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Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

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  • Creative Building Block Type Combined Coffee Table
    Creative Building Block Type Combined Coffee Table

    Looking at the same home and the same furnishings every day, it is inevitable to feel bored and exhausted. The quality of life is born out of oneself, created in the details of life, the small is a vase, the big is a table. The coffee table is divided into four pieces. The shape of several building blocks is composed of two black and two white pieces. The design is very stylish and textured, like a combination of building blocks, which can be put together at will, can be connected in series, and can be Independent multiple combinations, piece together different shapes and appearances according to your own preferences, or display changes according to the needs of the home space, expressing the concept of puzzles in details, can add to the fun of our life, exuding a simple and modern personality Beauty. Each piece of furniture is a beautiful artwork separately. The natural oak grain color is selected on the tabletop, which brings a simple and elegant modern visual effect. It can be used alone or as an embellishment. It is made of MDF, the whole piece The table has high stability and each piece is equipped with storage space, which can be used as a bookcase or display cabinet to give full play to creativity!

  • Multifunction Storage Cabinets
    Multifunction Storage Cabinets

    Combination function storage cabinets. This storage cabinet is based on the Russian square, can be arbitrarily placed position, and the use of square type is not only stable structure, but also can be easily combined, by four cabinets, including two cuddle box, a group of drawer cabinets and a double door cabinet, there is a considerable storage space, but also easy to classify items; use white skin, It's both simple and clean. Its biggest feature is that according to personal preferences and needs, the combination of changes, can be bookcases, small TV cabinets or simple storage cabinets and so on. Products can also be used separately, whether it is a single suite or family apartment, can be used, style from simple to changeable, change flexibility is quite high, and let life a little more fun.

  • White Walnut Laminate Japanese Bookcase
    White Walnut Laminate Japanese Bookcase

    Slicethinner manufacturer of white-edged walnut bookcases. The Japanese-style bookcase has 4 levels of storage space. There are 2 levels of space on the lower door panel. Each layer has a length of 77.0cm and a depth of 40.0cm, and the storage height is 25.2cm. During Slicethinner processing, additional holes will be drilled on the left and right side plates. It is convenient for consumers to adjust the height of the laminate. The door panel uses round handles, and the post-treatment uses electroplated black. The legs of the bookcase are in oblique round driftwood color. The height is 15.5cm. We can change the height of the bookcase. The left and right side version was originally 120.0cm can be reduced to less than 60. Or use different paper laminate wood grain colors. Welcome to contact us.

  • Industrial Pipe Iron Net Brown Oak Laminated Bookshelf
    Industrial Pipe Iron Net Brown Oak Laminated Bookshelf

    Slicethinner manufacturer of industrial tube bookcases. Use a square frame composed of plastic plywood. Made of brown oak paper laminate. There are a total of 3 frames with iron nets. Each frame is composed of 110.0*30.0*30.0cm. It also has 6 levels to place items. There are iron pipes under the shelf to support the weight. . The height is composed of 90.0cm round iron pipes locked up and down. The overall bookshelf is 185.0cm. The distance between the two long iron pipes is 60.0cm. There are cross bars behind the bookshelves to lock each other. Make the overall bookcase more stable. It is fixed to the wall with anti-falling hardware. 80mm French blue is used as the corner shelf under the bookshelf. For more industrial tube bookshelves, please contact us.

  • Waterproof Wear-Resistant Combined Bookcase
    Waterproof Wear-Resistant Combined Bookcase

    Slicetninner pallet wood grain veneer bookcase manufacturer furniture manufacturer. 90.0cm length bookcases can be arranged side by side in multiple groups. A partition wall is formed, and multiple storage bookcases are built. The depth is the standard 40.0cm. The entire height is as high as 166.0cm. The pallet-covered bookcase can be separated up and down. Become an independent individual small locker. There are 4 storage spaces respectively. There are screws in the middle to connect 2 independent small storage cabinets with each other. Will not shake and move. Each 42.5cm rectangular storage space can be installed freely on the door panel. The door panel has a left-hand hole design. There is a 0.25cm thick MDF backplane on the back. It will not exceed 120.0cm in length on the packaging. It is more flexible to make adjustments during shipping. The volume of shipping can be used more effectively. Welcome to contact us for product quotation.

