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International Safe Transit Association

The most ordinary packaging test standard in the world.
The most ordinary packaging test standard in the world.
Product protection plan warranty program
Product protection plan warranty program

Slicethinner owns transport package trial standard(3A) of ISTA (International Safe Transit Association), formulating a series of test standard to become the most ordinary packaging test standard in the world.

3A : Applicable to small package products of completely package which total weight will less than 150lb (68kg), conducting atmosphere environment test, include and exclude the random vibration and drop trial from above.

1. Carton burst test
2. Board vertical pressure
3. Carton pressure test
4. Challenge the capability of the package and product to withstand transport hazards.
5. Utilize general simulation of actual transport hazards.
6. Do not necessarily comply with carrier packaging regulations.
7. Product to market time reduction
8. Confidence in product launch
9. Reduction in damages and product loss
10. Balanced distribution costs
11. Customer satisfaction contributing to increased market share
12. Overview provides general knowledge required before testing
13. Testing presents the specific instructions to do laboratory testing
14. Reporting indicates what data shall be recorded to submit a test report to ISTA
15. Testing can be used to evaluate the protective performance of a packaged-product related to vibrations, shocks and other stresses normally encountered 16. during handling and transportation in a parcel delivery system.
17. Test levels are based on general data and may not represent any specific distribution system.
18. The package and product are considered together and not separately.
19. Some conditions of transit, such as moisture, pressure or unusual handling may not be covered.

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