Sample cost & efficiency & shipping?

Sample cost & efficiency & shipping?

Sample cost & efficiency & shipping?

Sample cost & efficiency & shipping?
Sample cost & efficiency & shipping?

Slicethinner design and development team?

Our design and development department has 3 furniture designers, 6 sample developers, 9 in total, and the average number of samples per week is 3~6.
We are capable of using most software on the market. According to customer requirements can provide direct information.
For example, the most commonly used computer-aided graphic design in the design department is:
Drawing (Alias)-Create 3D models and make engineering drawings.
Drawing (Inventor)-Create 3D models and make engineering drawings.
Drawing (AutoCAD, CAM)-Some drawing files must be transferred to the program and set the origin to facilitate NC processing.
Drawing (Photoshop)-some photographs need to be corrected.
Drawing (3D parametric, CorelDraw)-drawing instructions and packaging drawings.

How long does it take to make samples?

You need to check the difficulty of the sample and what information the client provides us. If you provide us with more information, you will be faster, such as design, structure, size, size, color, etc.

Is there a charge for samples?

Sample fees will be charged, but basically no fees. We don't care about the cost of input. We care about whether we can establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you. But the purpose of charging the sample fee is to test whether the customer sincerely cooperates with us. According to our experience, if the sample fee is charged, the customer will be more active; if the sample fee is not charged, the customer will not try to promote it, but we can guarantee that if you decide to place an order, we will definitely keep it as it is. There is no problem with returning this fee to you, because the goal we want to achieve is long-term, and the benefits at this time are meaningless to us.

How about the shipping cost of the samples?

Transportation costs are very expensive. Usually, we will require customers to pay their own expenses, so these expenses must be measured before purchasing. If you are a European customer, we have another plan: when our goods arrive in Europe, we can send the samples to Europe together with our container, and then deliver to them. Usually customers can't wait that long, so we suggest that they make a test order because our basic demand is 100PCS. If it is a test order, it can be reduced to 50PCS, and the transportation cost is about $2500.

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