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Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

Exhibition News


Nec Birmingham Furniture Show 2017 January Furniture Show

With a Sunday opening, 4 day duration and over 500 exhibitors, the show fills the NEC's 5 major halls. Discover all the UK's major upholstery, cabinet and bed suppliers, plus leading brands in accessories, flooring, fabric and lighting. International exhibitors include major brands from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, France and the Far East. European international exhibitors include major brands from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, France and the Far East. They are open on Sundays for four days. More than 500 exhibitors are participating in the event.

The main hall is the main brand in the field of interior decoration, cabinets and bed furnaces, as well as accessories, flooring, fabrics and lighting, as well as international furniture carnival. The company has the experience of the first exhibition, can confidently with the international exchange, the use of business communication skills so that we get the two foreign partners to join and should aid, in a conversation we learn to balance each other Marketing means, but also gradually grasp the national market preferences, the appropriate cooperation so that both sides benefit a lot, the exhibitors accident to the company into a trace of new vitality.

Manchester Summer 2016-7-17

In the summer of 2017 in Manchester, a unique, up-to-date exhibition space was held for retailers, contract buyers, or interior designers or purchasing officials to showcase interior decorations, including cabinets and dining, beds and bedrooms Furniture, and ultimately, the new trend of the artistic style and decorative accessories, designers and buyers and want to find a good design you can not miss this magnificent city center held by the great event.

And we also hold the test market and the exchange of mentality to participate in the exhibition of furniture mostly wine cabinet, side table mainly, although there are many manufacturers, designers are attracted by our furniture, but in the course of the conversation found in the country Design ideas, styles and prices are different in the basic price to foreign priority, so that we must re-examine the quality of furniture and design concepts, marketing considerations need to integrate different market style and review the direction of improving the strategy, and how to let More people look at our products, so that consumers need or as long as the company's furniture is our main core. If you are a retail or contract buyer, an interior designer, a specifier, or procurement officer, then Manchester is the place to be this summer. Come and see the newest trends in upholstery, cabinet and dining, beds and bedroom furniture, occasional, mirrors, art and decorative accessories. It will all on be on show at Manchester Central; a unique, up-to-the minute exhibition space, right in the heart of this magnificent city.

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