What is the MOQ?

What is the MOQ?

In principle, our things are not very expensive, but considering that the transportation cost of each country is very expensive, we will recommend at least one pallet number, so it will be more cost-effective for you. 50PCS is OK, but the minimum order quantity for future transactions must be 100PCS, and a model must be 100PCS or more.

If I were a small wholesaler, would you accept small orders?

Yes, as long as the freight is cost-effective, 20 ~ 30PSC is acceptable, but the larger the thing, the longer it will take time. Usually 4 ~ 6 pallets are installed in a container, and the delivery can be completed in about 60 days. The premise is that the samples have been confirmed, and the gimmicks, manuals, hardware packages, packaging design, etc. have been confirmed with you and can be successfully delivered within 60 days, but once it exceeds 6 pallets, the time will take longer.

Can you accept mixed orders?

Yes, as long as a whole container can be delivered, but the time is up to us, because there is no guarantee that what you want is in stock. The more you mix, the longer the waiting time.

How do I know if my order is being processed and how can I track it?

As long as we have received the deposit, we will definitely execute this order. Don’t worry, usually the deposit will be charged 50%. You can directly ask about the progress. If you want to take pictures to confirm the progress, we will inform you. If I don’t execute this Orders, I will definitely return the money to you, integrity is the most important point in our business. We are happy to deal with customers who are interested in the execution of our products. From order confirmation to shipment, we can provide customers with daily updates on their products daily.

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