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Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

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  • Lightweight Practical Small Side Table
    Lightweight Practical Small Side Table

    This is the first version of espresso laminate 3 layers night stand. Compared to the dark color style, when the lights are turned off, you can see the outline clearly of the side table more. The produce size is 60 cm wide * 40 cm deep * 62 cm high, consisting of three layers of storage space. At the top is an open space where you can place the items you normally need so you can pick them up, the next two floors are designed for drawers, we're using a safety slide, and the drawers don't fall. And the side of the table foot with the shape of the curve design, so that the entire side table more stylish, full of modern sense. Perfect for being placed in the bedroom for your own appreciation. Other spaces, such as corridors, rooms and entertainment rooms, are also ideal. By the same, if you still feel that the desktop is not long enough, you can refer to its improved version, there will be a link below it, so that it is convenient for you to do some reading.

  • Colorful Glass Tabletop Rectangle Small Night Stand
    Colorful Glass Tabletop Rectangle Small Night Stand

    Shining colorful night stand. This colorful glass tabletop rectangle small night stand has a bright matching colors which is full of modern style. That increases the living room or the bedroom many different feelings. This night stand tabletop is flat, the entire shows a square look. The top layer is composed of 2 tabletop glasses, the lower layer is constructed by a glossy glass. The safety of the glass has passed the strict check from production to shipment. Our company also has the strict check for inspection and packing so that you will receive the product which is safe and sound. This colorful side table adopts the match color way of Piet Mondrian. For different sizes squares, different colors and different length streams to come into harmony that makes the whole style quite simple. Piet Mondrian advocates symmetrical shapes to build "style beauty." As a result, we make our products vertical and field of view, made up of a variety of rectangles and squares, rendering unique.

  • North Europe Round White Side Table
    North Europe Round White Side Table

    Multifunctional side table, can be used as a telephone table, night stand, small tea table, etc., according to the individual needs to the changes. North Europe round white side table features a simple and elegant appearance that can enhance the atmosphere of home space. The tabletop is made of MDF and is sprayed with white bright paint. Curved edge of the table, so that the hands placed on the tabletop more comfortable, no sharp corners effectively reduce collision damage. Cross-shaped metal foot design can also be firmly supported in four directions, you can safely put things on top. The bottom of the table foot to do another bending shape, improve the overall design sense. White tabletop and rose gold foot of the high texture collocation, two-color perfect combination. Modern and stylish style and environmental decoration is a good blend to help you create a unique personal taste of the home space.

  • Light Modern Industrial-Style Double Layer Night Stand
    Light Modern Industrial-Style Double Layer Night Stand

    This side table is an improved version of the walnut veneer double layer side table. Exactly!The thousand-layer cake side table can be moved, we replaced the original iron foot seat with a cross-shaped roller, you can move to whatever environment you want, today in the bedroom, tomorrow in the study room or the day after tomorrow in the living room, to anywhere can be shined! Its middle is designed as an open space where some gift boxes can be placed. There's a sliding drawer underneath that allow you to collect evening books. In addition, we have solid metal edge sealing technology that mimics steel parts at the table, and with rivets as decorations, make it looks unique! Very suitable to be placed for furnishings in the living room, bedroom, bedside table next to help you sleep well.

  • Double Drawer Functional Side Table
    Double Drawer Functional Side Table

    Plain style double drawers side table. This product’s plain style design, but when it comes to the base, we give it a lightweight table corner, make the overall side table visually not too dull and boring. In the design thinking process, is to make it easy for you to move it. The side table adopts walnut high-quality laminate skill, two layers high-capacity drawers provide you quite enough putting space. Round handle design makes users pull out the drawer much easier. In the design of the slide rail, the use of steel ball type slide rail design, so that you can be more secure in use. About the upper flat putting area, it's perfect for you to put night lights, bedtime storybooks, or teacups. So, you don't have to get up and go further to take the book or turn off the lights. What a nice side table, it not only can be used as a night stand but also a small storage cabinet in the living room!

  • Walnut Veneer Double Layer Side Table
    Walnut Veneer Double Layer Side Table

    Do you not to know what to place in the little space? This product size is 50 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 57 cm high. Full of light industry flavor of the side table, but it is full of literary and artistic atmosphere. Side table with imitation iron pieces of the three-dimensional edge technology and three-dimensional rivets, so that the overall hierarchy more layered, then the missing layers of the upper layer, like a thousand-layer cake that was taken a layer from the layer. The table surface and the handle has also been carefully designed, touch is flawless. We have a unique iron imitation technology that can replace real iron pieces, this not only texture like iron pieces, but the price only needs to spend you buy one-tenth of the price of iron, you can easily have. This section end table has an open shelf and a drawer intimate design, which can meet your different storage needs, drawer capacity. Come and buy a side table that doesn't take up space!

  • Espresso Laminate 3 Layers Night Stand
    Espresso Laminate 3 Layers Night Stand

    Transformers movie plot more and more wonderful, twist eggs, toys can be deformed, so we think that side table also can come to change shape slightly, in line with popular taste. This side table can be out of shape, according to your own demand, at will increase the length of the tabletop. Whether you want to place an item, based on the convenience, or don't think the tabletop is enough, it will satisfy all your wishes at once. This time, the designer well-intentioned, envision the appearance of the product and its practicality, made a side table that satisfies the masses., even the color can let you choose! What an invincible thunderbolt side table! It's perfect for putting it next to the bedside table and allowing you to place some bedtime reading, or some routine that needs to be done today. Innovative design, absolutely let your eyes shine!

  • Light Industrial Style Rivet Drawer Chest
    Light Industrial Style Rivet Drawer Chest

    5-layer Locker sealing edge rivet technology. This rectangular lightweight industrial-style rivet drawer cabinet is divided into 5-storey lockers and a drawer for pulling out drawers. In the drawer of the panel using curve processing, increase the sense of flow line. The professional edge sealing technology of rivet decoration is the key factor that the industrial style never rots. Rivets are processed in a more rounded form and do not cause bodily injury by touching it, enhancing the safety of the product. The sleek rivets also give the light a different sense of refraction. The bottom of the drawer cabinet is equipped with delicate wheels, and the wheels slide with iron material. Not only the heavy resistance of good service life is also greatly increased. That way you can move anywhere in the house.

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