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  • Multifunctional Storage Convenient Console Table
    Multifunctional Storage Convenient Console Table

    Multi-layer storage space console table. This is the evolutionary version of walnut quality solid wood retro shape console table, following the design of a first generation, the second generation into two drawers, reducing dust breed, you can put in more items.The console table using modern design elements, the appearance of 1.2M wide * 0.4M deep * 0.8M high rectangular space, the top flat and wide desktop lets you put a lot of household items or souvenirs, you will burst with happiness when you see. Open space below the third splint, you place items more frequently used. Then the lower drawer door design to magnetic absorbing style, let you store your things that need to be well protected, at the bottom of the console table has a large placement space that provides larger items to place.Overall console table used by many modern elements, it offers you a better DIY furniture, we offer a variety of colors to choose from, if you are interested in our products, please leave us a message.

  • Easy Assembly Square Coffee Table
    Easy Assembly Square Coffee Table

    High texture double square design coffee table. The product size is 80 cm wide * 80 cm deep * 34 cm high cube. We use a white tabletop on the appearance of the coffee table, placed indoors to make the overall space brighter.It is a combination of double squares and glass plates. The center between the glass surfaces allows a perspective so that you can clearly find the location of the items below. Next, the middle mezzanine part of the coffee table uses a simple separation, presenting four block areas, allowing you to put things at home can also be more orderly.Thick double-decker square tabletop, which provide you with solid things placed, the table feet below prop up the whole, and more durable. The overall coffee table features many modern elements that allows you to easily self-assembly at home and enjoy their own achievement.

  • Vintage Walnut Coffee Table
    Vintage Walnut Coffee Table

    Industrial Retro styling coffee table. The coffee table is made of 120CM*60CM, with a long, flat desktop, and the overall coffee table is completed by mahogany grain wood skin.In the middle of it is a two storage open spaces for you to put into the usual reading newspapers and magazines. The design is also for convenience as a prerequisite, in the front and back of the table, the use of front and rear open design, so that you can quickly pick up the items you need. Would you like to think of such a huge table, it would be very inconvenient to tidy up? Don't worry, we designed five wheels at the bottom of the table and let you move at will!This coffee table has an industrial style and retro style of the combination of elements, streamlined shape, to provide a beautiful, high-texture appearance. Perfect for placing in the living room!

  • V Shape Metal Post Legs Coffee Table
    V Shape Metal Post Legs Coffee Table

    Fashion style coffee table. V-shaped of table foot crossover design, so that the coffee table does not look bulky and full of layered sense. It designed by the usual specification of table feet, allows the entire coffee table to stand firmly. And also adding a lot of modern elements to keep the tabletop flat.Tabletop shape using a positive circle, and then put on the stainless steel type of V-shaped table feet, so that the original very monotonous glass coffee table has a change in shape. And Its metal post legs coffee table foot design lets you place items safely without bothering to tilt or fall in danger. V-shaped table feet than the general upright table feet are also more stable and durable.If you have our same type of side table, you can match this coffee table with it, showing a lazy, comfortable home environment!

  • Mirror Surface Glass Coffee Table
    Mirror Surface Glass Coffee Table

    Mirror surface glass coffee table is made up of rose gold metal frames and mirrored glass desktops.To express its appearance in a minimalist style. Unlike the average coffee table, Mirror surface glass coffee table takes mirror glass as the desktop. Show clean and neat, paired with rose gold metal, enhance the overall texture.Combine with a spacious rectangular mirror desktop with a rose and gold table foot,Not only enhances the function of the table itself, and the mirror contrasts with the two elements of the rose gold, allowing the minimalist style of mirror surface glass coffee table to add a style. The double Y-shaped design helps to support the metal feet and creates a slim, lightweight feel. A special visual perception is formed at the four ends of the table from the top right angle extension of the double Y. A unique sense of modernity coupled with a minimalist style makes mirror surface glass coffee table more distinctive.Mirror Surface glass coffee table is a unique coffee table.It can make your living room atmosphere unique.

  • Grey Metal Frame Coffee Table
    Grey Metal Frame Coffee Table

    High-quality gray metal frame coffee table, the main feature is the metal pedestal part. The tabletop place uses integrated metal round frame combines with the pedestal. The screw holes under the tabletop can be covered easily when you put the tabletop on so that you won’t discover the screw holes, this is one of our important parts of our design products. The weathered white color wood grain tabletop combines with metal pedestals shows a kind of modern style feeling. This coffee table is easy to assemble and convenient to move, it’s one of the indispensable furniture for your living room. Coffee Table adopts circular wooden desktop, it size is 82.5 diameter x 40.5 high in centimeter. Gray and black metal texture create in round frame, long and vertical table feet, all of element combine into rural industrial wind atmosphere. with make the circle metal frame also produce a depression let wood tope can fit in circle frame and when people moving table the top will not going to slip out. this type design is innovation in this type coffee table. this technique is one of our unique design. In our circle metal frame type of coffee table, we also produce a depression in iron frame, because this feature we let user will not see thought the table side following gap.

  • White Arch Coffee Table
    White Arch Coffee Table

    White Arch coffee table paired with glass The White Arch coffee table not only has a spacious desktop with a length of 123.8CM wide 60.2CM, but also uses the arch design up and down, the arch, in the Chinese tradition, the arch is like a fan shape, representing good deeds, while the arch design in the building is also a fairly well mechanical structure, do not worry about the table will be unstable. In the middle of the table is a cross of four lattice storage, covered with a piece of glass, so that people can see clearly placed items, coffee table on the left and right sides of each has a drawer, can accommodate more items. This coffee table not only incorporates the traditional arch design into the modern elements, the old and new combination, gives it a new life and meaning to it, if you want to point out a different shape of the coffee table, it is better to refer to this!

  • 5 Layers Vintage Walnut Lamintae Modern Bookshelf
    5 Layers Vintage Walnut Lamintae Modern Bookshelf

    Concise shape bookshelf, 5 layers rectangle spacious bookcase. Easy and nice lines build a modern 5 layers bookcase, vintage walnut laminate uses raw materials of low pollution to make, 5 layers placing space can put books, or some decorations. To build a perfect house. You can take things easily all around the bookshelf, it’s a good choice no matter you put in the bedroom or living room. Both sides white laminate bookshelf pedestal supports the whole bookshelf stably, creates a neat and clean modern bookshelf to increase many modern design elements for your life space.

  • Light Industrial Style Rivet Drawer Chest
    Light Industrial Style Rivet Drawer Chest

    5 layers storage cabinet plus metal edge banding rivet skill. This box shape Light industrial style rivet drawer chest is divided into 5 layers storage cabinet and design a fillister to pull out the drawer. Also apply the plate shape to increase the streamline. The professional metal edge banding skill with rivet decoration builds the key element that the industrial style never rotten. The bottom of the box attached delicate wheels so that you can move anywhere at home.

Result 1 - 9 of 9

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