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Slicethinner - A professional manufacturer of high quality wood flat packing furniture and a great capability for variety design.


Services provided to guests by Slicethinner furniture manufacturers

Our guests experience tells us about the furniture that has been carefully manufactured and designed. Even if only to provide guests at home use, can deepen his impression of the brand and adhesion, and thus increase the brand's visibility, increase the memory point of the product. After all, furniture is one of the most frequently touched items in a customer's home, and the temperature of the furniture is definitely far greater than you might think.

The service of manufacturing value

The cost of customized furniture will vary depending on the style of the design. Often customized furniture does not necessarily help guests reduce the physical cost. But there are features of the texture of the entrance table, coffee table, side table, desk ... Wait a minute. Not only let the guests feel the heart of the store, but also invisibly increase the sales performance of the industry and brand identity. Therefore, for customized furniture or new development products, we very much recommend that guests from the point of view of improving brand recognition, increase product value to think. If you simply want to save costs, but do not recommend the consideration of customized furniture, because there will be more and cheaper furniture to choose from. It's just that the quality of these products is usually taken into account and does not reflect the value of the brand or furniture.

A small variety of services

A small variety of manufacturing is a feature of Slicethinner. Not yet working with us. New customers, each customer's new product design drawings can be developed here proofing. Confirm that the final proofing product can be manufactured in small quantities. First let customers in the market to launch new products, the market has a lot of echoes or extremely hot selling, and then with our demand for a large number of product orders, and even continue to cooperate for your brand to continue to sell exclusive new products.

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Slicethinner's work environment is filled with creativity and vitality, and our team constantly pursues excellence and continuous improvement. Our designers draw inspiration from historically rich works...

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When you step into Slicethinner Furniture, our professional designers will engage in deep conversations with you to help explore your furniture needs. Through expert advice, from style, material to color,...

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Slicethinner collaborates with professional veneer factories to provide customers with a wide variety of veneer paper choices. In addition to several common veneers, we also offer special color board inquiries....

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When consulting with clients and designing furniture, we design our furniture to be suitable for flat-pack packaging. Slicethinner's furniture packaging is very convenient. All wood panels and parts can be laid...

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1. Due to the wide variety of products, our electronic catalog only features annual popular products. To browse other product types, you can visit the "Cases" section for more options. For products with...

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Solid Wood Bookcase for Storage - Furniture Manufacturer | Slicethinner

Based in Taiwan since 1960, Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited has been a wooden furniture manufacturer. Our main solid wood furniture products include, living room round dining tables, bedroom storage cabinets and wardrobes, wooden drawers, office computer or executive desks, wall mounted wine cabinets, nightstands and bedside tables, wardrobes and closets, which are 100% produced using FSC certified wood.

Slicethinnner is a wood furniture manufacturers with over 60 years of experience.We have large selections of coffee table, side table, night stand, chest, shoes cabinet, book shelf, TV stand, console table, wine race, bar table, storage cabinet, dress table, shelf, wardrobe & bureau, desk & reading table. customized furniture is also welcome. Slicethinnner is a flat pack furniture manufacturer with over 60 years of experiences in Taiwan.We have large selections and designs of coffee table, side table, night stand, chest, shoes cabinet, book shelf, TV stand, console table, wine race, bar table, storage cabinet, dress table, shelf, wardrobe bureau, desk and reading table . OEM and ODM service is also available.

Slicethinner has been offering customers modern wood furniture, both with advanced technology and 62 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.