  • Industrial Pipe Trapezoidal Double-Layer Storage Desk
    Industrial Pipe Trapezoidal Double-Layer Storage Desk

    Industrial wind is integrated into its own space, which can bring infinite possibilities of loft furniture, which can be used flexibly in every place-water pipes. The desk is a small place to relax yourself, it is full of yearning for a better life. With the pipeline as the center of gravity of the overall structure, the metal material gives the atmosphere and modern feeling. Although it is an open design, it is a small world that can be concentrated and enjoyed by one person. Industrial-style desk with bookshelf, a total of two widened shelves. The shelf has more standing water boards to prevent items from falling. In the reading room, the upper shelf can store personal belongings, bags, etc. For home use, you can store books, ornaments, potted plants, or store stationery from printers. When you can pick up the book and read it, your life will become better. The table with bookshelf gives you different conveniences in life. Different from the previous desks that are square in style, the use of water pipes to make an inclined angle is a major feature in the shape. In terms of details, the second shelf has more intimate devices. It is the wall lock hardware that is locked to the wall, which has been upgraded firmly. The desk top is about 100 cm, and the space for feet is about 65 cm. The overall structure is very stable and it is a heavy piece of furniture. There are screws to fix the shelf and the pipe. The table top and pipes are further supported by flanges, and there are two drawers under the table. The appearance of the desk is completely presented in the shape of the bookshelf. It can also be combined with our same bookcase, bookcases and desks are one-stop shopping, and the style is unified and coordinated.

  • No Backplane Perspective Glass Opened Bookcase
    No Backplane Perspective Glass Opened Bookcase

    Perspective Glass Bookcase bookcase is like a large doll display case, with a wooden board design like a staircase. The special design makes your items look less monotonous, and also allows the items you put on to have a layered sense, which is no longer simple. Transparent bottom or white bottom. The glass on both sides is designed so that you can clearly see what you are looking for from a distance. The glass and wooden board highlight the high-quality texture of the bookcase. The safety of glass has been rigorously checked from production to shipment. Our company also has strict inspections and packaging inspections so that you receive safe and healthy products. And the screws used are glass-specific screws, which can ensure the smooth connection between glass and wooden board, simple and safe without losing texture and texture. Adopting the method without a backplane can reduce the cost for you on the particle board, and make it faster, and it can avoid the plug, saving you space on the wire.

  • Lightweight Bookshelf with Leather
    Lightweight Bookshelf with Leather

    The versatility and style of the Slicethinner bookcase will be cleverly integrated into your home. Storage features include 3 settings and 2 layers of space in The imitation skin compartment below. Each layer of space provides enough space to place your favorite books or decorative accessories. The imitation leather of the front panel is around, and the sewing thread are white with contrasting colors. Create a calm atmosphere but with a bit of lively feel. The veneer is made of teak wood, and the metal base is made of matte black metal.

  • Dark Teak Retro Bookcase
    Dark Teak Retro Bookcase

    The elegant lines are connected to the retro dark teak colour-block (Reclaimed Teak) planks, with different lengths and widths of Black Pellets brackets to create a unique sort. Dark Teak Retro Bookcase are ideal in the living room, bedroom and study. Multi-layer number of the space, whether it is an array of collections, or daily necessities, choose different internal storage accessories, allowing you to use flexible storage method, create neat and beautiful home space! Elegant line brackets that can be changed to the customer's needs. Stand length, width, quantity can be independent proofing, to create a match your needs.

  • Minimalist and Industrial Sliding Door Bookshelf
    Minimalist and Industrial Sliding Door Bookshelf

    Bardolino and black wooden sliding door show a modern, minimalist industrial style; the black pellets sandblasting metal make people feel the overall stability, fully showing the characteristics of the industrial style. Whether it is placed in the living room or the bedroom is quite versatile. The black wooden sliding door allows you to place personal items that you don't want to be seen directly by others. The Off-ground design makes it easy for you to clean the floor. The way of combining bookshelves is quite simple. Only a few pieces of plywood and metal can be used to combine them into one bookcase. It is very convenient. The use of a small number of plates saves a lot of labor costs and material costs, which allows us Faster delivery time

  • Nine Grid Geometry Bookcase
    Nine Grid Geometry Bookcase

    Don't let your book have nowhere to put. Fashion book home, to the depth of tasteful reader. This bookcase fits the trend of black and brown tones, creating a relaxed atmosphere and showing your experience the life. Designed as nine storage spaces, it is made up of geometry of different sizes. Books and magazines of all kinds can be placed to distinguish between their preferences, and even decorative objects such as photo frames, vases and models can be placed. The bookcase is mainly made of oak skin, 80 cm wide * 30 cm deep * 180 cm high. Suitable for all kinds of living rooms, bedrooms, study and home layout.

  • Deformable Display Bookcase
    Deformable Display Bookcase

    8 compartments with deformable space. The shelves can be used as bookcases, display cabinets or compartments room open space, the use of either horizontal or vertical, eight compartments can be used to buy books or to place everyday objects If you want to put a pot of flowers to decorate the romantic, is also very suitable. If it takes too much cell compartment can put away some of the partitions, the overall Zaoxing like deformation as versatile and convenient design. This section shelves are suitable for decoration in the home or office, if it likes, please contact us!

