3 Layers Japanese Style Extend Cabinet

Has A Strong Retro Console Table

Has A Strong Retro Console Table

The console table has three layers of flat space for you to placed items. Red walnut of the wooden veneer, so that the overall console table has a strong retro feeling.

Black Elegant Dressing Table

Black Elegant Dressing Table

Dressing Table size is 125 cm wide x 42.5 cm deep x 80 cm high, larger than the general dresser on the market. Dresser high of the table gives people feet flexible swing. it can be lift up in middle compartment and with mirror on the back and place it back gets a complete flat for other purposes.


3 Layers Japanese Style Extend Cabinet Supply. Furniture For Office, Home, Living Room, Dining Rooml & Bathroom Manufacturing For Almost 60 Years - Slicethinner

Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited, since 1960, is one of the 3 Layers Japanese Style Extend Cabinet manufacturers located in Taiwan. Providing high-quality wood furniture and veneer production, flat pack packaging, and prefessional lamination work.

Along with office and home furniture, Slicethinner also supplies knock down furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture and bedroom furniture, etc. The wide range of furniture products are designed with innovation.

Specialized in building home furniture with patented designs, both with advanced technology and 58 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.

3 Layers Japanese Style Extend Cabinet


Cafe style placing.
Cafe style placing.

The book cabinet can pull extend in left and right side, the storage capacity increases estimate at most double from the original.

This product is easy to assemble, the color is elegant and mild, fits to match with warm color space.

Steady structure, difficult to shake, lateral extend can produce 6 spaces. Due to the different height of upper row and lower row, we suggest to put books according to the sizes. For instant, the paperbacks on the upper row and the magazines on the lower row. Extend style can change depends on the fond, the storage space would also be different.

The wooden vein adopted vintage walnut laminate, smooth surface and high quality. The match color fits to make the room in Japanese style or with café atmosphere embellish design.

Product Use


  • Overall Dimensions (inch) : 27.24-51.77 in wide * 11.81 in deep * 31.5 in high
  • Overall Dimensions (cm) : 69.2-131.5 cm wide * 30 cm deep * 80 cm high
  • Box Dimensions (inch) : 36.02 in length * 14.76 in wide * 9.25 in high
  • Box Dimensions (cm) : 91.5 cm length * 37.5 cm wide * 23.5 cm high
  • Product Weight (kg) : 26.5 kgs
  • Box Product Weight (kg) : 27.6 kgs
  • Tone of Color : Walnut
  • Material : MDF, PB, Paper Laminate
  • Assembly Requirements : Two Adults

Product Feature

  • Flat alignment design.
  • Free adjustment of width.

Product Wood Skins

Slicethinner works with professional skinning factory to provide customers with various skin stickers. There are mainly several kinds of skin stickers. In addition, you can ask other special color boards.

Welcome to “Wood Grain Patch Skin” or Skin And Color for more options.

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