made up of bright walnut veneer. It has a 120.0*40.0*1.5cm bright walnut veneer table top that can be raised and lowered. It can rise to a height of about 20.0cm. The black electroplated lifter is fixedly locked into the middle partition at a height of 22.8cm. The middle partition has a curve cut by CNC, which is suitable for letting in and lifting the table top. The space in the middle has a storage space of 57.6*38.7*23.0cm. There is 28.0*38.7*23.0 space on the left and right sides. The bottom panel has 5 black solid wood feet. In addition to the four legs, there is also a supporting weight in the middle of the bottom panel. For more lifting function coffee tables, please contact us.

  • Reclaimed Barnwood Veneer Clamp Shaped Coffee Table
    Reclaimed Barnwood Veneer Clamp Shaped Coffee Table

    Slicethinner wooden clip-shaped coffee table design and manufacturer. The common coffee table size is 120.0 * 60.0 * 43.0cm. The main coffee table has upper, middle and lower floors. The most special thing is to divide the same space on the upper and lower floors in the middle. The whole coffee table has a double platform with a 57cm depth for placing items. On the other side is a platform with a depth of 28.5cm. There is a slot in the middle, and the front and rear panels are designed to be slightly covered. It has a matching TV cabinet. PB furniture design with many different wooden clips. Welcome to contact our professional design team.

  • Sandblasting 60cm Wide Coffee Table Side Table Set
    Sandblasting 60cm Wide Coffee Table Side Table Set

    Slicethinner living room set coffee table and side table furniture manufacturer. Simple square set. A desktop board made of a panel combining PB and MDF. Use Natural Mongo-like wood grain veneer in the middle. Use black wear-resistant solid color veneer all around. It has a width of 2.5cm. On the black wear-resistant MDF trim panel, there are gold and copper anchors made of metal. Pure black iron table legs are treated after sandblasting. The 4 corners extend vertically to the ground. Intersect each other in the middle. This coffee table and side table can have a rose gold style. Welcome to contact us. Get other colors and metal versions.

  • Sliding Rail Door Model Gass 60cm Deep Coffee Table
    Sliding Rail Door Model Gass 60cm Deep Coffee Table

    Slicethinner is a professional manufacturer of composite living room furniture and coffee tables. It has an industrial-style coffee table. Dark brown oak highly simulated oak veneer. 120.0*60.0cm large size storage coffee table. There are 38.0*54.0*48.0cm door storage space on the left and right sides. Tempered glass with water ripples. It is assembled using a cross combination method. After sandblasting on both sides, the ferrous metal iron slide rails are treated. The Espresso wood grain door panel can be dragged left and right. In the middle is a small platform that can be pushed back and forth, and below is a layered panel. There are 4 trapezoidal table legs underneath. There is a support foot of plastic plywood in the middle of the bottom. Make the overall coffee table evenly stressed. More and better coffee table designs. Welcome to contact us.

  • A Drawer Teak 60cm Depth Lifting Coffee Table
    A Drawer Teak 60cm Depth Lifting Coffee Table

    Slicethinner Lifting Coffee Table Living Room Furniture Manufacturer. The upper panel with 80.0*60.0cm can be lifted and lowered. There is a 22.0cm storage space below. Stable electroplated black lifter. There are springs on both sides to assist the user in labor-saving operation. There is a drawer on the left. 35.0*40.0*13.5cm drawer storage space. The extraction panel adopts CNC machined and cut panel handles. The foot of the sandblasted black iron coffee table is 20.0cm above the ground. The whole is processed and formed by plastic plywood. A coffee table completed with teak jigsaw puzzle. More different colors and wood veneer and stone veneer. Welcome to contact us.

  • Bend Square Tube Iron Feet Scratch Resistant Coffee Table
    Bend Square Tube Iron Feet Scratch Resistant Coffee Table

    Slicethinner hot press coffee table furniture manufacturer. Both the table top board and the table bottom board are made of white wear-resistant and scratch-resistant hot-pressed MPF boards. The size of the desktop board is 120.0*60.0*10.0cm. Desktop thickness of up to 10cm. Thin wood strips are used in the middle to support the overall weight. It is not the entire 10cm thickness MDF. It is very heavy visually. But the product size is very lightweight. The bottom of the table is also the same, but the thickness is only 5cm. The iron feet on both sides are connected with square iron pipes bent at right angles. A height of 28cm can be used as a storage space. Cooperating manufacturers with different paints can do color post-processing according to customer needs. Welcome to contact us Slicethinner.