  • Modern Oblique Tower Display Bookcase
    Modern Oblique Tower Display Bookcase

    Four compartments and 2 tall brackets. This contemporary display bookshelf is designed to make its unique serrated effect staircase tilt to the wall. And at four levels to provide a spacious cube-type compartment and two stilts-type stent design, can be placed in books, photo frames, collectibles, etc., suitable for indoor space anywhere, creating a fresh feeling. The whole shape is like a slanting tower, it looks simple and without losing style, like words Welcome to contact us! Slicethinner is a professional manufacturer of DIY furniture manufacturers,Welcome the manufacturers to inquiry by e-mail.

  • Easy Move Large-Capacity Bookcase
    Easy Move Large-Capacity Bookcase

    Vintage walnut paper laminate 4 layers bookcase. The bookcase is 80 cm Wide x 73 cm Deep x 168 cm High. Innovative and lively modern design, plus delicate wood grain , shows low-key luxury. This bookcase with wheels, high activity, it can be a mobile cart and suitable for library and office. Large capacity open shelf for model collection let toy you loved has it place. Even greater You can share your favorite collection with your friends in the same time. The bottom can store a commemorative doll box. It is not just book case also a display case or bookcase.

  • Japanese-Style Retro Bookcase
    Japanese-Style Retro Bookcase

    Movable convenient revival bookcase. The appearance is like the thickening version of the painter's easel, which is used to place books. Visually, there is a Japanese style of artistic conception. Let you in the reading of books, sunk in different situations, carefully tasted. The bookcase size is 60 cm wide x 35 cm deep x 112 cm high and belongs to the small bookcase. Product design in order to meet the various sizes of books, intimate design into three different heights. People can place books, but also can put collectibles, storage boxes, home accessories. In addition, the top floor can also be placed small potted plants, photo frames and aromatic candles, enhance the smell of pleasure, so that your mood is good all the times. There is not much space to place for a large bookcase in the library, so this bookcase fits well, which also great to turn into a temporary placement area for returning books!It is the ideal choice for small spaces!

  • Vintage walnut wooden laminate modern bookcase
    Vintage walnut wooden laminate modern bookcase

    Modern style cabinet, geometry design, different shape squares bookcase. Modern style 8 layers double drawers bookcase, dissymmetrical layer design builds a modern style feeling. The shelf composed of six different size squares for you to put things conveniently and easy taking. Upper open-style shelf offers you to put or hide important necessities. The bottom layer has 2 metal sliding drawers. Safety design makes your things can be put safely inside. Modern design plus retro vintage walnut color makes the house warmer, it’s a functional bookcasw.

  • 5 Layers Vintage Walnut Lamintae Modern Bookshelf
    5 Layers Vintage Walnut Lamintae Modern Bookshelf

    Concise shape bookshelf, 5 layers rectangle spacious bookcase. Easy and nice lines build a modern 5 layers bookcase, vintage walnut laminate uses raw materials of low pollution to make. 5 layers placing space can put books, or some decorations. To build a perfect house. You can take things easily all around the bookshelf. It is a good choice no matter you put in the bedroom or living room. Both sides white laminate bookshelf pedestal supports the whole bookshelf stably, creates a neat and clean modern bookshelf to increase many modern design elements for your life space.

  • Checkerboard Large Storage Cabinet
    Checkerboard Large Storage Cabinet

    Multiple space Bookcase. The bookcase size is 80 cm wide x 30 cm deep x 177 cm high. Simple and clean-cut look appearance, pleasant and heartwarming design, placed in the home space can make people feel harmonious and calm. This is not just book case with a large storage space , with special design side open shelf is our brightest selling point. Shelf has two high 29 cm and 39 cm let different book size has it home. With this different high let you have freedom to not limited the size of the items, and the appearance of the black paste laminate skin fashion wild, any space can be perfect control.

  • Polygon Modeling Bookcase
    Polygon Modeling Bookcase

    5 Layers Bookcase. The bookcase size is 42 cm wide x 42.5 cm deep x 180 cm high. Bookcase back was 90 degrees right angle design. Two bookcases can put together, creates 180-degree semi-circular bookcase. You can put a lot of semi-circular bookcase together with a line with well and them create different atmosphere unlike what you know about home library. Gets Four bookcases can makes a 360-degree cylindrical, 360 degrees perfect rendering books on all books, creating a stunning sense of space. The depth of the cabinet is about 40cm, store people items; it is an indispensable helper for home or office.

  • Simple Modern Cross Lattice Bookcase
    Simple Modern Cross Lattice Bookcase

    Are you always tired of using squares and square grids? Simple Modern Cross Lattice Bookcase is easy to assemble, it's easy for you to store anything, and you can freely locate your own items, breaking the idea of placing items in the past. Designed as fourteen storage spaces, it is mainly composed of two large crosses plus several geometric figures of different sizes. You can place books and magazines of various heights to distinguish your preferences. If you have something too large to decorate a bookshelf (such as a vase), you can place it in the middle of the cross without having to worry about the vase forever. It can be placed at the bottom or has trouble when placed, and even decorative items such as photo frames and models are suitable. Whether it is placed straight or horizontally, its simple style is suitable for various living room, bedroom, study and home layouts.

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