What kind of warranty service do you offer?

What kind of warranty service do you offer?

If you are a long-term customer, we will provide a replacement, but this part still needs the customer's own expense. Your customer department will know more about how the service consumer uses the product and the product damage caused by accident.

Does the product have a warranty?

If you have any problems during the assembly process, as long as it is our mistake, we will be responsible for correcting the missing, most of the purchase does not require the use of life, because our product replacement rate is quite high, because it is economical Type replacement products usually have a useful life of one year even if there is one.

Can I have my own mark on the product?

We can provide this service, or labeling, but if it is too complicated and needs to open the board, we will consider charging, but the cost will not be too high, basically few people in the furniture industry require branding on the product, usually All are required in the outer box or in the manual.

Is your product on the website the only option? Can products on the website be ordered directly?

No, that's just part of us. The reason for putting it in part is to verify our processing capacity and the extent to which we can do it. The items on the website can be ordered, but you must send us an inquiry letter to let us know who you are. If you like the products on the website, and you can even change the color, we can send you a color plate for you. You can change the color according to the swatch.

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