Welcome to Slicethinner

Welcome to Slicethinner.

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Company Profile

Slicethinner, founded in 1960, is specialized in furniture research, development, production manufacturing. Committed to create cozy and comfortable family surroundings with safety friendly, human green living environment and family functions solutions. It all represents timeless products, long-term commitment from the very starting point through highly innovative approach, it all means change.

Furniture designers pursue better perfect home function either independent furniture or system furniture, employees pursue accurate and stable quality products. With time passage, each detail will also involve in the most innovative technology and different functions, to provide consumers with fashionable and comfortable household supplies, to access a deeper understanding and experience of furniture culture.

Company Philosophy

For the best consideration, we wish to show you our design concept, aesthetics, function, practicality and cost-effective products, this is how we present our service to customers, we believe furniture is not just a simple object, another interpretation, is to create a much better life.

Our goal is to provide steady quality and durability of our products continuously to meet variety requirements. By study the most innovative metals, using modern technology and rational concepts, each product is always unique, using metals that perfectly blend into modern needs, design, technology, quality and respect for intellectual property on every details.

Global Environment

The ambition is to minimize environmental impact during production process. We continue to strive to improve the production process, so that the enabling environment, our efforts lead us to good results, and recognized by the relevant institutions, our production process and our products are absolutely safe and healthy.

In addition, no formaldehyde effect during our production process, and we do not use any harmful solvents or heavy metal components. All furniture is to meet environmentally friendly metals, thus cope with our philosophy of life and nature coexist harmoniously.

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