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Electronic Catalog

1. Due to the wide variety of products, our electronic catalog only features annual popular products. To browse other product types, you can visit the "Cases" section for more options. For products with different styles, designs, or specifications, please feel free to contact us!

2.Product inventory is not guaranteed. For detailed inventory and quotation information, please contact us. If a product is out of stock and requires production, shipping times may be delayed.

3. We strive to provide accurate and error-free product information, but human or technical errors may occur. If there are any errors, we will correct them as soon as possible.

4. If you need to modify or cancel an order after it is placed, please contact us as soon as possible. If the product has already been scheduled for production or shipping, it may not be possible to change or cancel the order.

5. We will arrange suitable transportation methods and companies based on the nature and quantity of the products, making every effort to ensure safe delivery. If any loss or damage occurs during transportation, you can apply for a corresponding test report from us as the basis for a claim, and negotiate compensation with the local transportation company. Please note that our company will not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage during transportation.

6. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our products or services, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are dedicated to serving you.

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2019 Hot product catalog
2019 Hot product catalog

2019 Hot product catalog


Bespoke Console Table Designs - Made by Slicethinner’s Skilled Artisans

Explore Slicethinner's exquisite line of customizable, flat-pack furniture designed for the modern home. Our collection features stylish and functional coffee tables, end tables and TV stands made from eco-friendly materials. Perfect for maximizing space, our versatile storage cabinets and sleek console tables combine innovation with elegance. Discover durable, easy-to-assemble furniture solutions that don't compromise on style or sustainability. Visit us today to transform your living space with pieces as unique as your tastes.

Discover Slicethinner Manufacturing, a leader in customizable, eco-friendly flat-pack furniture with over six decades of industry experience. We specialize in offering a diverse range of products tailored to meet specific business needs, from space-saving designs to large-scale furniture solutions. Our expertise in flat-pack furniture ensures cost-effective shipping and easy assembly, ideal for businesses seeking logistical convenience. With a commitment to sustainability and a legacy of reliability, we deliver exceptional furniture solutions that align with today's business values and operational needs. Partner with Slicethinner to expand your product offerings and leverage our innovative, high-quality furniture designs to meet and exceed your customers' expectations.

Slicethinner has been offering customers customizable, eco-friendly flat-pack furniture, both with advanced technology and 62 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.