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Flat Pack Furniture

Slicethinner furniture use flat package.

In consulting with customers and furniture design, we design furniture in a way that can be packed in a flat manner. Slicethinner Furniture Packaging is extremely simple. Each plank and part can lie flat in a flat carton. Sometimes after the product is disassembled can not just fill a rectangular block, in order to fully utilize the space, will be the packaging of goods can be staggered in the carton, do not waste the stack space.

What is your packaging?
Our outer packaging is flat packaging:
1. Can reduce transportation costs
2. Can reduce storage costs
3. Easy management
4. Saves the time and cost of grouping furniture, so the unit price of the product is relatively low
Flat packaging has the above advantages, let us work with customers to improve cooperation efficiency,and our product packaging is in compliance with ISTA 3A standard.
What is the process of packing containers?
The inner packaging is carton, Polyron, Shumei cloth, sets of corners, and carton.
We can use as long as it can protect the product. When we pack, we follow our packaging drawings. We will first design the packaging location, fill in the bill of materials for the required materials, make samples of packaging materials, use the samples to test the product packaging, and finally draw the packaging staff to use to achieve standardized production.
Has your packaging been tested?
The packaging and transportation we use are in compliance with the ISTA 3A standard. The test method of ISTA 3A is different from other ISTA series tests. It can simulate the actual packaging and transportation situation than 1A, 2A, etc., and is suitable for postal packaging under 70 kg. Product risk assessment. The vibration test of ISTA 3A requires a special random test vibration table to achieve it. The hydraulic vibration table has an advanced and unique hydraulic power system and an accurate control system. Only the hydraulic random test vibration table can fully meet the various requirements of this test.
The following related tests are available for you:
ISTA's Packaging Test Project
Packaging test is to simulate the damage to the product caused by various environmental factors such as vibration, pressure, drop, impact, temperature and humidity during the actual transportation of the packaged product.
Vibration test (taking 1A as an example): This test is to simulate the bumps encountered during the transportation of the product. Place the tested sample on the simulated transport vibration table according to the standard and set the frequency of the vibration table (the gap between the packaging box and the vibration table can freely pass the 1/16 inch thick and 2 inch wide metal sheet The number of vibrations is 14,200.
Drop test (taking 1A as an example): This test is to simulate the fall, impact and other situations encountered during the transportation of the packaging box. The test sample is subjected to 10 free-fall tests (including one corner, three sides, and six sides) or impact tests on the drop machine. The drop height and impact speed of different weight boxes are different.
Carton weight W (lbs.) / Drop height (inch) / Impact speed (ft / s)
0≤W <21 (10Kg) / 30 (762mm) / 13 (3.9m / s)
21≤W <41 (19Kg) / 24 (610mm) / 11 (3.5m / s)
41≤W <61 (28Kg) / 18 (457mm) / 10 (3.0m / s)
61≤W <100 (45Kg) / 12 (305mm) / 8.0 (2.5m / s)
100≤W <150 (68Kg) / 8 (203mm) / 6.6 (2.0m / s)
The following are some of the inspection items that can be carried out by the packaging testing laboratory regarding transport packaging:
-Vibration test
-Slope impact test
-Packaging materials and heavy metal elements testing
-Cardboard burst test
-Drop test
-Packaging product pressure test
-Temperature and humidity environment test
-Side Compression Strength Test
What if the product is damaged during shipping?
Basically, our product packaging meets the ISTA 3A standard. If you still have doubts, you can apply for a laboratory report, and you can use this report to claim against the local carrier.

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