Black Glass Tabletop Coffee Table

Classic Decorative Drawer TV Stand

Classic Decorative Drawer TV Stand

The gazebo styling TV stand, for you to block the cold air, the dust, the slight daylight. Deep brown body, paired with this cool appearance, reminiscent of the summer. This piece showcases a spacious 70-inch desktop, enough to accommodate most of the large TVs.

Hexagonal Black Glass Rose Gold Exquisite Side Table

Hexagonal Black Glass Rose Gold Exquisite Side Table

Rose color side table. Hexagon, like a room inside bee's nest. The side table size is 48 cm wide x 42 cm deep x 46 cm high. It is relatively stable in the market. The table frame, bracket and base are rose metal color, smooth surface, reflective, creating a luxurious texture. This product design can be paired with the same side table, and edges and edges can depend on each other, let you to build nests like bees, collect nectar (side tables).


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Black Glass Tabletop Coffee Table


shows a kind of low-key but luxury feeling
shows a kind of low-key but luxury feeling

Black Glass Tabletop coffee table is a coffee table made up of rose gold table feet and black glass desktops, the table part is round, and there is a layer below to put something, the Rose Gold table foot and the middle layer connection to set up this table.

The glass material of the dark desktop, rounded and not rough, and safer to use, showing a low-key and luxurious feel. The gorgeous four rose gold pillars show the entire temperament, and the stable black lower countertop maintains the entire smoothness, making it safer for you to use.

The Black glass tabletop coffee table parts are simple and not very complex, and the DIY part is not very difficult. Black Glass Desktop gives people feel calm and noble, and then with rose gold table feet, black and rose gold sharp contrast makes this coffee table become eye-catching existence, the bottom of the design of black shelf planks a little things, so that this noble table in the living room has an aristocratic atmosphere.

Product Use


  • Overall Dimensions (inch) : 35.04 in wide * 35.04 in deep * 15.94 in high
  • Overall Dimensions (cm) : 89.0 cm wide * 89.0 cm deep * 40.5 cm high
  • Box Dimensions (inch) : 43.50 in length * 41.73 in wide * 6.10 in high
  • Box Dimensions (cm) : 110.5 cm length * 106.0 cm wide * 15.5 cm high
  • Product Weight (kg) : 18.0 kgs
  • Box Product Weight (kg) : 24.8 kgs
  • Tone of Color: Rose Gold , Black (A0016501) / Chrome , Black (A0016534)
  • Material : Metal , Temper Glass , PB
  • Assembly Requirements : Two Adults

Product Feature

  • The Rose and gold table feet are fitted with table pads.
  • The black glass desktop and the rose gold table feet are connected.
  • The mounting rack is connected to the rose and gold table feet.

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    Snow-white style. Bright white elegant coffee table is made of a circular shape. The tabletop uses bright white, enhance the overall texture, table feet using rose gold color light feeling lightweight, so that the overall feeling of the coffee table is lighter.Its flat tabletop allows you to place items smoothly, with a high-texture rose and gold table feet under the table. The contrast between the white color and the rose gold color makes the coffee table feel noble and elegant. So, this coffee table unlike others, the bright white but also elegant, is not based on practicality, but on the overall atmosphere. To do anything on this white tabletop would seem to feel like an aristocrat dining at a noble and elegant table.If you want to have an elegant temperament, bright white elegant coffee table is absolutely the best choice for you.

  • V Shape Metal Post Legs Coffee Table - Fashion style coffee table.
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    Fashion style coffee table. V-shaped of table foot crossover design, so that the coffee table does not look bulky and full of layered sense. It designed by the usual specification of table feet, allows the entire coffee table to stand firmly. And also adding a lot of modern elements to keep the tabletop flat.Tabletop shape using a positive circle, and then put on the stainless steel type of V-shaped table feet, so that the original very monotonous glass coffee table has a change in shape. And Its metal post legs coffee table foot design lets you place items safely without bothering to tilt or fall in danger. V-shaped table feet than the general upright table feet are also more stable and durable.If you have our same type of side table, you can match this coffee table with it, showing a lazy, comfortable home environment!

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    L-type black glass coffee table most of the material is made of metal, the silver metal frame adds many modern styles, making the coffee table as stylish art.Its tabletop surface has a tattoo, not only a piece of black glass, but imitation of the nature of the tattoo, the tattoo and metal frame collocation, so that the works becomes more unique. The tabletop design of the spacious, enhance its original functionality, and then do embellishment, so that its appearance presents simplicity and change, at the same time with a bit of industrial style.This is a style coffee table with more than one style, and if you put it in the living room, you can make the ordinary atmosphere become clear and incomparable. It brings a texture of the coffee table can make the atmosphere of the living room become noble.

