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  • Double Drawer Functional Side Table
    Double Drawer Functional Side Table

    Plain style double drawers side table. This product’s plain style design, but when it comes to the base, we give it a lightweight table corner, make the overall side table visually not too dull and boring. In the design thinking process, is to make it easy for you to move it. The side table adopts walnut high-quality laminate skill, two layers high-capacity drawers provide you quite enough putting space. Round handle design makes users pull out the drawer much easier. In the design of the slide rail, the use of steel ball type slide rail design, so that you can be more secure in use. About the upper flat putting area, it's perfect for you to put night lights, bedtime storybooks, or teacups. So, you don't have to get up and go further to take the book or turn off the lights. What a nice side table, it not only can be used as a night stand but also a small storage cabinet in the living room!

  • The Ladder Style Functional Storage Cabinet
    The Ladder Style Functional Storage Cabinet

    Awesome!It is no longer a regular trapezoidal side table. In oriental culture, ladders mean a graph that occupies a period of level, either materially or psychologically, and the higher the horizontal line, represents a step closer to your goal. The plane area can be used as a tabletop. As for the protruding rectangle in front of it is also a storage space, it has a lid that can be flipped for you to put in many albums full of memoirs. On the side there are safe and non-shedding drawers and open spaces that can be placed dictionaries, encyclopedias or graduation albums. This product has auspicious significance, whether it's in the living room, bedroom or bedside is perfect. We hope you everything goes well after use this side table, but also hope that it can remind you to keep moving, refueling!

  • 2 Drawers Side Storage 180cm Length White TV Cabinet
    2 Drawers Side Storage 180cm Length White TV Cabinet

    Slicethinner PB TV cabinet furniture manufacturer. 180cm*40cm*47cm PB TV cabinet. There are 2 drawers of 34*28*15cm2. The white drawers are paired with black electroplated arc handles. There are 3 black oak storage compartments 36*40*18.5cm above the drawer. The storage compartment in the middle has a semi-circular arc design. Convenient to collect wires for the use of 3C supplies above. The two partitions are shrunk by 5cm in the rear. Let the 3-compartment storage cabinets connect wires with each other. The two sides of the TV cabinet are provided for storage purposes. Match the design elements of the same style. Create better furniture sales. Welcome to contact us.

  • Black Three Drawing Landing TV Long Cabinet
    Black Three Drawing Landing TV Long Cabinet

    Imagination is the theme of this work. An object has a different appearance in everyone's mind. The same day, I lacked inspiration and ideas. There is something that is light and does not take up space and can be integrated into our daily life very harmoniously. When my head is empty, as usual, buy a cup of coffee to help myself recharge and reach the destination, which can help me With a cup of hot energy, I arrived at the coffee shop, and the moment I opened the door, I seemed to feel that "This is what I want" is small and light, making it suitable to appear anywhere. Have you imagined the "door handle"? For me it is designed with the "doorknob" as the center, but it looks different in everyone's mind. I asked different people, some said it was like a "balance beam"; others Say like "seesaw". Imagination has no limits. In the ordinary daily life, the imagination has been exerted. One of the three-piece living room, the TV cabinet is designed as a storage cabinet to store all the small living things in the cabinet. The base design is light and not heavy. The hidden handle of the drawer looks more beautiful. The high-grade steel ball slide rail makes the drawer better Open and slide, simple design and delicate texture.

  • Multifunction Storage Cabinets
    Multifunction Storage Cabinets

    Combination function storage cabinets. This storage cabinet is based on the Russian square, can be arbitrarily placed position, and the use of square type is not only stable structure, but also can be easily combined, by four cabinets, including two cuddle box, a group of drawer cabinets and a double door cabinet, there is a considerable storage space, but also easy to classify items; use white skin, It's both simple and clean. Its biggest feature is that according to personal preferences and needs, the combination of changes, can be bookcases, small TV cabinets or simple storage cabinets and so on. Products can also be used separately, whether it is a single suite or family apartment, can be used, style from simple to changeable, change flexibility is quite high, and let life a little more fun.

  • Door Panel Cutout Cement Paper Laminate Storage Cabinet
    Door Panel Cutout Cement Paper Laminate Storage Cabinet

    Slicethinner cement paper laminate storage cabinet furniture manufacturer. The cabinet feet are supported by 25*25mm plastic plywood. The height of the square foot is 160.0cm. The depth of the locker panel is 45.0cm. The height of the lower shelf is also 45.0cm. On the left is a storage space with door panels. There is a gap in the door panel. Objects can be seen inside. There are a total of 4 layers of laminates. 36.25*42.25 floor space. The height of each layer is 25.5cm. Use a round handle with an arc. It is a matte material of sandblasted black iron. There is a 5.0cm support plate under the bottom plate. So that the cabinet will not have the problem of dents. For more storage ideas, please contact us.

