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Environmental Declaration-FSC

Environmental Declaration-FSC

Environmental Sustainability Declaration

Slicethinner is committed to using FSC-certified wood to produce a variety of furniture products.

FSC certification represents an internationally recognized and reliable forestry standard, which is strictly formulated and independently evaluated by the Forest Stewardship Council. Good forest management has various benefits for society, economy, and environment, such as improving people's livelihoods and protecting the habitat of flora and fauna.

FSC is the only wood certification standard recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council. Through FSC certification, consumers can ensure that the wood brands they purchase will not have a negative impact on forests, and the Chain of Custody certification (CoC) ensures compliance with procurement sources.

Slicethinner chose to collaborate with FSC because FSC is dedicated to promoting environmental protection, social equity, and economic sustainability, which helps to conduct business in a responsible environment.

What evidence does Slicethinner need to provide in FSC furniture certification?

To obtain FSC certification, Slicethinner needs to trace the source of the raw wood used in the furniture and ensure compliance with FSC requirements. At least 70% of the wood used in the furniture must come from FSC-certified forests, and procurement must comply with the FSC Controlled Wood Policy. This means that the other 30% of wood used to manufacture FSC-certified furniture must comply with the five principles of the FSC Controlled Wood Policy:

1. Do not use wood related to illegal logging.
2. Do not use wood obtained in violation of traditional and human rights methods.
3. Do not use wood from operations that threaten high conservation value forests.
4. Do not use wood from forests converted to plantations or non-forest uses.
5. Do not use wood from genetically modified species forests.

All FSC-certified furniture must use wood from FSC-certified forests. To obtain FSC certification, forest owners must comply with the highest environmental standards, including more than 60 detailed standards, and undergo regular third-party audits. The Chain of Custody (CoC) ensures compliance with regulations and reduces the acquisition of raw wood from distribution channels. Finally, Slicethinner's manufacturing plant must comply with FSC's strict guidelines and undergo regular third-party audits to ensure that 100% of the wood can be traced back to finished furniture.

For the sustainable development of the Earth, reduce packaging and use eco-friendly, recyclable materials.

Slicethinner is fully committed to implementing a simple and sustainable lifestyle, bringing positive changes to society and the ecological environment. Dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, promoting green products and service processes, and achieving corporate and social sustainability goals. Flat packaging is used to improve transportation efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Innovative and certified packaging materials are used, such as recycled plastics, recycled paperboard, organic fabrics, and biodegradable cushioning materials, as well as FSC-certified cartons. In pursuit of a circular economy and eco-friendly path, we aim to utilize renewable and recyclable materials, reduce waste in operations, improve product design and service methods, extend product life, and view products as future resources.

Four main directions for practicing environmental sustainability:

1. Promote green procurement: Reduce the impact on people and the natural environment while providing high-quality furniture products.
2. Create a friendly working environment: Promote workplace greening and reduce waste.
3. Long-term design, maximizing product value: Implement a circular design concept to extend product life.
4. Respond to environmental protection: Participate in public welfare and environmental protection activities, expand social participation, and exert positive influence.

Adhering to the strictest environmental standards

Our goal is to minimize the impact on the environment during the production process and follow the global principles of natural ecological conservation. By striving to improve our production processes to be more environmentally friendly, we have achieved excellent results and recognition from relevant organizations. Our production processes and products are absolutely safe and healthy, providing customers with eco-friendly, stylish, and safe high-quality furniture. In addition, our production process does not produce formaldehyde, and we do not use harmful solvents or heavy metals. All our furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials (FSC), adhering to the principle of living in harmony with nature.

All our particle boards comply with the strictest environmental protection standards of the European Union, with a formaldehyde content of less than 0.3mg/L (meaning the formaldehyde concentration emitted per cubic unit is less than 0.3 milligrams, close to 0). We are the only company in the industry that comprehensively uses F1-grade environmentally friendly green building materials for cabinet panels.

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