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Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

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  • Dark Teak Retro Coffee Table
    Dark Teak Retro Coffee Table

    Retro styling coffee table. The dark teak color (reclaimed teak) makes people feel calm, and the irregular arrangement gives a person a kind of vitality. not only does black pellets feel comfortable, but it is also the sand of teak (reclaimed teak), which makes the heart more precipitated. Its tabletop is also paired with black wood grain, bringing a touch of nostalgia. Side open drawer can be put into books and living small things. As for iron foot welding using a step design, as the same as recycled teak retro industrial style TV stand iron feet, mixed with a different flavor. Product native can also be changed to square-shaped iron feet, interested in welcome to inquire about us, different lengths of angle can be sample samples from the solid.

  • Modern And Contemporary Style Glass TV Stand
    Modern And Contemporary Style Glass TV Stand

    The clean, crisp tones of white and delicate espresso add an alluring contrast to this glass TV cabinet. Two open side plate racks, two drawers with metal slide rails and a hollow open middle storage compartment provide you with a variety of storage spaces and options. The raised rear edge helps keep things safe. The left and right storage spaces are very suitable for large speakers, so that the entire living room is full of surround sound effects, as if in a movie theater, and has a stylish symmetrical beauty. There is a hollow storage compartment in the middle, and a cable outlet hole behind the open cabinet, which can hide the wires between the shelves, and penetrate the connection socket from the gap, which will not make the storage of the wires too complicated. line. The glass above the TV cabinet uses reinforced glass, which can support the weight of many items, and the glass will be checked and protected layer by layer during shipment. It will not be broken during transportation, which can ensure the safety of users in use.

  • Symmetric Space TV Stand
    Symmetric Space TV Stand

    The multi object separation space will be cleverly integrated into your living room area. Equipped with 2 drawers and 2 open compartments, the storage function provides sufficient space. Keep your entertainment components clean and tidy. Open type compartment can not only store items, but also put your favorite decorations and collections.Elaborately made with teak color matching skin, metal plating foot surface. Bring style to this piece. This TV stand is suitable for any room. The upper panel of the TV cabinet is covered with black oak, so that the TV cabinet is not too eye-catching for watching TV or playing. The overall rectangular shape, the combination angle of the four corners and the plate joint show the precise manufacturing process of slicethiner. Using CNC material cutting not only has high manufacturing efficiency, but also reduces the tolerance value.

  • Dark Teak Retro TV Stand
    Dark Teak Retro TV Stand

    Nordic simple style TV stand, integrated into the Nordic countryside and elegant square lines, just like in nostalgic Europe. Dark teak color makes people feel calm, irregular spelling out a bit of lively music sense, gradually sink into your heart. This product on the wooden skin, there is precision processing, because of the relationship between the natural environment, different tree growth effect is different, the arrangement of blocks will not be quite the same. On the support, we design into square iron feet, not only focus on the product appearance of the feeling, but also focus on the overall structure of the mechanical design. In the appearance of the TV stand in order to achieve agreement, the drawer part does not add a handle, change to design a little gap over the panel, you can reach the level of reaching and pulling.

  • Sandwiched TV Stand
    Sandwiched TV Stand

    The design on the right side of the top panel and drawer is unique, and some wide positions are reserved compared to other integrated forming TV stand. The middle mezzanine can be equipped with DVD players, books and magazines, and there is a large space on the right to place devices such as speakers, game consoles and other 3C products. In addition to the storage function of the drawer, the handle is shaped with an arc, allowing the finger sticker and handle to pull out the drawer quickly and easily. TV stand bracket using fog metal iron frame, "ㄇ" type as the main bracket, on both sides and "L" type box as auxiliary bracket, connected together, so that the TV stand body more stable and durable. The overall neat style and modern lines, so that the TV stand to create a suspended visual effect, looks very light.

  • 1.4m Retro Style Simple TV Cabinet
    1.4m Retro Style Simple TV Cabinet

    Meet the retro, flip the TV stand of the modern styling. This TV cabinet has the popular design, but does not lose the traditional thinking, in the color matching, more bold and dark. If you put it in a special light, the wood grain reflected, it will look quite old, but very textured. Above the cupboard of this, the surrounding height has a slightly elevated height, which can make the items placed on it more secure. The middle part, it is worth mentioning that the backplane has dug out round holes, so that you are convenient to connect the line. In addition, the handle of the drawer uses an upright design, ergonomic, and you can pull out the drawer smoothly as soon as you bend over. In fact, it can also be based on your needs, change up to 10 different types of wood grain color, very suitable to be placed in the living room for everyone to enjoy.

