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Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

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  • Vintage Country Gray 100 High Grooved Door  Wine Cabinet
    Vintage Country Gray 100 High Grooved Door Wine Cabinet

    Slicethinner wine cabinet manufacturer of plywood furniture. Use 25mm thick plywood to help the main structure and panel. Use Vintage Gray Oak paper laminate. The length of 4 wine cabinet legs is 100.0cm. It is made of 25*25mm square plastic plywood. There is a 15.0cm low-level space under the cabinet panel. There are three levels of wine making in the middle. Up to 9 bottles of red wine can be placed. The height of each floor is about 25cm, width 37cm and depth 44cm. There are shelf spaces for door panels on the left and right sides. The handle uses a round and curved shape. Use black sandblasting for post-treatment. The door panel has sculpted grooves. Can see the items inside. The groove diameter is 1cm. Each groove has 25mm. Vintage rustic gray oak wine cabinet. Huiying contact us.

  • Industrial Pipe Brown Oak 100cm High Bar Wine Cabinet
    Industrial Pipe Brown Oak 100cm High Bar Wine Cabinet

    Slicethinner manufacturer of industrial pipe wine cabinets. Use crossed plywood space to place wine bottles. A total of 8 spaces can be used. The side height is 41.5cm. Wine glasses can be hung upside down on the left and right sides. There is 60.0*40.0cm plastic plywood plane space above. There are 50mm high Lishui boards all around. The book on the left has rounded corners. The support is made of plastic plywood and round 1-inch iron pipe. There are door panels underneath. There are 2 shelves inside. With retro-visited curved handles. The left and right sides of the bottom are retracted by 5.7cm to facilitate the connection of iron pipes. The cabinet feet are in the form of flanges. Able to fine-tune the height. More industrial pipe wine cabinet products. Welcome to contact us.

  • 180cm High Upright 42 Lattice Wood Wine Cabinet
    180cm High Upright 42 Lattice Wood Wine Cabinet

    Manufacturer of Slicethinner upright 180.0cm wine cabinet. Reclaimed Barnwood wood grain is used as a whole to paste on the plywood. The depth of the wine compartment up to 42 compartments is 30.0cm. Combine them in a way of embedding and crossing each other. Make the assembly method easier and the price more affordable. 6.5cm high standing water board below. The middle layer has a height of 36.0cm to place items. There is a dust-proof space with door panels above. It has 2 storage spaces. At the top, there are 2 hardware accessories that are up to 34.0cm in length and put the wine glass upside down. Home practical wine cabinet design. The side panel is disassembled into 2 pieces. Save the length of the packaging to facilitate the shipping volume standards of various countries. A variety of different wine cabinet products. Welcome to contact us.

  • MDF Hot Pressing Technology Walnut Wine Cabinet
    MDF Hot Pressing Technology Walnut Wine Cabinet

    Slicethinner mahogany veneer composite wine cabinet. Thick curved grooved door panel with MDF hot pressing technology. The 123.0*40.0*12.0cm double door can accommodate wine bottles. After opening the door, there are 3 layers of wine storage compartments, all with 36.5cm round iron rods to prevent wine from falling out. The body has only one drawer. Has 7 layers. Separate the left and right with the middle partition. The position of the misaligned opening is different. Both the left and right side panels are drilled, and the height of the layer can be adjusted freely. At the top, there is a T-shaped space for upside-down red wine glasses. There are 8 straight lines and a depth of 28.0cm. In order to ensure the support, the bottom plate adopts the design of standing water board with a height of 8cm on average. There is a 16cm door opening and closing space in front of the bottom panel. Make it into an arc. Please contact us for different designs of mahogany grain wine cabinets.

  • Reclaimed Barnwood Veneer Glass Door PB Wine Cabinet
    Reclaimed Barnwood Veneer Glass Door PB Wine Cabinet

    Slicethinner pallet wood grain veneer PB wine cabinet manufacturing plant. Combined wine cabinet based on PB. Has a height of 148.0cm. There are 9 square wine grids at the bottom right. There is an open laminate with a length of 31.8cm above the grid. On the right is the use of glass door frame PB assembly board. 63.5*30.0*60.0cm space. Divide into 4 grids. The layers on the left and right sides can be moved up and down. The entire middle-layer board can be used as a small bar table top, with a 100.0*35.0 middle panel. There is a 34.0cm long upside-down wine glass hardware accessory on the top. There are 3 double hooks with black matte blasting treatment on the side. There are 2 large 32.*17.6*30.0cm trapezoidal spaces and 2 small spaces on the upper floor. All have rounded corners. For more wine cabinet products, welcome to contact our professional furniture manufacturer.

