6 layers hanging bathroom cabinet

2020/10/30 Industrial Pipe Style Furniture

2020/10/30 Industrial Pipe Style Furniture

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Hexagonal Black Glass Rose Gold Exquisite Side Table

Hexagonal Black Glass Rose Gold Exquisite Side Table

Rose color side table. Hexagon, like a room inside bee's nest. The side table size is 48 cm wide x 42 cm deep x 46 cm high. It is relatively stable in the market. The table frame, bracket and base are rose metal color, smooth surface, reflective, creating a luxurious texture. This product design can be paired with the same side table, and edges and edges can depend on each other, let you to build nests like bees, collect nectar (side tables).


Over 60 Years 6 layers hanging bathroom cabinet Supplier - Slicethinner

Located in Taiwan, Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited, since 1960, is a 6 layers hanging bathroom cabinet research, development, production manufacturing provider/manufacturer. 200 furniture have been developed and 50 cases per year. From furniture consultation, design, proofing, sample making, packaging inspection, product photography, mass production to delivery, Slicethinner delivers top level services to worldwide clients.

To meet the need for B2B and B2C transportation; furniture handling, warehousing and value added services such as (re)packaging, labeling, customs services, assembly, and disposal of packaging are provided.

Slicethinner has been providng furniture research, development and production manufacturing to customers globally, both with advanced technology and 60 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.

6 layers hanging bathroom cabinet


The wall hanging bathroom cabinet.
The wall hanging bathroom cabinet.

The wall hanging bathroom cabinet, it has the function of hanging on the wall, and two metal leg posts on the bottom. The product size is 30 cm wide x 33 cm deep x 181 cm high. At the same time, it is a blend of elegant walnut wood color.

The feature of this bathroom cabinet is the unique hanging design, not only strengthen the entire using efficiency also easily lock from the front when installing. The space in the bathroom cabinet is made up of six quadrilaterals of the same space. Each laminate is strong enough to give you peace of mind to put in a lot of bathing supplies.

If you don't think there's enough room in the bathroom, Or tired of walking to your room, just for get the towel, this oversized bathroom cabinet is perfect for you, and the point is that it has helped you categorize it into six different kinds of placement areas. This considerate point, just to make you happy!

Product Use


  • Overall Dimensions (inch) : 11.81 in wide * 12.99 in deep * 71.26 in high
  • Overall Dimensions (cm) : 30.0 cm wide * 33.0 cm deep * 181.0 cm high
  • Box Dimensions (inch) : 74.02 in length * 17.13 in wide * 5.71 in high
  • Box Dimensions (cm) : 188.0 cm length * 43.5 cm wide * 14.5 cm high
  • Product Weight (kg) : 25.0 kgs
  • Box Product Weight (kg) : 29.0 kgs
  • Tone of Color : Dark Walnut
  • Material : PB , Paper Laminate , Metal
  • Assembly Requirements : Two Adults

Product Feature

  • Design of magnetic buckle for cabinet door.
  • Strong metal let posts.
  • Six identical shelf space.

Product Wood Skins

Slicethinner works with professional skinning factory to provide customers with various skin stickers. There are mainly several kinds of skin stickers. In addition, you can ask other special color boards.
Welcome to “Wood Grain Patch Skin” or “Skin And Color” for more options.

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