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Flat-pack Furniture Design to Reduce Costs and Ensure Product Safety | Slicethinner was founded in 1960 and we have been manufacturing all kinds of furniture in Taiwan ever since. Additionally, we offer both OEM and ODM services to meet our clients' diverse needs.

Packaging and Transportation

Flat-pack Furniture Design to Reduce Costs and Ensure Product Safety

When consulting with clients and designing furniture, we design our furniture to be suitable for flat-pack packaging. Slicethinner's furniture packaging is very convenient. All wood panels and parts can be laid flat in a flat cardboard box. Sometimes, a disassembled product cannot exactly fill a rectangular space. To make the most of the space, we design product packaging to be interlocked within the box, completely eliminating wasted stacking space.

Our flat-pack outer packaging has the following advantages:

1. Effectively reduces transportation costs
2. Reduces storage costs
3. Easy to manage
4. Saves furniture assembly time and cost, making the product more competitive in price

Packaging Material Selection and Design

Our inner packaging materials are diverse, including cardboard boxes, polystyrene, non-woven fabric, corner protectors, and paper cases, ensuring that products are fully protected.

During the packaging process, we follow carefully designed packaging diagrams, with the following steps:

1. Design packaging placement
2. Fill out the material list for required materials
3. Create packaging material samples
4. Conduct product packaging trials using samples
5. Finally, draw up packaging guidelines for packaging staff to achieve standardized production

Through this series of rigorous processes, we ensure that each packaging step meets high-quality requirements.

Packaging Test Standards

Our packaging and transportation processes comply with ISTA 3A standards, which are particularly suitable for risk assessment of parcel packaging products weighing less than 70 kilograms, and can more realistically simulate the packaging transportation conditions. ISTA 3A vibration testing requires a special hydraulic vibration table with an advanced, unique hydraulic power system and precise control system.

We provide the following testing services:

1. Vibration testing
2. Drop testing
3. Incline impact testing
4. Heavy metal element testing for packaging materials
5. Burst testing for paperboard
6. Pressure testing for packaged products
7. Temperature and humidity environment testing
8. Edge crush strength testing

Through these tests, we ensure that our packaging and transportation processes meet high-quality standards, protecting your products from damage.

Handling Transportation Damage

If your product is damaged during transportation, we would like to apologize to you first. Although our packaging meets the ISTA 3A standards, accidents may still occur during the transportation process. If you are concerned about this issue, you can request a relevant laboratory report from us.

Upon receiving the report, you can use it as a basis for a claim and negotiate compensation with the local carrier. We recommend that you take photos and record the relevant situation immediately upon receiving the damaged goods, in order to provide sufficient evidence during the claim process. At the same time, please keep the damaged goods and packaging until the claim process is completed.

If you encounter difficulties during the claim process, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.

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Packaging and Transportation | Bulk purchase of industrial pipe wood bookshelves | Slicethinner

Based in Taiwan since 1960, Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited specializes in DIY and flat packing wood furniture. Their main OEM flat furniture products include, outdoor furniture sets combining iron and wood, living room furniture sets with marble paper laminated plywood and black iron feet, and bedroom sets with unique design elements like fish leather and artificial stone. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including furniture consultation, design, proofing, sample making, packaging inspection, product photography, mass production, and delivery.

Discover exquisite furniture craftsmanship with Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited. Specializing in DIY and flat-packed wood furniture, we offer a unique range of products including Solid Wood Outdoor Iron Sofas, Industrial Pipe Wood Bookshelves, American Rattan Wood King Beds, White Oak Mirror Six Drawers, and Bedroom Sets featuring innovative Fish Leather. With over 60 years of expertise, our Taiwan-made furniture combines style, functionality, and sustainability. Ideal for B2B buyers seeking quality and elegance, our products are designed to elevate any space. Choose Slicethinner for your business needs and experience unparalleled craftsmanship and service.

Slicethinner has been offering customers eco-friendly furniture solutions, both with advanced technology and 62 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.