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  • Curl big capacity drawer chest
    Curl big capacity drawer chest

    Curved chest of drawers.Five chests of drawers, 75 cm wide x 43.5 cm deep x 110 cm high, side curve shape, from all angles to increase the curved scaffolding, activate the entire elegant taste of the visual effects. The top of the cabinet can be placed in the object space. Using laminated technology, the perfect seamless method to create high-quality textured furniture.In addition to keeping the environment clean and tidy, placing it in the home creates a high sense of refinement. Classic invincibility simple rectangular design, calm espresso tones, with classic hardware processing, to create a stable visual perception.Plate cutting into curves allows buyers to adjust or design themselves. Using CNC-processed panels, can do every product, every board cut, to achieve the same size and details. Ensure the quality and consistency of the product itself.

  • Light Industrial Style Rivet Drawer Chest
    Light Industrial Style Rivet Drawer Chest

    5-layer Locker sealing edge rivet technology.This rectangular lightweight industrial-style rivet drawer cabinet is divided into 5-storey lockers and a drawer for pulling out drawers. In the drawer of the panel using curve processing, increase the sense of flow line.The professional edge sealing technology of rivet decoration is the key factor that the industrial style never rots. Rivets are processed in a more rounded form and do not cause bodily injury by touching it, enhancing the safety of the product.The sleek rivets also give the light a different sense of refraction.The bottom of the drawer cabinet is equipped with delicate wheels, and the wheels slide with iron material. Not only the heavy resistance of good service life is also greatly increased. That way you can move anywhere in the house.

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