Simple and full of joy, living room is your showing stage | High-end rattan wood king beds for hotels | Slicethinner

Small-scale production, strict adherence to design drawings, and a variety of furniture suppliers. | Solid Wood Outdoor Sofa - Transform Your Space with Elegant Outdoor Furniture. Shop Now!

Simple and full of joy, living room is your showing stage

Living Room Furniture

Small-scale production, strict adherence to design drawings, and a variety of furniture suppliers.

"The living room is not only the heart of the home but also its appearance." Through the combination of various furniture arrangements, residents' personal style and lifestyle can be showcased, determining their comfort and durability. Slicethinner offers a variety of living room furniture styles, including console tables, coat racks, coffee tables, and TV cabinets. Regardless of your preferences, we can create a unique and personalized living space for you to enjoy.

If you want to create a comfortable living room but are unsure where to start, feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to provide professional and attentive service, working with you to help find the perfect furniture.

Slicethinner is a professional assembly furniture manufacturer that, in addition to large-scale production, also accepts small custom orders to meet your diverse needs while offering the most competitive prices. Furthermore, we place great emphasis on secure packaging before shipment. Our packaging and transportation methods comply with ISTA 3A standards and have undergone multiple packaging tests to ensure your products remain undamaged during transit.

Living Room Furniture

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Console Table - Heart-shaped curve special modeling narrow high table, in dark brown
Console Table

"A console table helps you prepare for a new day and makes you eager to return home." Do you often...

Shoes Cabinet - A drawer, laminated storage space, handle a special shape, entrance, dark brown
Shoes Cabinet

Shoes accompany you through every moment and challenge in life, yet you always pile them up casually...

Coat Rack - Living Room Hall Tree
Coat Rack

Using vertically hanging coat racks cleverly utilizes storage space, allowing clothes, hats,...

Coffee Table - Livingroom, tea desk, coffee table, storage space, multi-functional
Coffee Table

Although many people consider coffee tables as auxiliary items for sofas, having a unique and exquisite...

Side Table - Living room, two drawers, British wind, sofa next to the bedroom
Side Table

Side tables are beautiful and practical pieces of furniture. Compared to coffee tables, they...

Sofa - Solid Wood Spray Paint Outdoor Iron KD Assembly Double Sofa

After a busy day, the sofa becomes an essential corner for us to relax our body and mind at home....

TV Cabinet - Mirror, racks, storage space, removable, white, bedroom, apparel industry
TV Cabinet

The TV cabinet plays a key role in home decoration, not only for placing the TV but also enhancing...

Storage Cabinet - Two drawers, laminated storage space, metal feet, high-shaped cabinet, black, space sense
Storage Cabinet

There are always various items scattered around the house, but with a Slicethinner storage...

Result 1 - 8 of 8

Living Room Furniture | Wholesale solid wood outdoor iron sofas | Slicethinner

Based in Taiwan since 1960, Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited specializes in DIY and flat packing wood furniture manufacturing. Their main OEM flat furniture products include, Living Room Furniture, outdoor furniture sets combining iron and wood, living room furniture sets with marble paper laminated plywood and black iron feet, and bedroom sets with unique design elements like fish leather and artificial stone. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including furniture consultation, design, proofing, sample making, packaging inspection, product photography, mass production, and delivery.

Discover exquisite furniture craftsmanship with Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited. Specializing in DIY and flat-packed wood furniture, we offer a unique range of products including Solid Wood Outdoor Iron Sofas, Industrial Pipe Wood Bookshelves, American Rattan Wood King Beds, White Oak Mirror Six Drawers, and Bedroom Sets featuring innovative Fish Leather. With over 60 years of expertise, our Taiwan-made furniture combines style, functionality, and sustainability. Ideal for B2B buyers seeking quality and elegance, our products are designed to elevate any space. Choose Slicethinner for your business needs and experience unparalleled craftsmanship and service.

Slicethinner has been offering customers eco-friendly furniture solutions, both with advanced technology and 62 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.