  • Two Door Three Drawing Iron Corner Teak Storage Cabinet
    Two Door Three Drawing Iron Corner Teak Storage Cabinet

    Slicethinner is a professional composite furniture manufacturer. A variety of different storage space configurations can be created. The size of the drawer and the door can be changed freely, and the space that can be matched with the size of 120*40cm plastic plywood is very diverse. It can be changed so that all the spaces are drawers or as long as the door panels are fine. This locker can create a six-drawer style. The bottom space of 120*40cm uses 4 electroplated black round iron feet to support, and a support adjustment foot is installed in the middle of the bottom to disperse the force in the middle. Welcome to contact Slicethinner to request more different locker styles.

  • Black Textured Storage Cabinets
    Black Textured Storage Cabinets

    Metal hand handle corner seat locker. The size of the locker is long 120 cm* wide 40 cm* high 86.6 cm, the upper layer of the cupboard can be a drawer is storage space, the following is two two-door storage, which is divided into the upper and lower layers, one side of the above is the wine rack, can be placed wine, in the appearance of the part of the use of metal hand to do embellishment , but also make the whole cabinet more eye-catching. Metal corner seat will be the overall improvement of the locker, increase the flow of light and air feeling; black wood grain patch using high-pressure laminate technology, not only let the wood grain in the visual presentation, more can be realized with touch. This product is quite suitable for placement in the kitchen, can be different sizes of pots and pans classification placement, but also can collect wine!

  • Classic Luxury Storage Cabinets
    Classic Luxury Storage Cabinets

    Large capacity lockers. This locker uses different sizes of rectangular types to combine into a large rectangle, and each rectangle is a storage space, mainly for the left and right sides of the flip door design, and up and down the drawer, in the middle of the basket empty way, but also a place. The surface using black wood grain skin, not only visually even the touch is quite realistic, From the appearance looks like a simple black box, in fact, every place is hidden, is a storage place, in the part of the base, the use of metal corner seat will be the cabinet overall lift empty frame high, protect the wood grain patch is not scratched. Whether it is home living room, kitchen, entrance and so on, or in the office is very suitable for use, it is better to refer to see it!.

  • Five Layer Toughened Glass Lockers
    Five Layer Toughened Glass Lockers

    Dark texture five-storey storage cabinet. This storage cabinet designed five drawers, providing a considerable storage space, simple and generous design, the above two layers using tempered glass, the following use of wooden panels as the appearance of drawers, so that the overall look more layered, coupled with silver handle embellishment, looks more chic, the bottom of the cupboard using metal as a corner seat, Improve the texture of the cupboard, it is not easy to scratch the wood plate, and long and wide about 40CM, will not occupy too much space, can be placed in the corner of the home. This product is not only practical high, the appearance is also quite exquisite, whether it is the storage of clothing, or living small things, are a good choice, and there are five layers can easily classify items, so that the environment in the home more neat.

  • Japanese Minimalist Storage Wine Rack
    Japanese Minimalist Storage Wine Rack

    Classic and elegant display storage cabinets. The Japanese minimalist storage wine rack features a transparent display space that allows customers to choose how to place items! This design is paired with walnut wood grain, plus the ancient doors and windows design, the overall structure is stable, there are drawers and eight empty spaces. The planks are adjustable and the height of the space is determined according to the item. The compartments and drawers can put cups, plates or sundries. Other than that, we use 2 kinds of pull ring handles to increase the matching style on the design. Based on the classic design of ancient kitchen cabinets, the color is gentle and stylish, creating a classic and modern feel, hidden parts and a smooth surface, making the product more beautiful and high-quality. Suitable for Japanese-style or warm colors of the interior design.

  • Village Multifunctional Wine Cabinet
    Village Multifunctional Wine Cabinet

    Diversified display storage cabinets. Village multifunctional wine cabinet has a variety of storage space, can meet the needs of customers. The board is made of plastic-laminated board (particle board), which is hard to deform. The door is characterized by a transparent glass in the middle, which allows you to see what is placed inside. In order to avoid collapse when the product is shaking, another helps to secure the loading of the parts, the customer can choose whether to install on the wall. In addition to the typical wine bottle racks and glass racks, there are 6 space compartments and a drawer, the laminated planks can be adjusted to determine the height of the space according to the item. The top of the cabinet can be put decorations or minsheng goods. Product design with a strong coffee tone, and special hidden assembly parts, just reduce the metal exposure, so that the product more beautiful.

