Black Textured Storage Cabinets

Modern Multi-Storage Desk

Modern Multi-Storage Desk

Classic football door styling, it classifies all the things you might use. Mainly divided into three areas, the desktop is mainly where let you write, you can also place laptops, space is very spacious.

Black Elegant Dressing Table

Black Elegant Dressing Table

Dressing Table size is 125 cm wide x 42.5 cm deep x 80 cm high, larger than the general dresser on the market. Dresser high of the table gives people feet flexible swing. it can be lift up in middle compartment and with mirror on the back and place it back gets a complete flat for other purposes.


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Located in Taiwan, Slicethinner Manufacturing Company Limited, since 1960, is a Black Textured Storage Cabinets research, development, production manufacturing provider/manufacturer. 200 furniture have been developed and 50 cases per year. From furniture consultation, design, proofing, sample making, packaging inspection, product photography, mass production to delivery, Slicethinner delivers top level services to worldwide clients.

To meet the need for B2B and B2C transportation; furniture handling, warehousing and value added services such as (re)packaging, labeling, customs services, assembly, and disposal of packaging are provided.

Slicethinner has been providng furniture furniture research, development and production manufacturing to customers globally, both with advanced technology and 58 years of experience, Slicethinner ensures each customer's demands are met.

Black Textured Storage Cabinets


Metal hand handle corner seat locker
Metal hand handle corner seat locker

Metal hand handle corner seat locker.
The size of the locker is long 120 cm* wide 40 cm* high 86.6 cm, the upper layer of the cupboard can be a drawer is storage space, the following is two two-door storage, which is divided into the upper and lower layers, one side of the above is the wine rack, can be placed wine, in the appearance of the part of the use of metal hand to do embellishment , but also make the whole cabinet more eye-catching.

Metal corner seat will be the overall improvement of the locker, increase the flow of light and air feeling; black wood grain patch using high-pressure laminate technology, not only let the wood grain in the visual presentation, more can be realized with touch.

This product is quite suitable for placement in the kitchen, can be different sizes of pots and pans classification placement, but also can collect wine!

Product Use


  • Overall Dimensions (inch) : 47.24 in wide * 15.75 in deep * 34.09 in high
  • Overall Dimensions (cm) : 120.0 cm wide * 40.0 cm deep * 86.6 cm high
  • Box Dimensions (inch) : 58.07 in length * 20.67 in wide * 7.48 in high
  • Box Dimensions (cm) : 147.5 cm length * 52.5 cm wide * 19.0 cm high
  • Product Weight (kg) : 47.0 kgs
  • Box Product Weight (kg) : 51.8 kgs
  • Tone of Color : Black Oak
  • Material : PB , Paper Laminate , Metal
  • Assembly Requirements : Two Adults

Product Feature

  • Suitable for placement in the kitchen, storage pots and pans and so on.
  • Good location for wine collection.
  • Clever use of metal materials in the hand and angle, so that the whole is more attractive.

Product Wood Skins

Slicethinner works with professional skinning factory to provide customers with various skin stickers. There are mainly several kinds of skin stickers. In addition, you can ask other special color boards.

Welcome to “Wood Grain Patch Skin” or Skin And Color for more options.

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