  • Square Four Sides Drawers Coffee Table - 4 sides drawers coffee table.
    Square Four Sides Drawers Coffee Table

    Square four-sides drawers coffee table has the appearance of a square and a steady, and having something different from the average table is that this table has a large drawer on all sides for you to put things in. These drawers adopted metal side slide device to construct, it accomplishes the smoother pull out function.This coffee table is a complex of tables and dwarf cabinet. A special design is used between the table and the cabinet to connect. And it makes the table and cupboard into a small cubicle that can be placed. This provides enough space design for books, movie DVDs and game software. You can categorize it in every direction, and this table is definitely your storage helper.The coffee table in the four drawers is a very novel design, which can add new colors to the living room. Even in the entertainment room is also very suitable!

  • Mirror Surface Glass Coffee Table - we maintain accurate professional skill to make the metal surface smoothly
    Mirror Surface Glass Coffee Table

    Mirror surface glass coffee table is made up of rose gold metal frames and mirrored glass desktops.To express its appearance in a minimalist style. Unlike the average coffee table, Mirror surface glass coffee table takes mirror glass as the desktop. Show clean and neat, paired with rose gold metal, enhance the overall texture.Combine with a spacious rectangular mirror desktop with a rose and gold table foot,Not only enhances the function of the table itself, and the mirror contrasts with the two elements of the rose gold, allowing the minimalist style of mirror surface glass coffee table to add a style.The double Y-shaped design helps to support the metal feet and creates a slim, lightweight feel. A special visual perception is formed at the four ends of the table from the top right angle extension of the double Y. A unique sense of modernity coupled with a minimalist style makes mirror surface glass coffee table more distinctive.Mirror Surface glass coffee table is a unique coffee table.It can make your living room atmosphere unique.

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    N shape space coffee table is a table foot for the characteristics of the coffee table. Design reference from the English word-N, Unlike other coffee tables, this coffee table does not stand at the four endpoints of the table. The amazing thing is that such a table foot design is no more unstable than other general tables.Sticker skin color using simulated wood grain, enhance the warm and warm visual effects, quite a three-dimensional design. It contains aesthetic and practical.There is a space under the table for a place where you can put a little something. This design makes it more functional. N shape space coffee table has an excellent appearance and functionality.If you like a specially styled table, this n-Shape space coffee table is definitely your best choice, with a simple look and a little change that turns what was meant to be an unremarkable table into a very design coffee table.

  • Grey Metal Frame Coffee Table - Country round coffee table, bright spot for the living room.
    Grey Metal Frame Coffee Table

    High-quality gray metal frame coffee table, the main feature is the metal pedestal part. The tabletop place uses integrated metal round frame combines with the pedestal. The screw holes under the tabletop can be covered easily when you put the tabletop on so that you won’t discover the screw holes, this is one of our important parts of our design products. The weathered white color wood grain tabletop combines with metal pedestals shows a kind of modern style feeling. This coffee table is easy to assemble and convenient to move, it’s one of the indispensable furniture for your living room.Coffee Table adopts circular wooden desktop, it size is 82.5 diameter x 40.5 high in centimeter. Gray and black metal texture create in round frame, long and vertical table feet, all of element combine into rural industrial wind atmosphere. with make the circle metal frame also produce a depression let wood tope can fit in circle frame and when people moving table the top will not going to slip out. this type design is innovation in this type coffee table. this technique is one of our unique design.In our circle metal frame type of coffee table, we also produce a depression in iron frame, because this feature we let user will not see thought the table side following gap.

  • Hexagonal Black Glass Coffee Table - Sofa side table, hexagonal desk, rose gold table, a sense of quality, exquisite craftsmanship
    Hexagonal Black Glass Coffee Table

    Hexagonal Black Glass Coffee Table is a hexagonal coffee table with a rose-gold metal frame with smooth black reinforced explosion-proof glass. Unlike other coffee tables, the desktop takes a hexagonal shape, stretching from the top to form another table foot with only a frame hexagonal shape, forming a symmetrical coffee table, paired with black reinforced explosion-proof glass, rose gold with a black desktop, forming a strong contrast, but also creating a gorgeous feeling.Hexagonal Black Glass Coffee Table table presents a minimalist style, but the minimalist style has a change, with the contrast of color to make changes, do not let the whole product too monotonous, so that it has more than a feature. The contrast between the rose gold and the black makes it difficult for us to look at the Hexagonal Black Glass Coffee Table, to express the product in a way up and down six corners, and to contrast it with a special color, so that its appearance shows a unique presence.

  • Oval Shape Coffee Desk - Arc rivets irregular modeling geometric tables.
    Oval Shape Coffee Desk

    Olive leaf Shape coffee table is a very personalized coffee table, whether it is styling or other details, it can be said to have many unique designs, such as the table with useful rivets fixed, with decorative effect, and on both sides of the table feet are also presented in an asymmetric manner, Can stand more steadily than the average table.The desktop part is to the olive leaf as the appearance to present, and then uses the imitation wood grain to decorate this desktop, causes this table appearance to add a lot of style, the desktop side useful rivet to fix and decorate, presents the industrial style. The table feet are made of geometry as a support, not only more stable than the average table foot, but also to add fun to the table, the whole table is like a small animal with the feet of the limbs before creeping. If you want a table with a unique look, this piece of olive leaf shape coffee table is definitely the first choice.

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