  • Vintage Square Collection Wine Cabinet
    Vintage Square Collection Wine Cabinet

    Open space three-storey wine rack. Small large-capacity wine storage cabinets, specializing in the collection of wine bottles. Modeling is a simple geometric square structure. The middle of a plurality of wooden strips is the support of a bottle, there are 3 floors of open space that can accommodate about 15 bottles of wine. This wine rack design, to place wine bottles mainly. If you want to decorate a izakaya and don't want to take up too much home space, a small wine rack with a large capacity storage design is definitely perfect for you. It not only simple but also beautiful, you can also be placed directly on the table, at any time with the guests a drink, and then leisurely chat. What is more special is that this wine rack can be paired with another glass cup hanging wine cabinet. After all, there must have glass cups for taste the wine ah!

  • Modern Multifunctional Wine Rack
    Modern Multifunctional Wine Rack

    Espresso Diversity Display Storage cabinet. Modern multifunctional wine cabinet features a diverse set of options, in response to customer needs. The board is made of plastic-laminated Board (particle board), which is hard to deform. The front door is not the same as usual. The middle hollowed out is fitted with a metal net, mainly to allow the air circulation inside the cabinet, but also can see inside the thing. In order not to let the product collapse, we also have to help secure the installation of parts, customers can choose whether to install on the wall. The classical box design separates four kinds of storage methods. In addition to the basic wine bottle and wine frame, there is a shelf and clamshell space. The place where the wine bottle was made tilted design, the contents of the wine bottle at a glance. The compartment can be used for sundries or cups, bowls, plates, etc. In the upper compartment of the cupboard, other kitchen items can be placed. This design with a strong coffee tone, to create a steady visual perception. Coupled with our special hidden assembly parts, so that the product more beautiful and high texture.

  • 5 layers storage cabinet with wooden veneer style
    5 layers storage cabinet with wooden veneer style

    Wood laminate lockers. The chest size of the five drawers is 79.5 cm wide x 41 cm deep x 129 cm high. Do you want to have your own industrial style fashion brand? Do you still think the industrial style is too rough? Then you can choose this light industrial style control panel. Warm wood and elegant wood with dark metal borders give a contrasting visual effect, highlighting the speed of the industrial style while keeping warm. It has five drawers of large storage space where you can put on spring, summer, autumn and winter clothes. It also has safety handrails that don't worry about dropping drawers again when you pull them. The delicate wheels with the car can be moved anywhere in the home. Black side bars with small round nails, dotted with light light light wind visual sense. Without spending a lot of time and cost to match the iron pieces, the use of some embellishment methods, can also achieve the same effect.

  • Rattan Wood Five Drawer Storage Living Room Cabinet
    Rattan Wood Five Drawer Storage Living Room Cabinet

    Slicethinner is a manufacturer of plastic plywood mixed with bamboo and rattan furniture. The overall material is mixed with a lot of board materials. There are plastic plywood, medium density fiberboard and solid wood board. The biggest feature of the storage cabinet is the rattan element. The 5 drawer panels are made of rattan weaving combined with plastic plywood wooden frames. The overall height is close to 140cm. The upper space is divided into long panels and short panels. The side uses a circular arc cut by CNC. The bottom is made of solid wood feet with golden spray paint. The slicethinner furniture manufacturer can change the size of the flat drawer. Become a chest of drawers. If you want to have a different design, please contact us.

  • Iron Matte Black Round Handle Six Chest Drawers
    Iron Matte Black Round Handle Six Chest Drawers

    Slicethinner furniture manufacturer, whose manufacturer uses plastic plywood to create storage cabinets with multiple layouts. A locker made of six long knobs. Each one is 60 cm long, you can also create a length of more than 80 cm. According to different customers and market positioning, the entire storage cabinet is made of white wear-resistant plastic plywood. The upper panel is teak veneer, and the thickness of the plastic plywood is thickened to 2.5cm. If you want to reduce weight, you can use 1.5cm plastic plywood. The cabinet legs are made of curved legs cut by CNC, and there are also samples with straight legs. Welcome to contact the Slicethinner furniture manufacturer to get more samples of different versions.

  • 4 layers storage cabinet with paper laminate metal foot stool
    4 layers storage cabinet with paper laminate metal foot stool

    4 drawers. Four chests of drawers measuring 80 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 90 cm high. A dresser that suits you and the clothes you love. Having good storage space will save you a lot of time and no longer need to search for socks in the last few minutes. If you're looking for stylish storage space for your bedroom, take a look at the slicethinner chest. We guarantee that you will find the best bedroom furniture to bring your ideas to life. You can maximize storage space through the bedside table. For your favorite personal items. With good clothes, the chest will help you keep a clean and beautiful collection of clothes. For specific ethnic groups, choose a lightweight plastic plate, reduced four-fight cabinet. More place dissonated in smaller spaces and for good use. Product wood paste can correspond to the main space design to do changes!