  • Glass Panel PB Set Wine Space Living Room Wine Cabinet
    Glass Panel PB Set Wine Space Living Room Wine Cabinet

    Slicethinner industrial style wine cabinet furniture manufacturer. The 80.0cm length wine cabinet is relatively small. 40.0 depth can accommodate most red wine bottles. The 11.5cm*11.5cm wine storage space has 9 cells. There is one directly above. 37.6*38.5*31.4cm PB platform. There are 3 electroplated hardware with upside-down red wine glasses. There are 3 levels of storage space on the left. Use the iron parts of the rails to pull the sliding door. There are black sandblasting slide rails to move left and right. The sliding door uses a combination of PB and strengthened glass. Tempered glass uses the shape of a water ripple road. A variety of colors, welcome to contact us.

  • Hanging Wine Glasses Round Iron Upright Wine Rack
    Hanging Wine Glasses Round Iron Upright Wine Rack

    Slicethinner iron vertical wine rack manufacturer. A wine rack welded by a pure white metal frame. The wine bottle is stored in an oblique and upside-down manner. The larger circle in the front is put in, and the red wine bottle is stuck in the back because the circle is less. This product can hold up to eleven red wine bottles at 160cm. A silver-plated wine glass holder is installed on the top, which can hold 3 red wine bottles. There are Espresso wood grain PB blocks at the top and bottom. The center of gravity of products is stable. This product has additional anti-falling hardware on the packaging, so there is no need to worry about any external factors causing the product to fall down. Any creative wine rack and wine cabinet idea. Welcome to contact Slicethinner. We can create samples of ideal customers in the fastest time. Put it on the market for sale.

  • Brown Oak PB 160cm Upright Wine Cabinet Bar
    Brown Oak PB 160cm Upright Wine Cabinet Bar

    Slicethinner living room wine cabinet manufacturer. The 160cm vertical wine cabinet is made of plastic plywood and medium density fiberboard. The wine bottles are mainly placed in a cross pattern in the middle. Up to 8 wine bottles can be stored at the same time. Just above you can put a glass wine glass. It is suitable for the design of a single-person wine cabinet in the living room. Both the left panel and the second panel have two black oak supporting decorative panels. The bottom is increased to 3cm thick plywood. Welcome to contact us and can provide samples for customers reference.

  • Iron Frame Open Style Wine Rack With Drawer
    Iron Frame Open Style Wine Rack With Drawer

    The quality of life has improved, and I will drink and chat at home in my free time. Don't worry about the lack of wine, just worry about not having enough space to store wine. In order to put some sundries conveniently, a side cabinet will be placed beside the dining table. Multiple functions of this wine cabinet are used at the same time, which is convenient when needed. This wine cabinet is equipped with a shockproof belt, and the iron frame feet are both modeling and art. One drawer, 2 layers of iron frame shelf under the drawer. For wines that are suitable for horizontal placement, such as still wines whose bottles are sealed with corks, it is best to store them horizontally. In order to avoid a large amount of air entering, let the wine fully contact the cork to keep the cork moist. Four wine glasses can be placed on the first floor of the iron frame. Keep a distance from the ground, and dust will not accumulate in the lower layer of the wine cabinet. The stability of the whole wine cabinet is quite high, and it is fixed with iron pieces and fixed iron pieces. There are two wine glass holders on the upper board. There is also a two-platform storage space, which is very nice with candles. All panels are made of PB, except for the bottom and back panels, which use MDF panels.

  • Industrial Pipe Wine Cabinet Combined With Sideboard
    Industrial Pipe Wine Cabinet Combined With Sideboard

    The clear lines have abandoned the glitz of the city. The combination of wine cabinet and storage can feel its unique atmosphere. The overall open space storage design, two-door closed cabinet, has both the functions of storage and display. Add industrial wind elements and surround the water pipes on the outside of the cabinet. In addition to decoration, it prevents items from falling and serves as the basis of the overall structure. The sides of the cabinet are smooth, and the upper deck is 120 cm. There are two open space storage compartments inside, and the lower level is divided into three parts. The middle block is designed as a wine tank storage area combined with an open cabinet, and the wine tank has eight compartments for storage. The open cabinet can display the fine wine collected by the owner, and all kinds of wine can be hidden. The left and right closed cabinets can store large items of tableware and other sundries. The movable shelf divides the cabinet into two equal parts. Such a wine cabinet can be matched with some display items, and it looks simple and fashionable with the dining table. Incorporating an elegant and ultra-modern design style, the style is novel and will not conflict with colors. The upper open storage compartment is 20 cm high and the width of one compartment is about 59 cm. The middle wine tank on the lower level contains a grid of about 10 cm, and the open cabinet is 29 cm high and 42 cm wide. The left and right enclosed cabinets are separated from each other by a shelf board. The upper floor is 20 cm high and the lower floor is 30 cm high, and the width is 30 cm. Although the sparrow is small and has all five internal organs, it can give full play to the value of the product.

