Wood Grain Patch Skin

Wood Grain Patch Skin

Prefessional And Customize Laminate

Slicethinner long-term cooperation with the manufacturers of professional veneer production, and long-term investment to develop new veneer color, in addition to simulation wood print, the more simulation wood indentation, to improve the realism of the tactile surface, commonly used in addition to simulation wood veneer color outside, more marble, cement, grain, glossy PVC veneer, offer customers a variety of options, and the benefits with a variety of skin colors, can be nothing more than to catch a variety of design styles of furniture products.

By the following 10 kinds of skin paste for the slicethinner commonly used skin.


There are ten different kinds of wood grain series, so that you can use them directly. If necessary, other wood grain categories, colors, hue, color temperature reference, or need to match different furniture examples.

●Maple Wood Series:

Maple Wood Series

●IMG-Beech Wood Series:

Beech Wood Series

●IMG-Stone Texture Series:

Stone Texture Series

●IMG-Sakura Walnut Series:

Sakura Walnut Series

●IMG-Walnut Series:

Walnut Series

●IMG-Oak Wood Series:

Oak Wood Series

●IMG-Teak Series:

Teak Series

●IMG-Pine Series:

Pine Series

●IMG-Peach Heart Wood Series:

Peach Heart Wood Series

●IMG-Birch Wood Series:

Birch Wood Series

Please inform us of your request for matching products, and we will assist you in developing exclusive products. Welcome to ask us any questions and ideas.

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