  • Simple 1M 4 Layers Storage Cabinet
    Simple 1M 4 Layers Storage Cabinet

    Concentrated coffee woody vein high quality laminate locker. The 1M high 4-storey drawer cabinet can provide you with neat clothes or other necessities. The top 2-storey drawer consists of translucent and wood materials, so you can easily see the interior from the outside, allowing you to quickly preview what you have in the drawer. The lower level is the concentrated coffee wood-grain laminated safety drawer, which does not use a translucent design, allowing you to collect the item randomly and quickly. The capacity of 4 drawers is the same. Each drawer has 2 round metal quality handles that can be easily pulled out of the drawer. The top 2 drawer handles have a high position and are free from conflicts with translucent materials, destroying translucent panels. The bottom of the drawer cabinet uses a stable metal leg column to make the whole more stable.

  • 5 layers espresso storage cabinet
    5 layers espresso storage cabinet

    Quality paper laminate espresso storage cabinet. The feature of this 5 layers storage cabinet is the product without hardware handle, it emphasizes the entire design and smooth flat. Typical box shape design separates into 5 storage spaces and designs fillister to pull out the drawer, also applies parallelogram shape to increase the sense of streamline. Fillister design between the drawer is to make clients pull out the drawers conveniently from the first to the last. On the top of the cabinet depends on you to put decorations. The breach at the bottom is for clients to carry easier. If you’re afraid of the product to collapse, we still have extra install components to help fastening on the wall to be steadier. This design matches with espresso color to build a kind of calm visual effect, plus our special hidden assemble components to make the product more aesthetic and high-quality.

  • 5 layers walnut storage cabinet
    5 layers walnut storage cabinet

    High-quality layer walnut storage cabinet. Five drawer cabinetlockers, which measure 78 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 112 cm, five layers of storage make it easy to have a huge magic space for the top of the cabinet to place in the object space. Using laminated technology, the perfect seamless method to create high-quality textured furniture. In addition to keeping the environment clean and tidy, placing it in the home creates a high sense of refinement. Classic invincibility simple rectangular design, calm espresso tones, with classic hardware processing, to create a stable visual perception. The maximum sheet utilization can be achieved by cutting each sheet component. Rectangular cutting can achieve the maximum application rate of a single plate. Save on the cost of the product at a better price for traders or any brand that sells furniture.

  • Waterproof Wear-Resistant Combined Bookcase
    Waterproof Wear-Resistant Combined Bookcase

    Slicetninner pallet wood grain veneer bookcase manufacturer furniture manufacturer. 90.0cm length bookcases can be arranged side by side in multiple groups. A partition wall is formed, and multiple storage bookcases are built. The depth is the standard 40.0cm. The entire height is as high as 166.0cm. The pallet-covered bookcase can be separated up and down. Become an independent individual small locker. There are 4 storage spaces respectively. There are screws in the middle to connect 2 independent small storage cabinets with each other. Will not shake and move. Each 42.5cm rectangular storage space can be installed freely on the door panel. The door panel has a left-hand hole design. There is a 0.25cm thick MDF backplane on the back. It will not exceed 120.0cm in length on the packaging. It is more flexible to make adjustments during shipping. The volume of shipping can be used more effectively. Welcome to contact us for product quotation.

  • 5 Layers Double Space Shelf
    5 Layers Double Space Shelf

    Double Space Shelf can be pulled to the left and right, and the storage space is estimated to double than the original, forming the concept of double space. This storage cabinet is easy to assemble, has a simple style, exudes a stable atmosphere, and is suitable to match the warm color space. The structure is stable and not easy to shake, and the horizontal extension can make the original 5 spaces become 10 spaces in an instant. The wood grain is made of old-fashioned walnut laminate with a smooth surface, which can be seen in its high texture. The matching colors are suitable to make any place in the home a beautiful design of Japanese style or cafe atmosphere.

  • Checkerboard Large Storage Cabinet
    Checkerboard Large Storage Cabinet

    Multiple space Bookcase. The bookcase size is 80 cm wide x 30 cm deep x 177 cm high. Simple and clean-cut look appearance, pleasant and heartwarming design, placed in the home space can make people feel harmonious and calm. This is not just book case with a large storage space , with special design side open shelf is our brightest selling point. Shelf has two high 29 cm and 39 cm let different book size has it home. With this different high let you have freedom to not limited the size of the items, and the appearance of the black paste laminate skin fashion wild, any space can be perfect control.

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