  • Small House Shape Wine Cabinet
    Small House Shape Wine Cabinet

    Do you think that having only one wine cabinet at home is not enough or you want to put red wine in the restaurant but do not know where to put it? Then you can try this small house-shaped wine cabinet, which is light and easy to move to any place you want. It has the most It can hold 6 bottles of wine, which can be easily changed with your furnishings. Its house shape is like a wine that you have already treasured for a long time. It can be a good decorative wine in the living room, restaurant, and office of your home. Cabinet, if you do not know what should be placed on the original wine cabinet, or if you do not know where to put but do not want to waste space and money to buy a bigger wine cabinet, then this will be your best choice.

  • Large-Capacity Storage Space Display Wine Cabinet
    Large-Capacity Storage Space Display Wine Cabinet

    Diverse display cabinets. Large-capacity storage space display wine cabinet has a variety of storage spaces to meet customer needs. It can store a total of 16 bottles of wine. If you have precious dishes and plates that you want to put out, but you are afraid that it will break in the open space, then this display wine cabinet with transparent glass is your try. , And the commonly used dishes can be placed in the open space on the left, and have drawers, allowing you to store cups, no longer have to worry about messing up the desktop, and the upper platform can be decorated according to your preference , Place what you want, cookies and teapots on top, cups in drawers, and if you want to rest, here is your afternoon tea space! The characteristic of the door is that it is a simple magnet door, and there is a transparent glass in the middle, so you can see what is inside. If you want more storage space in addition to the typical bottle rack and glass rack, this wine cabinet is your first choice.

  • Bardolino Japanese Modern Style Wine Cabinet
    Bardolino Japanese Modern Style Wine Cabinet

    Bardolino Japanese Modern Style Wine Cabinet full of texture will make your next party unforgettable. The storage space is made of simple straight line technology, which perfectly blends modernity and tradition, and truly creates a rustic texture and experience. Space for bottle of wine. There are closed and open spaces on the cabinets that can be used, and also can be used as general cupboards, which can store a variety of items to meet the various storage needs of customers. The top of the wine cabinet allows you to display candles, books or photo frames. The smooth surface and sleek straight lines make this wine cabinet the ideal core of the interior. It does add elegance and will not only impress your guests, but also make you feel comfortable.

  • Village Multifunctional Wine Cabinet
    Village Multifunctional Wine Cabinet

    Diversified display storage cabinets. Village multifunctional wine cabinet has a variety of storage space, can meet the needs of customers. The board is made of plastic-laminated board (particle board), which is hard to deform. The door is characterized by a transparent glass in the middle, which allows you to see what is placed inside. In order to avoid collapse when the product is shaking, another helps to secure the loading of the parts, the customer can choose whether to install on the wall. In addition to the typical wine bottle racks and glass racks, there are 6 space compartments and a drawer, the laminated planks can be adjusted to determine the height of the space according to the item. The top of the cabinet can be put decorations or minsheng goods. Product design with a strong coffee tone, and special hidden assembly parts, just reduce the metal exposure, so that the product more beautiful.

  • Industrial Style Multi-Function Storage Wine Cabinet
    Industrial Style Multi-Function Storage Wine Cabinet

    Western America pub styled wine cabinet. Designed is closer to nature, place it on your own farm is also super suitable. The middle part of the wine cabinet, at the top, allows you to place wine with excellent taste. But in order to taste good wine, the bottom of the wine rack can let you upside down the glass, when you are on a whim, you can always drink. It also has a bright spot where we have designed a basket that can be separated under the wine cabinet and can be moved to any location. If it's time for your dairy milk cow to squeeze, you can put the basket on the side and put the freshly baked milk bottle. In addition, on both sides of the wine cabinet, you can also store items and utensils. There are up to six areas in total that allow you to categorize, and its doors handle is designed on a plank!

  • Simple Ten-Grid Wine Rack
    Simple Ten-Grid Wine Rack

    Service-type wine cabinets. Long time no date?Tired working a day?It's time for a romantic candlelit dinner for a night. Move the style small wine cabinets, you can let the romantic you do a warm and intimate waiter for a night. It is indeed the best recommendation to enhance the feelings of two people! This product the main for the convenience, so we provided the wheel design so that you can easily move around at home. In order to achieve full use of space, we are on both sides of the wine cabinet, designed as a wine rack, a total of up to 10 wine bottle placement areas for you to collect and savor its taste. Of course, for the temperament and the overall texture, in the place where the glass is placed, the use of hanging design, one action of move, so that you all over whole body to reveal the elegant temperament.

