Slicethinner main product?

Slicethinner main product?

Slicethinner main product?

Slicethinner main product?
Slicethinner main product?

Our company is a professional furniture manufacturer and is promoting various products of industrial style pipes. Welcome to contact us.

Board decoration (plywood, wood core board ...) furniture.
Mainly produce board decoration (plywood, wood core board, etc ) furniture-based, we can provide a full set of DIY furniture for bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and office, etc.)
Then our DIY furniture will be accompanied by product instruction guide, all of which are taught step by step for you to assemble, and the products are automatically produced using computers, so our products have high accuracy, and there is no case where the furniture cannot be assembled.

If you still can't assemble the products, tell us, we can take a video of the installation process for you.

What qualifications or certifications do you use for the materials you use?

Our materials are basically environmentally friendly materials. We do not have FSC (Forest Certification) certification, but we can provide our purchase invoice to prove that we use FSC materials and use FSC materials to produce what customers need

For example, Germany is a very strict country. If you do not have FSC materials, you can not export to them. They need FSC materials, but when you import furniture into Germany, they will ask you to provide proof that the materials you use It does not come from deforested forests, but wood from planted forests, so our materials are sustainable and environmentally friendly. And our exporting country also has Germany, which is enough to prove that the high quality of the materials used in our factory can be recognized by such rigorous countries and other countries, so Slicethinner will be the perfect candidate for your cooperation. We are eager to cooperate with You grow up together, if you are interested in high-quality homes, please contact us!

What is the moisture content of your furniture?

Because our furniture is made of wood-based panels, there is no problem with moisture content, but if it is solid wood furniture, it is more important to pay attention to moisture content. The reason why customers care about moisture content is because the wood is too dry if the environment is too dry It will shrink; if it is too humid and will grow, the impact will be: the home may not be assembled. Since we are wood-based panels, although it is also a wooden board, it is already sheet-like or fragmented, and the duct is no longer Exist, there is no fiber, so this problem will not happen.

How to reach 0 formaldehyde content?

There will be no formaldehyde impact in our production process, and we will not use any harmful solvents or heavy metal components. All furniture meets the requirements of environmentally friendly metals, thus coexisting in harmony with our life and natural philosophy.

Materials will be imported when The grade is divided, and the original manufacturer can provide its test results. If the customer is still not assured when sending it to Taiwan, it can also be sent to the laboratory designated by the customer for testing, which can definitely meet the customer. Requirements for formaldehyde.

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