Product pricing & Less MOQ?

Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

Product pricing & Less MOQ?

Is it possible to get a lower price?

The two parties set it after discussion, but our price is not too expensive for this industry. Although our amount may be higher than China and Vietnam, we also have the quality they can't do. In terms of price, quality should be a priority. If you are concerned about price, don't choose our company. You can choose those factories that focus on quantity, but there is obviously no quality at all. What we can do It's those qualities that you seek for cheap but they can't do.

The discount is okay. If you have a large quantity, but if you do not have a quantity, the price is definitely not your first choice. If you have a quantity, you will never come to Taiwan to do it. Like China or Vietnam, we have a reasonable price, but the value we can provide you is definitely far beyond its price.

What is the MOQ?

In principle, our things are not very expensive, but considering that the transportation cost of each country is very expensive, we will recommend at least one pallet number, so it will be more cost-effective for you. 50PCS is OK, but the minimum order quantity for future transactions must be 100PCS, and a model must be 100PCS or more.

If I were a small wholesaler, would you accept small orders?

Yes, as long as the freight is cost-effective, 20 ~ 30PSC is acceptable, but the larger the thing, the longer it will take time. Usually 4 ~ 6 pallets are installed in a container, and the delivery can be completed in about 60 days. The premise is that the samples have been confirmed, and the gimmicks, manuals, hardware packages, packaging design, etc. have been confirmed with you and can be successfully delivered within 60 days, but once it exceeds 6 pallets, the time will take longer.

Can you accept mixed orders?

Yes, as long as a whole container can be delivered, but the time is up to us, because there is no guarantee that what you want is in stock. The more you mix, the longer the waiting time.

What to do if the delivery date of the customer order is not reached?

We will inform the guests in advance, usually two weeks to two months in advance will be informed that an extension may be required, but under normal circumstances the extension usually does not exceed two weeks, if it takes longer, delivery may need to be postponed Delay, we will first obtain the customer's consent before we postpone it. If the customer does not agree, we will let you cancel the order. If it happens to us, we will take responsibility to absorb the loss of the customer.

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