  • Multiple Storage Space Wine Cabinet
    Multiple Storage Space Wine Cabinet

    It contains 6 kinds of red wine, 2 drawers and closed-style double doors cabinet. Glossy black wine cabinet, upper open-style wine rack layer can contain up to 6 bottles of red wines. 2 spacious sliding drawers in the middle can put napkins, knives and forks and other kitchenware. The below closed-style double doors layer cabinet has enough space to put the decorations or wine bottles, the bottom arch design strengthen the visual effect. It shows a kind of noble and elegant while putting inside the house, it fits people who like to collect wines.

  • Country Square Storage Wine Rack
    Country Square Storage Wine Rack

    European manor style frame. It is a small wine cabinet, with basic wine storage, cup functions. The shape is to use a plank to connect the imaging fence. At the top is a glass shelf, which hangs when it's just finished washing, and the upside down can make the water droplets in the cup drop, let it dry more quickly. In addition, the product color and walnut tone match, bringing the atmosphere of the European Manor, so you don't have to go abroad, you can feel it in your hometown. Super suitable to like the natural style or decorate a small piece of rural manor home space. The leisurely rustic atmosphere provides a moment of relaxation for busy work, with full energy, and tomorrow will be full of spirit. This wine rack is very suitable for people with insufficient space in the home, on the table, do not occupy space and full of texture!

  • Vintage Square Collection Wine Cabinet
    Vintage Square Collection Wine Cabinet

    Open space three-storey wine rack. Small large-capacity wine storage cabinets, specializing in the collection of wine bottles. Modeling is a simple geometric square structure. The middle of a plurality of wooden strips is the support of a bottle, there are 3 floors of open space that can accommodate about 15 bottles of wine. This wine rack design, to place wine bottles mainly. If you want to decorate a izakaya and don't want to take up too much home space, a small wine rack with a large capacity storage design is definitely perfect for you. It not only simple but also beautiful, you can also be placed directly on the table, at any time with the guests a drink, and then leisurely chat. What is more special is that this wine rack can be paired with another glass cup hanging wine cabinet. After all, there must have glass cups for taste the wine ah!

  • Modern Square Storage Wine Rack
    Modern Square Storage Wine Rack

    Cross shaped mini wine rack. The modern square storage Wine rack features overlapping multiple wine racks to add more storage space. Modelling is a simple geometrical form. The square is the outer frame, and the middle X is used to distinguish between the compartments. Can hold about 12 bottles. With espresso tone, to create a calm feeling. X-shaped design and open-hole board add design details. Small square wine racks are also different from other multi-functional wine cabinets, only pure red wine. Because the product is small, do not worry about placing space. If you have a large collection of red wine, you can buy a few more products. Like the stacking blocks, according to the likes of the shape placed. Not only simple but also beautiful, and many more space.

  • High Capacity 3 Layers Open Style Space Wine Cabinet
    High Capacity 3 Layers Open Style Space Wine Cabinet

    6 flat high-capacity placing squares in the cabinet. Wine racks from Slicethinner are produced practical and functional as advanced consideration. Big space design makes you to store domestic necessities easily, you don’t need to worry putting without space. This product has many characteristics, the upper flat tabletop offers the spacious space to put things, the lower layer has 2 open-style space offers you to put and take necessities conveniently and fast. We make use of the middle space perfectly for you to put red wines. Both sides are simple magnet doors so that you can put more dishes or other necessities. The handle adopts rectangle wood combines with black laminate makes the entire lines more unanimous, increase the streamline.

  • Modern Multifunctional Wine Rack
    Modern Multifunctional Wine Rack

    Espresso Diversity Display Storage cabinet. Modern multifunctional wine cabinet features a diverse set of options, in response to customer needs. The board is made of plastic-laminated Board (particle board), which is hard to deform. The front door is not the same as usual. The middle hollowed out is fitted with a metal net, mainly to allow the air circulation inside the cabinet, but also can see inside the thing. In order not to let the product collapse, we also have to help secure the installation of parts, customers can choose whether to install on the wall. The classical box design separates four kinds of storage methods. In addition to the basic wine bottle and wine frame, there is a shelf and clamshell space. The place where the wine bottle was made tilted design, the contents of the wine bottle at a glance. The compartment can be used for sundries or cups, bowls, plates, etc. In the upper compartment of the cupboard, other kitchen items can be placed. This design with a strong coffee tone, to create a steady visual perception. Coupled with our special hidden assembly parts, so that the product more beautiful and high texture.

  • Wooden Wine Cabinet
    Wooden Wine Cabinet

    Exquisite wine rack. Wine Rack size is 120 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 91 cm high. Beautiful appearance curve, with the wood on the dark lines, so that wine cabinet looks extravagant. And delicate workmanship, to meet the various needs of consumers, so that you cherish the precious wine can be to the perfect preservation. And even high-caliber glass, wine and other equipment have done a storage space, is a very perfect design. Wine cabinet is also intimating to install the wheels, can be flexible to move to any location, for a senior restaurant or favorite wine tasting you are very appropriate. Do not miss gorgeous wine cabinet!

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