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Successful marketing strategy for modular furniture?

Successful marketing strategy for modular furniture?

A product will face many difficulties from design, R&D, production to sales.

Product aspect:

1. Appearance is important? Practical first? Cost considerations?

Product appearance, practicality and manufacturing cost, a good product must make a good balance among the three. Designers need to set their own design goals from the beginning. A beautiful product may attract many purchases at the beginning, but it may not look good or easy to use, or it may increase the manufacturing cost in order to achieve this design detail, but it does not. This is reflected in the product value that the buyer believes. Therefore, how to consider the three indicators at the same time in the design stage and achieve balance according to your own design goals is very important.

2. The product design schedule is not properly arranged.

The product may involve multiple factories and suppliers. One of the delays or errors will cause shipment delays. If there is a scheduled delivery date, it is recommended to prepare more in the first cooperation Time, even familiar manufacturers, may have unexpected problems when making new products, so it is very important to maintain good communication and close contact with suppliers and manufacturers. If you can't really control it, you can put the main control on yourself to make the scheduled sales schedule more flexible.

3. Don't pay attention to the product testing stage.

If your product has special production requirements, you must tell the partner manufacturer. If no special requirements are marked, the product will be produced according to the original production environment of the material. Assuming that the standard manufacturing temperature of a metal material is 65°C, the metal manufacturer will manufacture products in such an environment, but afterwards it was discovered that the customer requires that the manufacturing temperature of the product is 85°C. After back and forth communication and find ways to change the manufacturing Between conditions will make progress behind. Therefore, we must know the special needs of the product clearly and ask the manufacturer's product specifications in advance, so as not to affect the overall work schedule.

4. No prior knowledge of intellectual property rights.

Do you use existing patented components in your products? Search for trademarks and patents on the Intellectual Property Office website to ensure that your design will not have legal disputes.

In terms of customer groups:

5. The price of the product has not been set.

No matter how good the product is , the price is not useful for your target customer group without reasonable price. Take a moment to collect the income of the target customer group and the price they are willing to pay, and match the reference market price of competitive products, you can set your product price more data.

6. Did not consider the customer experience.

Have you personally used your product? Do you envisage the situation you will encounter when using the product in different situations? Consumers want to buy beautiful and easy-to-use products that can be used for a long time. Therefore, the user experience needs to be considered before designing, and the time, place and reason for the customer's use are very important.

7. No survey of consumer habits.

Not investigating good habits that consumers are used to comes from data statistics, not instant inspiration. Only a little difference in products of the same category will affect sales, which depends entirely on your understanding of consumers. So remember to do a survey and preferences of consumer habits, because the design itself is not for yourself, but the object you want to sell, your product users.

8. Wrong marketing products.

What advantages does your product have over competitors? How do you solve consumer problems? Rather than constantly telling consumers about the benefits of products, telling consumers that products "can meet their needs" is the best way to market products. But it should not be exaggerated. If manufacturing consumers' unrealistic expectations, it will only lead to returns and negative reviews, which will affect brand evaluation. Therefore, word-of-mouth marketing is the way to maintain the life of the product market. Finding ways to make your consumers become your brand loyalists. Bringing talent to people is the fastest way.

Market trends:

9. No product certification and knowledge of the land-to-sale regulations.

You must know in advance the production environment of your product, which is regulated or certified, and the factory's certification process is like a food safety stamp, which gives consumers peace of mind. Do you have to follow your local security certification? Or can your product apply for an environmental protection stamp? (e.g. LEED certification, energy and environmental design leadership certification;) Energy Star U.S. Energy Star Certification) may also be affected by the label, in addition to affecting consumer preferences, whether certain pathways can be sold.

10. Failure to keep up with the latest trends in design.

Consumers will want the latest stuff because they think the latest series will be the best. This phenomenon is especially common in technology products. Concerned about the new trend of design, always update their products and research and development direction will not be out of date in the industry.

11. Not fast enough timing for release.

The average consumer will want new products to go on the market as soon as possible, and when you're in the technology industry, products can become obsolete for a short time and have to learn to deal with the market quickly. If you find yourself unable to speed up the entire design process, find an experienced manufacturer to work with to help you cope with the rapidly changing consumer market.


Product design and development process, there will be a lot of partners, manufacturers, each stage of the control is professional, for the start-up designers will want to save unnecessary expenses, and single-handedly all things, but may make the implementation of the results not as expected. Therefore, in addition to choosing the right partner, putting the right people in the right position, considering design, manufacturing, marketing, marketing, for the development of a successful commodity, everything is indispensable. Don't forget to check for missing items before designing!

Successful marketing strategy for modular furniture? | Made in Taiwan Modern Wood Furniture Manufacturer For 60 Years | Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited

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