  • Side Hollow One Drawer 40cm Height White Coffee Table
    Side Hollow One Drawer 40cm Height White Coffee Table

    Slicethinner is a manufacturer of various oak veneer furniture. The lower height coffee table is only 40.0cm high. Mainly pure white wear-resistant leather. The middle rectangle uses black oak veneer. There is a rectangular space of 80.0*60.0*16.5cm. Only 2 storage spaces are divided. There are recessed open storage spaces on both sides. 40.0*60.0*30.0cm side space. There is a small drawer in the middle front. With black electroplated long arc handle. The Slicethinner coffee table can have similarly designed TV cabinets and console tables. Welcome to contact us to find more similar furniture product designs.

  • Lifting Table Top Angle Steel Structure Coffee Table
    Lifting Table Top Angle Steel Structure Coffee Table

    Slicethinner living room coffee table furniture manufacturer. Furniture made of iron and plastic plywood. Use light-colored driftwood veneer. There are 4 white decorative paint lines on the desktop. Both the left and right sides are the desktop panels that can be opened. use. Below is the space where items can be placed. The lower panel space of 120*40cm below is matched with angle steel feet. On the left and right sides are black sandblasted iron nets. There is a protective cover made of rubber at the bottom of the iron foot. Slicethinner can freely adjust the overall height of the coffee table according to customer needs. The configuration of the angle steel is more flexible, and there is more room for change in the design of the coffee table. Please contact us for any needs.

  • Storage Wine Glass Table Top Round Coffee Table
    Storage Wine Glass Table Top Round Coffee Table

    Slicethinner living room round coffee table manufacturer. 2.5cm thick plastic plywood semi-circular table top. A round 0.3cm glass table top is placed in the middle. The circular diameter reaches about 80cm. There are 2 floors of storage space, with vintage walnut veneer in the middle to remove the left and right sides of the compartment. The side can be put into the space of the wine bottle. Lock the arc iron to fix the wine bottle. The bottom of the coffee table uses a two-color collocation to make the overall wood grain veneer more beautiful. This group of round coffee tables can be transformed into simple round coffee tables. Make the cost more affordable. Welcome to contact us to learn about the new round coffee table. Contact Slicethinner living room round coffee table manufacturer to get the price of related products.

  • Industrial Style Pipe Compartment Coffee Table
    Industrial Style Pipe Compartment Coffee Table

    Reflected from the design techniques, the unintentional processing method, the lines used are quite simple, the original roughness presents natural life, and it has a special flavor. Exotic, warm and heavy country style, presenting the comfort of life, the long table body shape, the soul of iron and wood meet, the upper and lower table top, increase the value of the table, there are two heights that can be adjusted, Naked storage settings, the water pipe element is designed as a protective fence, which is only suitable for placing large and small objects to prevent items from falling and automatically maintain cleanliness. Built-in bookshelf function allows the living room to become another study room. The rising height of the desktop is ergonomic, avoiding poor sitting posture and hunchback problems. Foldable coffee table lifter, precise rivet position, not easy to move, firm and stable. There is no distance from the floor. The water pipe material is made of stainless steel, and the color of the brown driftwood base is matched. The thickness of the pipe diameter is thickened to make the overall quality and creative industrial furniture.

  • Close To Natural Nordic Style Oak Lifting Coffee Table
    Close To Natural Nordic Style Oak Lifting Coffee Table

    After observation, more and more people are accustomed to dealing with things on the coffee table. The fixed height of the coffee table is difficult to meet users with different needs. The lifting coffee table can bring more comfort and convenience. A square box that looks very beautiful and comfortable, with a simple and beautiful aesthetic. The natural-color texture furniture brings infinite warmth to the home. Nordic style blends with modern style, warm dark and light brown wood texture, good wood selection, high-temperature wood grain bonding technology, square box shape, simple built-in handle, rounded design table edge, safer to use than wooden corners Cute and more attractive. The desktop lift can be designed to enjoy two functional tables with different heights. When lowered, it can be used as a coffee table, when it is raised, it can be used as a computer desk, dining table, etc. The lifting height is 59cm, the table top has a weight of about 25KG, and there is a storage space under the table. There are large-capacity drawers. The drawers cannot be opened. The lifter is a high-grade cushioning alloy hinge, which is safe and durable. With a silent guide rail, it is silent when pushing and pulling. Pragmatic design is the only way to be moved, and sincerely think for users.

  • Oval Shape Coffee Desk
    Oval Shape Coffee Desk

    Olive leaf Shape coffee table is a very personalized coffee table, whether it is styling or other details, it can be said to have many unique designs, such as the table with useful rivets fixed, with decorative effect, and on both sides of the table feet are also presented in an asymmetric manner, Can stand more steadily than the average table. The desktop part is to the olive leaf as the appearance to present, and then uses the imitation wood grain to decorate this desktop, causes this table appearance to add a lot of style, the desktop side useful rivet to fix and decorate, presents the industrial style. The table feet are made of geometry as a support, not only more stable than the average table foot, but also to add fun to the table, the whole table is like a small animal with the feet of the limbs before creeping. If you want a table with a unique look, this piece of olive leaf shape coffee table is definitely the first choice.

