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The Importance Of Images / Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

Image Design

The Importance Of Images

In the era of modern network, e-commerce will become an important part of corporate marketing. The network is no longer a new technology and new industry, but a new marketing channel structured under the traditional economic model. Under the gradually clear network prospect, the competition will inevitably become increasingly fierce. Therefore, we believe that only by accepting good products and good solutions can an enterprise be invincible. In the visual network environment, only excellent visual design can attract the attention of netizens and customers. In order to create a high-quality website, we take extra photos of each furniture product, and provide customers with the best image matching and image product photos at any time, so as to avoid being abused and causing repeated images everywhere. Let the website achieve the best presentation effect.

In the era of modern network, e-commerce will become an important part of corporate marketing.
In the era of modern network, e-commerce will become an important part of corporate marketing.

Commercial Photography

What isthe service content of commercial photography?
To put it simply, commercial photography is an image used for commercial purposes, which can successfully help sales and image enhancement of products. The finished product shot is attractive to the public and contains clear messages. Commodity photography has different price differences according to the number of shooting hours, the number of products, the type and the way the photos are presented. The photo presentation methods are divided into monochrome background photos and situation photos, and the latter is usually expensive.

There is no standard for commercial photography, and the content, style and execution method of the shooting are usually determined according to customer needs. Finished photography can be divided into situational shots and back shots (monochrome background shots). The situational shots are coordinated by the photographer with professional equipment, props assistance, lighting control and other factors. It especially tests the photographer's aesthetic quality. The situational shots are mainly used Works that clearly express the subject.
The back photo is purely with the product as the main body, without other props to assist the picture, and strive to take the product photo that is clear and sharp. It seems simple, but it is also the basic skill that professional photographers need to steadily and firmly.

What do you need to do before a commercial photographer?

You must first confirm what the finished product you want, which ethnic group you want to appeal to, who you want to impress, what feeling you want to create, and even what effect you want to achieve. It is best to clarify in advance by yourself for the benefit of photography Teacher communication.
Of course, the early communication also includes the quantity of shooting products and the delivery schedule of files. The more careful the early communication, the more it can help the smoothness of subsequent shooting. You can also refer to how to calculate the cost of commercial photography, so as not to budget too much from your expectations.

Once the two parties confirm the cooperation, what is the process?
1. Early communication with. Commercial photographers The first step is to communicate with the shooting content, such as photo presentation, shooting type, quantity, time, location (some photographers have their own studios, if not, they have to borrow another venue ), file delivery method, etc ., that can start the agreed shooting content.
2. The actual shooting. Experts will conduct actual shooting based on the previous communication content, and you will be asked to select the film after the shooting is completed. If you want an expert to follow along during the shooting, you can also discuss with the expert. Whether you want to participate in the photographer's work process is up to you. Most of them will be operated by the photographer and his team. They will not follow closely to reduce unnecessary confusion on the scene. However, if you are not at ease, you can also negotiate with the photographer whether you can go with you and adjust the picture at any time. In a manner acceptable to both parties.
3. Post-production and proofreading. Post-production includes defect processing, color correction, retouching, backing, conversion... etc. After the completion of the post-production, the expert will provide you with a raw film for you to proofread the draft. Confirmation of the product shooting screen is required The situational photos or the back photos, the number of photos each, and the file format and submissions require repeated confirmation by both parties.
4. Payment and delivery. After confirming that the photos are ok, the last step is to deliver the documents. The experts will deliver the official files, usually CD-ROMs or cloud links, and will be paid according to your needs.

Other precautions for commercial photography.
The content of the submission is whether to submit the raw film or the refined photo, whether post-production such as color correction and file conversion is required, and the photography team must also know. There are two common delivery methods, one is to send a CD-ROM, the other is to send a cloud connection, or both, both parties can negotiate.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a service that includes the designer’s professionalism, experience, design style, as well as the difficulty, complexity, and design time required for the case itself, as well as the modifications provided by the graphic designer Number of times...etc, these will affect the content of graphic design. In addition, graphic design is also divided into multiple categories, such as DM design, poster design, ... etc., which have different values according to different design types.

What are the services of graphic designers?

When the graphic designer first gets your case, the case description should include the project description, the target group of the design, and the expected delivery time. Then, the designer will plan a design proposal report to you according to your needs. The content of the report includes the design concept, the number of revisions, the expected finished product, etc., as well as who will handle the text, photos, and proofs, and it does not include printing Cost and future revisions. If you accept the graphic designer’s proposal, the designer will have several interviews with you to discuss the design concept, layout and plan, and after modifying several versions after the previously agreed number of revisions, the design will be finished within the deadline Leave it to you.

What is the process of finding a designer to do graphic design?
1.The first step in design communication is to communicate the design content with the designer, first inform you of the design project you want, and then discuss the details, such as size, single and double-sided design, style... etc., so that the designer can understand clearly Your needs to design works that meet your expectations.
2.After the design content is communicated with the price confirmation and contract signing , both parties need to confirm the quotation amount. If you are sure you want to start working with the designer.
3.The draft proposal designer will make a preliminary design based on your needs and communication content. After the draft is completed, the first design proposal will be made. At this time, you can see whether the preliminary design matches what you want, and update it with the designer. Further communication.
4.Artwork modification. The designer will modify the artwork according to the content of the discussion, and the number of changes provided by each designer is different, usually 2-3 times on average. During the revision process, communication is also very important. Good communication can make the final work more in line with your expectations.

Why do I need to find a professional graphic designer?
Here are a few ideas for your reference. Professional designers know how to use the best way to communicate a product or service with consumers, and at the same time make the product/service/brand look more distinctive.

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In addition, a good design can not only look more professional, but also be more eye-catching and achieve better exposure, and professional designers can also greatly reduce the time for you to worry about designing. Finally, when you have decided to do graphic design, why not do it well and do it all at once?

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