  • 1.8M Modern Sense Practical TV Stand
    1.8M Modern Sense Practical TV Stand

    Hourglass styling TV stand. We can use the hourglass to measure the spare time, put in the living room, symbolizing that the entertainment time is limited. People have to crawl the balance of life on the schedule of work and play. There is a saying:Rest is order to take a longer-term path. Good physical and mental spirit, will have a good life and work attitude. We are in the design of the TV stand, most of the use of open areas, in order to let you save an extra action time, and can clearly know where the location of items, very suitable for those who like to decorate freely. This product also has other types of furniture, such as side tables or coffee tables. If you want to decorate the theme style, or want to make the furniture and furniture consistency, then this TV stand is also a good choice!

  • Turtle Shell Type TV Stand
    Turtle Shell Type TV Stand

    A TV stand shaped like a polar tortoise shell. For the impression of the tortoise, we made a slight change on the TV stand, deepening its own hue, belongs to the dark coffee color. The top layer panel to place the TV, which adds height to the surrounding cabinet edge, prevents the decorations placed in the cabinet edge from falling. Studies have shown that tortoises need places to hide and make themselves feel safe, and turtle shell TV stands are no exception. For safety protection, we place space on both sides add glass doors so you can better protect your decorations and private collectibles. A total of up to 8 placement areas, you can categorize, the middle of the open design suitable for the placement of horn, player or game consoles. The turtle shell type TV stand itself is suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, guest room, any entertainment space, for you to relax the moods or cranial nerves.

  • Simple structure functional TV stand
    Simple structure functional TV stand

    The espresso coffee bean color match the TV stand is still so charming. The overall structure is very much like the robot's chest, not only emphasizes that it is very strong and durable, but also wants to indirectly explain its enjoyment of the diverse appearance, the lines are simple and clear, attractive. Rarely assemble a TV stand?This structure is very easy to get started, the difficulty is only three stars. Its appearance, rectangular design can easily lean the TV stand against the wall, or parallel to the TV stand. Here are 4 open squares, two different sizes of space design, so you can put it in the right place depending on the volume of the thing. Also please don't worry, this TV rack backplane design, there are 3 reserved wire holes, convenient for you to use other electrical appliances or entertainment equipment.

  • 1.8M Rectangle Streamline Multiple Storage Space TV Stand
    1.8M Rectangle Streamline Multiple Storage Space TV Stand

    Modern styling TV stand, with a variety of design. The TV stand size is medium and it suitable for use in small game rooms for children to play. Its concentrated coffee-colored laminates make the TV stand more elegant, not to visually see the dust. Its upper spacious desktop can be placed a large size TV or nice decorations, surrounded by added heights, you don't have to worry about waving your hands to cause items to fall. Below the middle there are 2 open spaces where you can easily take and put items, and there are 2 hidden drawers, and the rectangular handle design makes the visual impression of the entire TV stand even stronger. Finally, located on both sides of the placement space, there are doors can do open and close, so you can safely put collectibles or game discs inside, protection, not easy to have dust breeding.

  • Classic Decorative Drawer TV Stand
    Classic Decorative Drawer TV Stand

    The gazebo styling TV stand, for you to block the cold air, the dust, the slight daylight. Deep brown body, paired with this cool appearance, reminiscent of the summer. This piece showcases a spacious 70-inch desktop, enough to accommodate most of the large TVs. The TV stand uses a storage drawer with an artificial fiberglass front cover, allowing you to roughly guess the collection inside. The overall design is six storage space, where you can put the CD player in an open space, also because there's no backplane, which allows you to easily wiring, there won't be a situation where the lines are blocked. And the high combination of practical and stylish appearance, very suitable to guess the fun. so as long as the general knowledge of the appearance of 80%, the remaining 20%, from the original is not far away. Placed in the home space is the best choice!

  • Vintage Walnut Laminate TV stand
    Vintage Walnut Laminate TV stand

    Perfect retro style TV stand that takes you back to your grandparents ' childhood years. Product features, each edge with a door, by the magnet buckle. There are two raised doors in the middle, attached glass sheet, let you can see the storage items inside. The handle part, uses high quality metal printing, enhance the overall texture. The internal storage space is very spacious and can be divided into 6 regions. The middle space is larger than others, so you can place more items. Against the wall position, the rear partition has intimate design, for you to reserve the electrical equipment wire can pass through the hole, so that you can safely assemble, no worries. TV stand features a variety of chamfering designs, it is more secure when assembled or disassembled. In addition, smooth cabinet surface, very good maintenance, only need a wet rag wipe can be. This TV stand looks like a valuable antique!

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