  • The Square Space Coffee Table
    The Square Space Coffee Table

    The coffee table of the parasol shape. The square space coffee table has an elegant and sedate look, and there is no way to hide its elegant appearance in any corner of the living room. It is made up of tables and cabinets, themselves using a high texture of dark brown skin, so that the whole product looks dignified and elegant, the bottom of the cupboard has two intervals with a good storage function. The upper table is made of special hardware parts connected to the cupboard, so that there is room between the cupboard and the table as a reception, which is the special place of the coffee table, all the space is available for you to use. It is worth mentioning that this coffee table has the same style of side table!Friends, if you interested, we do put a link below, convenient for you to read.

  • Square Four Sides Drawers Coffee Table
    Square Four Sides Drawers Coffee Table

    Square four-sides drawers coffee table has the appearance of a square and a steady, and having something different from the average table is that this table has a large drawer on all sides for you to put things in. These drawers adopted metal side slide device to construct, it accomplishes the smoother pull out function. This coffee table is a complex of tables and dwarf cabinet. A special design is used between the table and the cabinet to connect. And it makes the table and cupboard into a small cubicle that can be placed. This provides enough space design for books, movie DVDs and game software. You can categorize it in every direction, and this table is definitely your storage helper. The coffee table in the four drawers is a very novel design, which can add new colors to the living room. Even in the entertainment room is also very suitable!

  • Creative Building Block Type Combined Coffee Table
    Creative Building Block Type Combined Coffee Table

    Looking at the same home and the same furnishings every day, it is inevitable to feel bored and exhausted. The quality of life is born out of oneself, created in the details of life, the small is a vase, the big is a table. The coffee table is divided into four pieces. The shape of several building blocks is composed of two black and two white pieces. The design is very stylish and textured, like a combination of building blocks, which can be put together at will, can be connected in series, and can be Independent multiple combinations, piece together different shapes and appearances according to your own preferences, or display changes according to the needs of the home space, expressing the concept of puzzles in details, can add to the fun of our life, exuding a simple and modern personality Beauty. Each piece of furniture is a beautiful artwork separately. The natural oak grain color is selected on the tabletop, which brings a simple and elegant modern visual effect. It can be used alone or as an embellishment. It is made of MDF, the whole piece The table has high stability and each piece is equipped with storage space, which can be used as a bookcase or display cabinet to give full play to creativity!

  • Dim Sum Coffee Table
    Dim Sum Coffee Table

    Because the color of the biscuit is similar, it is very suitable for putting snacks on it, and the overall appearance of the four feet is very similar to the color of the chocolate bar. Therefore, the snack coffee table can add a childlike atmosphere to the living room. The corner of the dim sum coffee table has a curved design, while the table legs are cylindrical and are different from general square table legs, but they do not affect the stability and are more beautiful. The cylindrical table legs are matched with walnut peach color and light wood peach color, which is also our careful design, which can increase the beauty of the dim sum coffee table. The composition of the dim sum coffee table is very simple. It consists of four heels and a round table. It is light in weight and can be easily moved.

  • Dark Teak Retro Coffee Table
    Dark Teak Retro Coffee Table

    Retro styling coffee table. The dark teak color (reclaimed teak) makes people feel calm, and the irregular arrangement gives a person a kind of vitality. not only does black pellets feel comfortable, but it is also the sand of teak (reclaimed teak), which makes the heart more precipitated. Its tabletop is also paired with black wood grain, bringing a touch of nostalgia. Side open drawer can be put into books and living small things. As for iron foot welding using a step design, as the same as recycled teak retro industrial style TV stand iron feet, mixed with a different flavor. Product native can also be changed to square-shaped iron feet, interested in welcome to inquire about us, different lengths of angle can be sample samples from the solid.

  • High Texture Retro Coffee Table
    High Texture Retro Coffee Table

    High texture retro coffee table is a fine coffee table of good quality imitation solid wood. It is unique in appearance, with a strong retro feel, suitable for many hotel operators or related collectors, the overall appearance of a sense of stability. This coffee table is made up of tabletops and cabinets with beautiful imitation wood skins and spacious tabletops. There are very spacious locker spaces in the middle of it where you can put a lot of items, and there are two drawers below where you can put smaller items. Although bulky, but can accommodate a lot of things, can be said to be no waste of space design. High texture Retro coffee table fusion of Chinese furniture features also combined with a minimalist style, and the space is large, suitable for putting a lot of things. So, this coffee table is a gorgeous single product that enhances the beauty of your unique decor.

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