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We are professional in laminate furniture and DIY furniture, Whether it is to gray-based vision to become quiet, or in the space is not used in color, make space become weight, the visual is also more lively. We are value and respect furniture skin color for every furniture we made.Slicethinner provides the most preferential price for customers to choose and purchase our products. We accept small order and our packing has multiple drop tests so that the products can be sent to the specific destination safely during the shipping process. We’re willing to offer the most perfect and professional service to cooperate with you.
We deeply thank and encourage the people to buy their own furniture and DIY IT. and most of customer we knew they all enjoy pick their furniture to build up their personal live space and this is also a certain sense of participation of make home. Of course, we also see it into, after all, the higher the degree of participation in the home, the sense of space will be higher, I believe that this space can gather a family of emotions.We have professional laminate skill and related certificate patent skill, mainly product night stand, side table, shoe cabinet, wine rack, TV stand, DIY furniture, etc. With the development and research of the modern trend, we use the visual fresh feeling to satisfy practicality of different style requirement as the characteristic, to increase the beauty of the infinitely possibility living space. Our DIY furniture products are durable and steady, easy to assemble and disassemble, that’s the products modern people needed and satisfied.
Once of time we hear one customer tell us a story about one of their customer, he has a family of 2 children and everyone is busy on their own. everyone get back home and next straight to their room. on holidays children do not like to stay at home. One day he and his wife decide to change feeling of home and rearranged and added with signature furniture. and thing start to change we like to hang around in coffee table chat daily chores, holiday children even began friend back home to play. Seeing the customer pleasant expression, the moment the heart is indeed some excitement, so that we feel that furniture is not just a product, it gives us the satisfaction of money is not measurable.Another kind of moving is from the furniture we design certainly, many of our customers have been like minimalist or other style of the owner, live in the home for some time, will go back to tell us: this home Furniture, live the longer the better, in the course of life slowly into their own taste, but also live more like their own way.Our company provides variety options from living room DIY furniture, bedroom DIY furniture, kitchen DIY furniture or bathroom assemble furniture for you to purchase.
Fulfill the inquiry sheet at the bottom of each product page or turn to “contact us” page to choose the most convenient way for yourself. We will reply as soon as possible.
It will take 30 days or 60 days to product, if we have in stock we will send it out right a way. The shipment will be sent to the destination in the safest way in 30~60 days. Our professional packing will make the product be sent to you safer during the shipping process.
The company's skin technology and factories are certified, detailed in the "certification information" view. All of the products have passed multiple product tests, easily DIY furniture doesn’t need to cost too much time so that you can get the hang of it. All of the DIY products are durable and steady, easy to assemble and disassemble, it’s the product that modern people needed and satisfied.
Each pattern with color can be formed solid wood feeling with cool 3d texture. And in real solid wood is hard to be working on. We can do any type tree wood feeling or any color. Except for the imitating real wood printing, also imitating real wood indent to promote the real touching feeling. Besides the imitated wood color, we also offer marvel, concrete, bright PVC laminate for customers to choose and own the advantages of variety colors. Combines with multiple style furniture products, like adopting modern style bright white compound panel, provides multiple choices.
Slicethinner has a long-term cooperate with professional compound material factory and invest to develop new wooden color. Slicethinner has many laminate skill patent Our company laminate technology, there are anti-splashing, anti-flame, pest control, moisture and other characteristics, one of the best is the technology with solid wood paste, the wood is not just visual Of the transfer, in the surface processing to make the skin real sense of rise.
Product packaging have to do anti-drop, buffer measures, through the baomilong material buffer, so that the product itself will not be hurt.
Yes, the company has more than dozens of grain and style to provide the choice, tailored to your heart unique style.
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