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Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

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  • Compartment Drawer Mirror Small White Dressing Table
    Compartment Drawer Mirror Small White Dressing Table

    Slicethinner has a variety of storage and dressing tables. Dressing tables with different storage methods. There are drawers, shelves, compartments, and baffles. A variety of storage functions are in this dressing table. It is made of plastic plywood. There can be more changes in the design look. We can provide specialized samples of a certain design. Have a large development team. The mirror is glued to plywood. 67.5*48.0cm mirror size. There are small layers on the left and right sides of the mirror to place small items. There are 7 storage compartments underneath. There is a black electroplated inner chopping handle under the table top. There are a total of 4 shelves and baffles on both sides of the table side panels. All kinds of cosmetics can be placed on this makeup table. Welcome to contact us for preferential prices.

  • 2 Drawers White PB Paper Veneer Big Mirror Dressing Tables
    2 Drawers White PB Paper Veneer Big Mirror Dressing Tables

    Slicethinner white cosmetic table manufacturer with drawers. Have a mirror as big as the tabletop. 80*40cm mirror and table top. The left and right side panels of the desktop board are directly connected. The back panel is fixed with 15mm plastic plywood. The overall structure is very stable. There are 2 drawers on the right. Use a plated round handle with a diameter of 70mm. 1 empty storage space. It has a size of 40*40*27. There are decorative 50mm panels on the front and back. All corners are processed with rounded corners. Make the product more rounded. More similar to makeup table. Welcome to contact us.

  • Side Table Combination Big Mirror White Dressing Table
    Side Table Combination Big Mirror White Dressing Table

    Slicethinner white makeup table manufacturer. It has a large mirror with a size of 80*40cm. The same size as the desktop. 50mm trim panels with rounded corners are used on the front and back. It can be replaced with MDF material. Let the veneer be processed into different forms. The left side uses a large panel as a table foot. Stable and durable. The right side is connected to the side table. Comes with 2 drawers. It is similar to the existing side table on our official website. If the customer wants to change to another side table, it is all right. Slicethinner will make samples with the fastest customers. Only products based on plywood have more affordable prices. Welcome to contact us.

  • Pipe Interval Storage Vanity Table With Open Storage
    Pipe Interval Storage Vanity Table With Open Storage

    The industrial style dressing table created through aesthetic calculations has a very young design style. The main composition of the dressing table is very simple, a mirror and a table top where cosmetics can be placed. The function provided is comfortable and convenient makeup. According to this demand standard, the spacious and long table top, the clear mirror surface, there is no unnecessary burden. Use the simplest and most simple method to divide the table top into two, and increase the edge plate of the table body to prevent items from falling. The open storage space is the same width as the desktop, with the mirror as the center, and the six storage spaces divided into left and right sides make the overall shape more clean and tidy. It also separates the used area and storage area for easy access take. Retro wood grain, oak anti-scratch, flange foot support column. The reinforced design structure of the table leg cross support tube is more stable. The design and production are very meticulous. The corners are rounded at the turning points of the details. It takes time for the wood to round the corners. Only high-end brand furniture can be designed so delicately. The packaging is unique. It adheres to the principles of good design, high quality and high standards, and guarantees the safety of the products during transportation to the greatest extent. Some products will use wooden frames, pearl cotton, and foam packaging to fill, full of details.

  • Fashion British Style Dressing Table
    Fashion British Style Dressing Table

    We follow the trend and use the mainstream colors of rose gold to match the dresser to make modern people like it. The overall design sense is fashionable British style, rose gold will bring a noble, elegant and romantic visual sense; let your bedroom have a warm atmosphere. The dresser comes with a round mirror, which is moderate in height and closer to the guests' habits. It will not make people feel that the mirror is too low to use. The left desktop is designed to be tiltable, which increases storage space and can store items to keep the desktop tidy. The table leg adopts the integral molding design of metal material, which can save the use of plates, and the overall weight reduction makes it easy to carry, reducing transportation space and cost. The X-shaped bracket is also added in the middle of the table leg, which can enhance the overall stability and compensate for the instability that may be caused by the single use of metal feet.

  • Simple Fresh Style Makeup Table and Chair Combination
    Simple Fresh Style Makeup Table and Chair Combination

    The dressing table is white and light walnut color, designed to be simple and small and fresh; placed in the bedroom will give people a bright visual experience. The dressing table is tiltable, and a mirror is hidden under the table to increase the convenience of use; and there are three storage squares, allowing you to store the items on the table and keep the table clean. We also designed a drawer on the right side of the dresser to increase the storage space, so that you can put commonly used daily necessities or tall bottles and jars into this drawer, and it will be easier to pick up items. And in the chair section, we have added an open space where you can place some books or storage boxes and other objects. Both the dressing table and the drawer panel have grooves to avoid pinching fingers, which is an intimate design that enhances safety; and the side panel of the chair also has this design, which can be more easily moved.

  • Composite Lift Mirror Storage Vanity Table & Chair
    Composite Lift Mirror Storage Vanity Table & Chair

    The wooden dressing table is not the home style. The dressing table is easy to get dirty in use. The dark brown base makes it difficult to see the dirt and scratches. Too many things on the table are messy, and the cover is hidden. , Hide the items, design partitions in the drawers, plan several small spaces in the drawers, and simply classify them according to the "use parts". Not only does it become convenient to find things, but it can also be handled smoothly when applying makeup. Ergonomic makeup table and chair, open the table, there is a large mirror, multi-compartment storage block, detachable movable partition, the partition board divides the area into 9 independent spaces, which can also be removed into Large space, hidden storage space can also avoid the accumulation of dust, there is a drawer and a cabinet on the side, the inner partition of the cabinet is movable, and the cabinet is designed to store electrical appliances. In addition to placing a hair dryer, there are many different types of electric rod rolls. It comes with a retractable makeup chair of the same style, eliminating the trouble of matching tables and chairs, adding a chair seat storage space, opening the chair is the storage space, and there is a partition under the chair surface for storage, the space is properly used, and the composite Style furniture to meet.

  • Wooden veneer vanity
    Wooden veneer vanity

    Simple and stylish make-up table. The dressing table size is 93 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 71 cm high. Warm wood texture, there are a variety of colors to choose from, and its appearance is light and lovely, will not cause too much burden on the home space. This product design, not only the table can be used, even the chair can place personal items. This dresser has lifted the lid and you will see that mirror the is attached to the interior. You also can be used with a complete plane for other purposes, in which you can also have nine lattices to classify the item type, freely placed by you. This dresser can improve the warm, harmonious feeling of the home, let women busy doing housework at home, but also have a good time to sit down and dress up through the exclusive dresser!

  • Expresso Elegant Dressing Table
    Expresso Elegant Dressing Table

    Classic styling dresser, each little girl's first make-up table selection! Dressing table size is 125 cm wide x 42.5 cm deep x 80 cm high, larger than the general dresser on the market. Let you first time try makeup, can have more choices, know what brand of cosmetics you are suitable for. It can be lift up in middle compartment and with mirror on the back and place it back gets a complete flat for other purposes. And it comes different size of the drawer design, there is more perfect storage of various sizes of items, such as the larger bottles can receive the lower drawer, not limited. Besides, dresser high of the table gives people feet flexible swing. And flip the space under the lid is a multi-layer design can also be based on consumer demand for their own classification of items placed, plus the dresser itself simple and generous shape, it definitely makes your room more different and feminine charm!

Result 1 - 9 of 9

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